I have read about the Vortex as Abrahams have mentioned it and I do practice the processes describedby them however I am not sure how one knows that they are in the Vortex?

asked 28 Jun '10, 13:18

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I Think Therefore I Am

When you feel good you know that you are in the Vortex. When you are vibrating at that frequency when you just know that good things are on the way. When you are feeling positive expectation or are in the zone surpassing even your own expectations. When you are fully engaged in the Now and feel completely at One with All That is.

Being in the Vortex is when you're living life to the fullest.


answered 28 Jun '10, 13:26

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You are in the vortex when you are allowing yourself to have what you want. You can measure the extent of your allowance or resistance by the way you are feeling. When you are feeling bad it means that you are not allowing yourself to receive your vibratonal match. When you are feeling good then you know you are allowing. In Abraham's Book "Ask and it is Given" it talks about three steps in the manifestation process. Step 1 - Ask Step 2 - The Universe gives Step 3 - allow the manifestation to occur. Step 3 is being in the vortex.


answered 28 Jun '10, 21:12

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Let go of trying to control your thoughts...just allow anything to come through, and smile, smile smile. Trust the universe to put you in the right place at the right time! When you are...we will feel light and only love in your heart.


answered 28 Jun '10, 18:52

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Nathalie Bonnard

You aren't constantly meeting resistance, you're feeling good, you're feeling at your best in the major areas of your life. You are enjoying life and having fun.


answered 28 Jun '10, 18:08

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LeeAnn 1

Im new to this and recently took a keen interest in Abraham hicks and understanding the concept of the vortex. From my point of view and from listening to the L.O.A tracks which mentions dozens of times the vortex. I believe its a state of meditation and viualization best accomplished when your in a relaxed state with no distractions. Please feel free to adjust me if im wrong about this.


answered 10 Mar '11, 22:19

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