Yesterday my exams are done. It is one of the toughest competitive exam. I used law of attraction for some of the subjects. It worked really well. I am very confident on those subjects now.

But i am little worried about other subjects even though i didnt write badly. My question is how to use law of attraction to stop those worries and get positive results. I believe Law of attraction works for this too. Please can some one help me?

I also want to know the exact method of law of attraction. I usually do think positive about the things to happen. And write in a book that I cleared my I felt when I got positive result with a pre result sheet stating I got so and so marks.

I even visualise that I have cleared that exam and now I am moving to another important part of life. But this worries are blocking my positivity. This making me worry a lot . when I started browsing about applying law of attraction for positive exam results I came to know about this page. I hope I get solution.

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  1. Trust what the universe will bring you. If you fail you were only meant to fail for a very good reason. If you were meant to pass then it is so. Its out of your control. You are going to have to practise the skill of letting it go and letting the worry stop. And it is a skill.
(17 May '17, 03:48) Nikulas
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Congratulations that you applied the law of attraction successfully already! All that visualizing sounds like it should be having a great effect.

The method to use the law attraction is like you are doing it: You use imagination to change how you feel, which will in turn change the kinds of situations you find yourself in. You are absolutely right, your thinking after you completed your exam will still affect its results- for example, your thinking will cause a telepathic connection with the person correcting it and will nudge that person wherever that person has wiggle room to make a call.

When you don't appear to be able to use change your feelings with imagination, it means that you "hit a snag"- your new feelings contradict the ones that are caused by an existing belief. All law of attraction methods I have ever seen are two parts: One, visualize what you want to change your feelings. Two, uncover existing beliefs when they contradict you.

My favorite method for uncovering existing beliefs comes from Bashar. Is is very similar to Abraham's method, which is to simply ask yourself, when you have persistent negative emotion: Where does that come from? Bashar's method takes it a step more technical, which I think makes it work better. You ask yourself: What would I have to believe in order to feel this?

You can do this informally, but you can also get a little bit more involved and specifically sit down, bring up your worries feeling until it is very strong, notice a lot of detail about it, where your body feels tense, whether the pain is dull or sharp and where, and once you feel you have grasped every part of that negative feeling, you ask yourself, with as much authority as you can muster: What would I have to believe, in order to feel this?

You will most likely get a vague answer. Keep digging until your answer is a clear, simple statement- repeat the question until the answer is clear enough for you. Once you have done that, you're good- the process is over, the belief is no longer active. Go back to imagining the things you do want, which in this case would be the positive exam results even in those subjects you were previously worried about. Enjoy that the energy now responds much better to your visualization. If you run into another snag, even one that is similar to the first, don't worry- that's normal, beliefs have lots of layers if they've been around for a while. Just clear each one individually and your snags will get much better, and you will notice by the feeling effect you get from your visualizations.

It really sounds like you got ahold of using the law of attraction to your advantage quickly and well- do find a lot of further great things to create! Have fun. And enjoy the snags too- one might say we have chosen this world particularly because of them.


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First of all thanks a lot for the reply. I thought no one would reply. Secondly, thanks for boosting my confidence conforming that I am on the right track. You spoke about telepathy which I had in mind that how good if telepathy works. You don't know how important this exam for me. By all your words my belief and confidence has improved to great extent. But I am not aware of abrahim or bashar method. I got to know about law of attraction in a video. I followed the techniques mentioned in video

(17 May '17, 09:01) navi

Ah, I assumed everyone was familiar with Abraham- it doesn't matter, your video must have taught you well. Is it public, can you link it?

I would suggest to ignore further research into other LOA teachers like Abraham and Bashar for a little while, until you feel you have exhausted what your video taught you and are interested in more perspectives. I already gave the relevant portion of Bashar's method: Dig for negative beliefs, condense them into a short, simple sentences- and they're gone.

(17 May '17, 09:23) cmc

Thanks a lot. Would come up with positive result after 2.5 months. My result will be out in august.

(17 May '17, 09:38) navi
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