next month i have the most important exam of my life. the exam has a very bad history i mean to say that people preparing for years don't pass and some even preparing for days or some months clear it. moreover the exam has one more thing involved that is scaling of marks. if the paper is too easy the scores are scaled down. the results are on percentile basis. so even if some one gets all the questions correct there is no guarantee that he will get 100%ile. the exam is an online exam which is conducted for over a period of 20 days where in you are allowed to chose a slot. every day there is different question paper. even if u have studied all the topics you cant be sure of your success because there can be n number of questions easy to difficult from a single topic. guess work doesnt help instead it carries a negative mark for a wrong answer. it is a time bound test so completing it in the given time period is important. scoring even a 100%ile doesnt give you a guarntee that you will land up in a good b-school. but me being a commerce student have an advantage because this exam is considered easy for engineering students so if i score a 100%ile and an engineer also i will be chosen over him i really want to study in the topmost b-school. please suggest how to do that. i have been thanking the universe for providing me all the knowledge for the exams. all what i can say that you dun need to know everything for the exam because sometime the whole paper is dominated by 1 or two topics

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hello ravishinggal-

first of all stop saying..its a difficult exam. and hard. go thrugh all past question papers ..of previous years.., i know this is a pattern in india. the question paper is generally set form previous q papers. nothing can substitute .."studies" n this is something you have to do. so..all i can"keep up ur faith that anyhow you are cracking the exam and getting into topmost b-school. set up ur daily targets and achieve them. fix which topmost college you want and when you want. forget about the "how"part ..thts not your job. simply..tell the universe "what you want"..and i am sure after this exam you will be in your desired college. and be relaxed during exams.., remember the quote.."when ur at rest..ur passing the test"..

hope this helps..

love,light and blessings ur wayy..

supergirl :))

best luck...for your exams..


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