I've just bought a Crystal Ball out of curiosity. I have been using Tarot, Runes and Bibliomancy. I think of divination as a way of gaining insight into one's subcounscious.

Now, the book that came with the ball had some interesting ideas.

☑ As a means for meditation.

☑ To visualize into the ball what you want to get in your life (matches LOA).

☑ To find your 'Spirit Guide' (matches LOA too).

☑ And of course, to 'see' past, present and future.

What's your opinion on this? Could it work? Is it just rubbish? Can be a way for channelling?

Thanks for your input!


asked 11 Jan '11, 13:07

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Although I personally don't have an interest in it, all 3 answers below are excellent. I love IQ :)

(12 Jan '11, 02:03) Eddie

Same opinion here! :)

(12 Jan '11, 14:16) BridgetJones09
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The "broader part" of you will use whatever method you are comfortable with to communicate with you and provide "answers" to the requests you consciously, or unconsciously, make of it.

For years, I used to get messages via snippets of song lyrics or quotes from my favorite movies that would just pop into my head at opportune moments.

Crystal Balls have been used for a long, long time as another such communication method. The particular usage of crystals in this manner is called Scrying. And there are many scrying techniques freely available for you to try out.

I remember buying a couple of crystal balls over the years (don't know where they are now) to judge the effectiveness of the approach. But it was mainly out of curiosity and simple curiosity doesn't tend to have enough inspirational/motivational power within it to keep you going when you don't get instant results. I didn't personally have the commitment to develop this visual approach for myself since I tend to be a spectacularly bad visualizer :)

For anyone who is interested in trying out scrying, you can achieve the same effect that a crystal ball gives you in a minimal cost way (since proper crystal balls can be pretty expensive)...

Just get a large glass bowl and fill it with water near the brim. Now go to a darkened room, place the bowl on a black/dark cloth, and light a candle and place it near the bowl. By focusing on the reflective surface of the water (which will now appear almost black), you can achieve the same visual effect ("a blank canvas") as the crystal ball gives you.

Happy Scrying :)


answered 11 Jan '11, 15:10

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"For years, I used to get messages via snippets of song lyrics or quotes from my favorite movies that would just pop into my head at opportune moments." This happens to me now and then too. What do you think about using it to contact spirits of any kind, or 'Spirit Guides'. I will be satisfied even if only I get to see colouring smokes inside too! :)

(12 Jan '11, 14:26) BridgetJones09

I would say it's as valid a tool for consciousness-contact as any other, though I have no personal experience of doing that using crystal balls...only computer keyboards ( http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6164/how-did-esther-meet-abraham-and-what-are-the-characteristics-of-channelling/6173#6173 ) Good luck with the smoke :)

(12 Jan '11, 15:22) Stingray

It will work if you believe it will. The crystal ball has no power of its own, other than that which you give it.

But I like the suggestions that came with the ball. They all suggest treating the ball as a viewing glass of sorts, a symbol for peering into the divine. And because it is substantial (i.e. it has weight and smoothness and transparent qualities), it gives shape and clarity to abstract ideas.


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in december 1999 i was in the same dilemma as you are now , for me it was about dowsing .

i had firmly decided to get proficient using a pendulum and earn a living with it .

i practiced daily , 20 minutes a day , for three weeks running .

in the end i was completely exasperated , it refused to move or show any sign of anything .

so i threw it aside and forgot about .

about four days later i got a mailing letter from bernadette goeury ( she is famous here in

france for having won the jackpot in the loto using a pendulum ) .

i bought her pendulum , her book , studied them carefully and eventually had some success.

now in 2011 , i consider i'm good at it and improving , i no longer use her pendulum ,

nor her methods , i have developed my own methods .

it's only recently that i realised that she had 'sold' me the most important starting key :

she had communicated to me BELIEF .


answered 11 Jan '11, 16:30

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blubird two

Very good point Blubird. The belief is the thing that produces the results.Its behind all the other methods.

(12 Jan '11, 12:10) Monty Riviera

@Catherine I thought it would be easier to answer your question on this thread. Whether we are talking about a crystal ball or crystals; both are a form of divination. Like Eddie said, "the three answers are excellent."

You asked "Have you ever tried scrying? It sort of fascinates me but I gazed into a piece of black obsidian once and got freaked out."


I enjoy scrying, water, mirror & crystal & I use candles when scrying. I think you are afraid & you are interpreting what you see from a fear based perspective because you don't really understand what scrying is. You can always surround yourself with white light & set an intention prior to gazing. I don't think there is anything to fear. Besides scrying being a divination tool, more than anything the practice of scrying awakens your 3rd eye, allowing you to be more intuitive. You will perceive many symbols when gazing. Wisdom to interpret will come as you become more open, practiced & relaxed. I did a quick search & came up with a couple more informative links.

Divination, by virtue of its name, is a tool for reaching and communicating with the divine, which means, in a sense, crystals have always been used in communications, just as they are today in radios, telephones and computers. The reason crystals in particular became important tools for scrying is because of their inherent characteristics of transparency and regularity of patterns, called symmetry. Additionally, the energetic fields of crystals and gemstones influence what the scryer sees on a very subtle and often esoteric level.

You can find tips on how to use crystals for scrying as well as read more here http://www.dcsi.net/~bluesky/scrying.htm

Scrying is something I bet you've done without even realizing it - the beginning part of it anyway. How many times have you watched the clouds drifting by in the sky, seeing faces and shapes in them? Have you ever stared blankly at a wall, ceiling, or floor and seen faces and shapes move across them? That is scrying. (kind of) ;-) It means getting into a relaxed, meditative state and focusing on the shapes and symbols we see, and trying to interpret what meaning they may have for us.

Another interesting link http://www.wingsforthespirit.com/scrying-and-divination-techniques.htm

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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@Ele Thank you very much indeed - thanks for those links.

(10 Apr '13, 03:31) Catherine

@Catherine Most Welcome. If you haven't already, check out SR link's & his answer is great also.

(10 Apr '13, 04:19) ele
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