I was just reading Paul Piotrowski's book Law of Attraction Turbocharged. In this book it talks about how people try to use the law of attraction like hacking the grid in the movie The Matrix. In other words like the game of Monopoly where it says "Go directly to jail. Do not pass go!" This would be similar to trying to get a card that says "Collect $1,000,000,000 dollars now, and directly pass go!" This would be like going from dirt poor to millionaire owning a Ferrari car parked in the driveway in one step.

Hackers make cheats for video games, skipping levels, infinite lives etc... And then find the game not very fulfilling when they get to the end with no effort.

He said we learn the law of attraction and then try for things like jumping from level 1 of a video game to level 100, with nothing in between. Our minds, no matter how much we try to focus on and believe, kind of jump in and say, "Wait I am only on level one! I don't know anything about level one hundred! I am unprepared!" If we only know about being poor and living poor, the thought of being a millionaire no matter how much we work at it' seems overwhelming! It seems unacceptable, and so we are fighting with what we know and what we want. Anything we are not prepared for is scary, so there is a resistance to it.

He said that we can use the law of attraction to get to millionaire. But we must take it in what we feel are believable goals. Maybe at first manifest hundreds, then thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands then millions, maybe on to tens of millions, hundreds of millions, thousands of millions to a billion! But we must feel comfortable with a goal, we must feel it is reachable. There must be a feeling of, "Yes I do believe this is possible!"

Now this makes a lot of sense to me but flies in the face of the "Magic of Thinking Big", dreaming big and then dreaming bigger! This or something better! More, more, more! We freak out our system when we see there is no way to get there from here. I know that it is not to us to decide the way. But if we dream so big that we feel within us that will never happen, we are defeating the dream by not breaking it down to smaller more believable dreams, that are steps to the big dreams.

I know that the difference between the thoughts of very rich and poor are different in respect of what each believes is possible, and that really everything is based on the belief in am I worthy of this, and prepared for this?

In The Secret Door to Success there was a story of a women that desired to be Miss America. She tried to win her state title, so she could compete for Miss America. She kept coming up as runner up. She did not give up her dream and moved to another state. She bought many videos of beauty pageants. Each time she watched the winner she would imagine it was herself. She kept competing and won first-place for her state! Next she competed and won Miss America! When asked if she were nervous walking on stage she replied, "No, in my mind I had taken this walk millions of times already."

So she had her big dream. But she knew she had to first win her state beauty pageant. So what we believe we can achieve our minds accept. Then the law of attraction can pull us to what we desire.

What is your thought in regard to this? Do you believe that we can go from nothing to jumping over everything to wealthy with the law of attraction? If so or if not please be so kind as to elaborate on your view of the matter?

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Wade Casaldi

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Sorry for this question everyone, my writing oviously sucks, I just looked for the delete question option but here at the new site that option isn't here. Barry if you would do me this favor delete this question. Probably the ghost machine one sucks too I shouldn't write. Thanks Barry.

(01 Feb '12, 04:12) Wade Casaldi

Wade! Please don't delete this question. I deleted my answer to your question, because I agree with what you said. I didn't realize that my answer, which was not about your writing, actually came across as a direct criticism of you. I apologize for that. I will edit the answer so that it is what it should have been. Sorry my friend. That was my fault. I'll post my edited answer tonight.

(01 Feb '12, 04:53) The Traveller

@Wade Casaldi, since deleting questions would also delete all answers and comments beneath them, we only allow deletions if all those involved in the thread agree to have their answers and comments deleted also. If you wish, I can close this question rather than delete it which will prevent new answers being added without deleting what is already here

(01 Feb '12, 06:38) Barry Allen ♦♦

@wade - yes, i agree with The Traveller, it's a great question :)

(01 Feb '12, 07:01) blubird two

Please don't delete this great question.

(01 Feb '12, 11:06) AboveBelow

Thank you, I wont delete it, I'll just work on editing it to read more clearly. For Traveller thank you I accept the apology and forgive. I do have to work on my editing. For Barry no thank you I'll keep the question open, thank you for understanding. Thank you everyone.

(01 Feb '12, 11:36) Wade Casaldi

I believe when I edit this I'll add in my own personal experience, I can manifest small things easy almost magicly but big things like $1,000,000,000 I tried for years with nothing to show.

(01 Feb '12, 12:13) Wade Casaldi

Wade you don't have to edit anything. There is nothing wrong with the question you posted. The problem was my answer, not your question. Your question is very clear and, may I say pretty darn good. I just have to work hard at editing my original answer!

(01 Feb '12, 12:35) The Traveller

Thanks Traveller I know the sincerity in your heart. :-)

What I noticed in the turbo charged book seems to point out is: when I use LOA for small things it works wonderful. But big things it seems no matter how much I work at them they elude me. I did hit the bull's eye once though, when I said today I am going to get my car. I went out got a loan and the next day had my car. I went for a Park Avenue with white walls, but that was a lemon, so I ended up with a Chevy Lumina decked out! :-)

(01 Feb '12, 22:16) Wade Casaldi

I WISH someday I would say, "Today I am going to get my first million!"

