My question this time is if we can manifest a specific situation we want instead of a feeling or a material thing.? How can I do that?

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I think this question is constantly seeked on IQ amongst just about everyone. A IQ answer will be something along the lines of "you're just after the feeling x-y-z- will bring you, so dont worry about specifics"- but your question couldnt have come to a better place. Thankyou for asking this, and I am looking forward to our answers, marvelous question that will unpack alot of concepts.

(11 Feb '13, 09:20) Nikulas

Like what?

(11 Feb '13, 09:52) flowsurfer
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I believe you would go about it the same way you go about manifesting a material thing. There is no difference. The only thing that you shouldn't attempt to do is try and coerce people into doing things to manifest your specific situation. So I guess now it all depends on what sort of situation you're talking about.

Example would be if you want to manifest a peaceful moment sitting on a tropical beach watching the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen, sure, why not. But if you have a specific person in mind and you want them to fall in love with you, then no. I do not think you can do that, and if you could in some way, it would be like enslaving the person mentally.

I think the key is to just focus with clear intention on the feeling you want the situation to instill, instead of the situation itself. Let God/source/universe figure out the details for you.


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Hmmm - Good answer.... Excellent user name. Love it!

(10 Feb '13, 20:05) Grace

Long before I knew of the LOA , I wrote a Letter to Universe , asking for a specific job for my husband , a house on 5 acres and a pay cheque of $750 a week after tax . It all came to fruition 6 months later , with a mining job, a house on the edge of a National park and the pay cheque as stated , plus many other benefits, I maintained a firm belief despite people telling me I was a dreamer After that I also told others how to apply to their situations , a young woman with a live in brother in-law who was making her life a misery , told her to write and ask that a new job, that he would love be created for him out of town , with a wage to make him smile, 2 weeks later he had just accepted his new position elsewhere . A hairdresser who wanted to sell her business and then be offered a casual position by the new owner , in a nut shell , always write asking for things for the higher good and give thanks as if already a done deal :-) Hope this helps .


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Starlight, I was wondering if you have ever read the book "Write It Down Make It Happen" by Henriette Klauser. She advocates your method and does the psychic Silvia Browne. So glad this works so well for you! Sounds like it is worth trying. After you have written this letter to the universe, do you burn it, keep it, throw it away?

(11 Feb '13, 16:15) LeeAnn 1

Hi LeeAnn , no haven't read that particular book , nor know of the psychic lady ,funny thing is , until I read this question I had forgotten I used to do this, lol . On reflection I would say it is much like Stingrays Manifestation Box , minus the box ;-) . I believe that once the feat ;-) was accomplished I would have put it through the shredder , I love that gizmo , great for the , "ok that's done feel":-)Lets see if Universe brings book across my path now you've mentioned .LeeAnn and SL's exp

(11 Feb '13, 19:06) Starlight

if we can manifest a specific situation we want : Of course you can but is it what you need and what other around you need? Is it right for you and for everyone around you?Then it can happen,Ask and it shall be given. If it does not give the proper result meditate again you missed something take that opportunity to learn from your error.You did not know your self or other enuff.And how it all relates.Seek and you shall find.

So let there be light,Be the light that you can be,Experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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This is a complex answer. I had spent lot of time on this earlier and i was not able to get the specific that i wanted. There are lots of people who DO get it and there are also lots who don't get it.

My answer would be for you to go ALL OUT FOR IT if thats really what you want but use the Spirit's guidance as much as possible. Watch your energy. i was at a place i wanted something specific but i also knew my energy around it was very constricted and very tense and wanted it too badly. I started reading about Source Energy as the most important thing and while i tried to my best to be in that flow i really could not. Even after knowing it, and to Allow it, etc i could not. Because my -ve energy dominated. I don't know whether if my energy was good even then i could have gotten?? i dont know. Given a chance i would always GO FOR IT,but only work on my energy more and more with the experience that i have. But one thing i found was through that experience i found who i am. As low as i went, and even now sometimes it pinches me every now and then, but this is the most strongest and most confident and more self-worthy i ever felt. I could see how in the past i was totally driven by external validations etc. Best of Luck!!


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I believe people do so all the time. Example of thinking about a vacation, or honeymoon. The thought comes first, where would we like to go?

Let's go to Bush Gardens, so it gets set that in so many months you are deciding to go to Bush Gardens. Once this happens the excitement builds and pieces fall into place until the day comes when you get in the car and leave for the honeymoon or vacation.


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Wade Casaldi

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what about if you want to attract someone specific into your life?

(11 Feb '13, 16:52) abrahamloa

That is harder because of free will. I can tell too the story of Florence Scovel Shin. A woman wanted her to say the word to attract a certain man. Florence said she would day the word to attract someone with his qualities. If he is the one she can't lose him and if not the right one she will have. She did this and the original guy never feel for her but a new guy came along that was everything she wanted in the original guy plus he fell for her.

So the hard thing is both have to agree.

(12 Feb '13, 00:05) Wade Casaldi
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