Hello. I want to use Hicks focus wheel to manifest a taller body. I'm roughly 5 ft 5-7 inches tall but I want to be at least 5ft 11.

I think this is possible as there is a guy who grew from 5 ft 10 inches- 6ft 2 in just one month, check this link:


But he hasn't shown how to use focus wheel. For example, do I write the desired height which I want to be as in my case I want to be 5 ft 11 inches in the middle of the wheel also do I write for example I'm 5 ft 11 inches tall or do I write I will be 5 ft 11 inches tall) but then what do I do for the other circles,

I have read Ask and It's given but I don't get it, the book says write something that doesn't throw you off in the bushes I.e is not irrelevant and that it's true what matches the middle circle but I don't know what it's like to be 5 ft 11 inches tall,

so what do I write then. Also tell me how do I use Hicks wouldn't it be nice process for height gain. I want to increase height and I want it desperately. Please reply thanks

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@Rob_Palmers - "there is a guy who grew from 5 ft 10 inches- 6ft 2 in just one month" - Interesting that he made a handful of postings in early 2015 and then seems to have vanished: http://www.abeforum.com/search.php?searchid=3165067

There's a part of me that feels a bit skeptical because he seems so joyous at the manifestation. In my experience, manifestations feel pretty boring by the time you've aligned with them. His references to "school classes" might mean it was just a growth spurt

(26 Apr '17, 05:44) Stingray

@Stingray is absolutely right. Not only are you not very excited by the change but by then you are also feeling like you already have it. So, whether it manifests or it doesn't manifest, you don't care either way. You FEEL like you have it anyway so who cares whether it comes or not. Not you! :)

(27 Apr '17, 14:23) Yes

@Yes - Well said :) I had something "manifest" a couple of weeks ago that I've been wanting for a few years. Could feel myself finally get aligned about it about a month ago (after having had enough of having this desire hanging around). It manifested around 2 weeks later. And it felt like a non-event when it did happen, and just days after that, I'm already struggling to remember that it ever happened at all :) If only people knew how boring it is to manifest what you want... :)

(28 Apr '17, 05:36) Stingray

@Stingray Boring! :) I know!! :) ALL the fun and juice and good stuff comes BEFORE the manifestation. As Abe would say, "Don't you love knowing that?" :) Thank you for telling us that, over the years, here on IQ in a MILLION different ways. We APPRECIATE you.

(28 Apr '17, 14:19) Yes

@Yes - As Abraham also say "We're all in this together"...so thank you also :)

(29 Apr '17, 04:02) Stingray
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@Rob_Palmers, anytime you want something desperately you are vibrating that you need something, thus your life will continue to give you more of the same...in this case, you needing to increase your height. It can't give you taller as long as you are vibrating "need taller"...it can only give you, 'need taller'. It will seem like the universe is withholding from you, but it is actually giving you exactly what you are vibrating. Lack of what you need, so, you get lack of what you need.

IME, desperation is usually a panicked reaction to not truly believing that you can get what you want. If you are desperate to change your height, there is a reason for that. Are you stuck in low tide and need to be taller so you don't drown when the high tide comes in? Probably not, so you are OK for right now! Is it because the person you want to be with the most has just told you they prefer taller people, so you are thinking if you don't grow taller you will lose them? Is it because your favorite basketball team/modeling agency is holding tryouts next month and you want to be there because you want to be a basketball player or a model? Knowing WHY you want this may help ease up on the desperation, because it's probably not what you are desperate to get, as much as it is what you believe it will lead to. If there were no other factors, it probably wouldn't even occur to you that being 5'11 is better than being 5'7".

You do actually know what it's like to be 5'll"...that is, you know how it would FEEL to you, that's why you want it! So if you focus on the feeling of 5'11"...what do you feel? Do you feel powerful, sexy, in control, popular, magnificent, accomplished? There is something about being 5'7" that has given you reason to believe (contrast) that being 5'11" is a better reality fit for you and what you want. Somewhere, being 5'7" has introduced feelings you don't like (or you experienced feelings you don't like and are subscribing their reason for being to your current height).

I don't do focus wheels, so I can't help with that. I just know that you want to change your vibration so you are a match for what you want, and I know you don't want to be a match for desperately needing. Try to look at what you are really wanting (the reason for the height change) and work on feeling better about not currently having that thing or things. AH talks about how we cannot buck our own current, and it feels to me like you are wanting to do focus wheels as an action journey, before you are really aligned with what you want, which may not even be the height change, but that you want the height change because you feel what you REALLY want hinges upon achieving that first. Which isn't true! Put your energy towards what you really want, not towards what you think you need to get what you want. Good luck, I wish you the best!


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