(01 Feb '12, 22:17) Wade Casaldi
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Hi Wade!

I re-wrote the entire answer and I have tried my best to not modify the original idea I was trying to convey.

In your question you primarily deal with two different approaches to manifestation.

Paul Piotrowski’s approach of taking a large dream and breaking it down into much smaller manageable and more realistic goals, so the step by step approach.

And the second approach of “thinking big” and try to reach the destination by focusing on a goal that is so far removed from our current standpoint, that the realization of such a goal would be like winning a multimillion dollar jackpot.

And the question, which of these approaches is the most realistic since they are opposite to each other?

The way I see this is not to try and compare these approaches to each other.

They are both fine the way they are and we don’t have to choose one over the other.

Both these ideas work together because we need both long term goals and short term goals.

Only by knowing the long term goal can we arrive at figuring out what the smaller goals should be in-between where we stand now and the eventual long term destination.

But let’s say that these two ideas were completely opposite and cancelled each other’s purpose, like for example, (1) getting wealthy by visualization and attracting the opportunities to build that wealth, compared against, (2) becoming wealthy by giving away what you have so that the act of giving creates a wider flow of energy through you in the form of wealth through generosity.

I believe that even if the ideas of manifestation are opposite in their nature, we don’t have to make a choice of one over the other because they are both about the same goal of prosperity.

The intended purpose behind the idea was the same even if the steps or the instructions are different.

Those authors of each of the ideas were converting energy into thought which became sentences in a book or a philosophy.

They were both dealing with the energy of how to increase one’s abundance.

We as human beings have been trained from our school days to think in words and sentences instead of energy.

Once ideas become sentences they appear to be more and more incompatible with each other if the thoughts within them appear to be opposite.

But underneath those instructions on manifestation there is energy.

I am sure that each of those authors of those ideas worked with the same energy of manifestation (and attraction).

But they each interpreted it their own way and had success within the choice they made.

So we can take these seemingly opposing ideas and try to look at them as energy that has been translated into words and sentences.

It is almost like sitting on the branch of a tree and studying the branch and the leaves with great interest and then trying to compare the branch that we have been studying against the other branches that are surrounding us.

When we compare the branches while sitting on them we don’t see the common connection between them.

But if we turn around and study where these branches are originating from, we can notice that all the branches begin at the trunk of the tree.

There is a common trunk that supplies life to all the branches.

Likewise, I believe that no matter how different each manifestation technique may be when compared to another, they all branch out from a common trunk of manifestation energy.

So how does one get to the trunk to see the common denominator within each idea?

I believe that this is where we have to feel the idea within a particular author’s wisdom (in this case Paul Piotrowski or the magic of thinking big) instead of the details within their idea.

And I think it cannot be done by thinking about it.

I think that we have to take both approaches and play with them till we experience an understanding with direct application of their ideas.

We may discover that they are both right. But we will know that through experience.

We don’t have to reject one in favor of the other by comparing the two.

Only the thinking mind needs to resolve things this way.

The spirit within us doesn’t need to analyze things as complete sentences, only the mind does.

The idea of LOA with small steps and the idea of LOA with giant leaps can both be embraced by our spirit without the judgment of our own analytical mind.

It doesn’t need to be resolved.

It only needs to be tested so that the mind can find its own way to explain to the ego that they both work.


answered 02 Feb '12, 00:28

The%20Traveller's gravatar image

The Traveller

Excellent and very enlightening into the subject! Yes for me the Paul Piotrowski example because it seemed to explain why big things I have worked at for years with no result. But small things, parking spaces, video games, guitars, bicycles custom created by my choices of what mine will be like (What ever gave me the ego to say I'm getting one of those only mine will be like this and have that when I was in my teens I don't know.) two bikes came that way two different years.

(02 Feb '12, 00:42) Wade Casaldi

Now my car was different one day I said I am getting a car today, I knew I wanted it loaded. I was looking at a park ave with white walls for $5000 but it was a lemon. So I settled so I thought for a Chevy Lumina fully loaded $5000 when I saw my car the next day fully polished I was stunned that is my car!!!!! WOW! I loved that car for many years. So that was a quick walk in the bank get a $5000 loan buy the car done deal. I just knew today was the day I was going to get a car fully loaded.

(02 Feb '12, 00:46) Wade Casaldi

But as for working on a house, a million dollars, nothing, zero. I imagine I have it but really I know there is resistance there someplace, I mean really that is quiet a lot of money! I know nothing about being wealthy or how to handle wealth, I have a hard enough time being poor! lol

(02 Feb '12, 00:49) Wade Casaldi

Wade, from what you are sharing it doesn't seem like you have to change what is working for you so far. The big leaps will happen automatically as long as you don't lose faith in them. But the little steps remind you if you are stuck or not. In truth, we are not stuck at all; it is like the frames of pictures in a movie reel. If we are stuck, it's because we are filling that vision into every frame of our movie. But the movie is naturally dynamic and was meant to have constant change.

(02 Feb '12, 17:18) The Traveller

Excellent explanation @thetraveller

(24 Jun '12, 06:55) streetsanto
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i will only say this wade each journey of a thousand mile start with one step, make the first step and keep on walking. experience and enjoy.


answered 31 Jan '12, 16:29

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white tiger

there is no end blubird.

(01 Feb '12, 00:31) white tiger

this world is full of confusion. we need to understand the truth and move forward. step forward how many back step will you do on a journey of a thousand miles? i prefer to wait and have patience to understand to make the right step. but once i do it is because there was no better alternative. so i do not regret my steps.

(01 Feb '12, 22:28) white tiger

This is a great question Wade. When I first read the title to the question I immediately said, "we don't hack the matrix of reality, we become it." it came straight out of me without a second thought so make of that what you want :) All things are possible and I believe you should dream big, because when you do that it opens up the opportunities for the dream to become reality. Sometimes it can be an overnight thing and sometimes it takes longer depending on what seed you plant. But KNOW THIS, whatever seed you plant if you give it the right conditions it WILL bear fruit.


answered 01 Feb '12, 06:34

AboveBelow's gravatar image


Great post, totally believe in what @AboveBelow wrote. I think dreaming big is great and actually the easiest and fastest way to get to where you want to be, even if in the process you go through steps in between. If you had a goal of getting 10,000$ and you think that it's impossible, erase that goal and set yourself the goal of getting 20,000$ or even 50,000$. Think of 50 ways of how it could be done (even far fetched ideas work), try to feel it and do some processes about it (EFT, Abraham processes, whatever works for you). After a while you can go back to your original 10,000$ and a lot of the resistance will be gone, it will seem doable and easier, even more ideas will pop up, etc. You might end up getting the whole 50K or just part of it depending of how much you have allowed, but you definitely will be on your way.

The great thing about dreaming big is that not only you will be closer to or already achieved your initial goal but you will have set a bigger more powerful desire in the process, which as Abraham said is the whole purpose of being here, launching desires and moving towards them.

Hope it helps! Cheers!


answered 01 Feb '12, 10:58

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This is exactly what I was talking about, some say dream big and then bigger. Joe Vitale said go for what could be the biggest best vision you could have then chose that or something better. But Paul Piotrowski says go for what you believe you can achieve if you make it too big you will have resistance to it. So there is the conflict between the two philosophies.

(01 Feb '12, 22:24) Wade Casaldi

The thing you may be overlooking is that no matter what desire is launched within you, there's a vibrational gap or resistance between you and the desire (otherwise you would already be there and you wouldn't have had that desire). The bigger the gap the bigger the desire seems like. The other thing is that life is what causes you to have desires, so if life causes you to have a desire big or small, that means that life has the ability to give it to you.(Continues in the next comment)....

(02 Feb '12, 02:57) Kriegerd

I think that my point about the dreaming big thing is that if life caused you to dream big, then that's the dream.Don't try to release that dream just because you think it's too big. According to last Abraham's session (01/28/12) it's impossible to let go of a desire, because the source in you has already become the expanded version which includes it, so even if you try to "settle" for a smaller thing you will always feel the discord in that. “It’s as easy to manifest a castle as it is a button”

(02 Feb '12, 03:07) Kriegerd

@Kriegerd - "it's as easy to manifest a castle as it is a button" yes and this corresponds nicely to sympathetic resonance and the sequence 3.5, 35, 350, 3500, 35000 etc.

(02 Feb '12, 03:18) blubird two

@Kriegerd Oh no that book doesn't talk of settling for something smaller. That is not what I meant either, it is more like we know we can jump over a crack in the side walk (tinny goal), we can jump over a pot hole (bigger goal), We know we can jump over a two foot wide hole (bigger goal), Maybe we can jump over a four foot wide hole (even bigger goal! So pretty much all of these there is no resistance to manifesting. Now we come to the Grand Canyon (the huge goal millionaire!)

(02 Feb '12, 11:41) Wade Casaldi

@Kriegrd As much as we may work on manifestion for that million it does seem an incredibly huge leap to get to and so there is a huge resistence to jumping right to it. Now though if that leap is chopped up into smaller leaps each growing bigger as time and each success permits we will make it to that big goal and over time feel that is not a big leap at all and can be made in one jump. But for now whooow weee that is a huge jump from where I am presently! ;-)

(02 Feb '12, 11:47) Wade Casaldi

I totally see what you mean. The problem as you are suggesting is precisely your appreciation of the hugeness of it, the manifestation or the "effort" made by the universe to bring any desire to you is exactly the same. Try to soften that resistance by going general saying things like: "A lot of people have received large amounts of money overnight", "Even though the "odds", more and more people are winning the lottery every week", the universe has infinite energy and resources...

(02 Feb '12, 13:23) Kriegerd

"the universe can accommodate every desire". "What I want has been already created", "I just have to allow it into my experience". "I can find relief little by little, bit by bit". "My feelings are always guiding my toward my desires", etc, etc. The other thing is to think why you want that. I've heard people say I want to receive $10million, and then someone ask them what they would do with the money and they say: "I'll buy a car". And that's it! I'm not suggesting that is your case..

(02 Feb '12, 13:28) Kriegerd

but when you think about the why and not the how or when you are focused entirely on what you want and that always is a good thing. I leave you with two links from Abraham workshops that have helped me a lot, hope they'll do the same and more to you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DI2HGON68Vs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvDQ4LjrFqg

(02 Feb '12, 13:32) Kriegerd
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We only have access to the manifestations we believe we can access it, and at the same time, we have access to all the manifestations we believe we can acceess. Dare to believe, dare to succeed. That is why they say not to tell your wishes or they won't come true. It is not the stating of them, as the spoken word is very powerful. It is the negative responses of other people that seeps into our beliefs and keeps us from reaching our desires. Things like, "People don't like a braggart," or "Girls can't be president," or "Your too short to be a model," or "You don't have the personallity for that," or whatever wet blanket they have to offer.

So for the person who believes they have to take baby steps, they do and for those who believe they can become instant millionairs do. It happens all the time. However the cause that people look to is usually some external condition, when it really is as simple as belief, faith. Some people describe it as, "See it, taste it, touch it, feel it."


answered 22 Jun '12, 13:39

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

at what vibrational level
is it
that the law of attraction
become disfunctional

does it hold in air as
well as water
when then is attraction
the most potent

to where do we look,
how much do our eyes see
to what do we focus
do we ask for compassion


answered 01 Feb '12, 18:09

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Yes I agree, I believe that is why I can not attract big things, only small things. But if taken in steps I can get there. :-)

(01 Feb '12, 22:09) Wade Casaldi

(we can't hack the grid of reality with the law of attraction?), no we can't actually hack reality as such with any natural laws, except the one law: with nature/the animals, if it's done with people it can go downhill, but I used the laws of induction to pinpoint the types of people who would not hate me: solipsists, agnostics, secular atheists (if with no disabilities), geniuses and intellectuals (pseudo-intellectuals would hate me), secular people (though not all of them), robbers, Peter (a Catholic in a church I know), lesser known relatives, strangers, etc etc. It's logically correct that to interact well is for me to interact with the people who are weird, because normal people (such as Buddhists and most Christians) don't like me and most people are religious therefore most people hate me. The rule is broken seeing inductively correct people, or at least being in nature close to a city or with animals. In reality all things are possible because things I don't want can happen and making everything exactly what I want can happen through a prudence so excellent that it would take years to master, with philosophy so wise that if futile I'll be a fatalist. But it's not necessary, because the closest philosophy I ever got to fatalism is not similar, it would be solipsism, that's the closest: life is imperfect so the subject forgot something on purpose and an imperfect he forgot came back and bit him in the arse. Subjectively, with the mere mind playing the highest pleasantness and good and perfectness of feeling, it can choose the most magical and wonderful philosophy while sacrificing the non-material one to make the person more materialistic, it can decide by thinking this is a pleasant reality for the subject's own self, and it can choose to believe even in pessimism because that to such a person if it tells him/her to banish misery and suffering, to have countenance, and to not let a bad dream afflict his/her heart, then says to smile, it can put the subject in a high ideal state, then by banishing suffering it can choose not to suffer because it's with mean people, it can choose to have countenance together with people that hate him/her, and it can choose not to be miserable in the rain, snow, or cold, that's pessimism, reality is created by the mind by choosing to believe in any of millions of different types of realities it wants itself to believe in.


answered 22 Jun '12, 12:21

Idealist's gravatar image


Christians shouldn't hate anyone, if they do they are fooling themselves and betraying what they are suppose to be standing for.

I am trying to wrap my mind around what you wrote here. I see you are saying we influence reality as I said but not to the point of drastic change more so as in steering the car on the road you are on to get to the road you want to be on instead of just zapping in an instant from the road you are on to the road you want to be on.

(22 Jun '12, 12:41) Wade Casaldi

wade, be it not the road we want but the one willed by Him. He has nature judge those who follow their design. it is not just the graduation but she also permits the reciprocal return of thoughts and choices made. she looks for good karma of which hate is not

(22 Jun '12, 21:13) fred
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