Is Hell real or fictional?? and if so are there levels to it?? is it for eternity??

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I personally do believe it exists because (for there is good there is evil, where there is postive there is negative) so from a logical perspective it must if there is a heaven. BUT i dont belive that just because you dont follow a certain relgion that you will go there. as long as you are a good person and do belive in god you can avoid it. and ALSO i belive that it is NOT for eternity BUT your judgement is based on what type of sins you have commited ( basically like jail on earth. your sentence is based on what type of crime you have commited) but eternity IS a possiblity if you are a very bad person ( like murderes on earth who get LIFE in prison) same concept. what do you guys think??


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I am a christian and from that stand point I believe you must ask Jesus Christ into your heart in order to be saved because he died on the cross for our sins as the son of God. So from that view point just being good want do it. But all it takes is asking Jesus Christ into you heart and life and he will come. We have all fallen short and sinned and must ask for forginess of our sins. We become babes in Christ and than we learn of his words and grow in a personal relationship with him and as it develope and gets stronger and we know that that we know that we are a part of God's family. Mebb

(11 Feb '10, 15:38) flowingwater

flow. i am also christian but i dont belive EVRYTHING in the bible to be 100 percent, sorry. it was written by men and wasnt compiled till the year 325 (i beleive) by the council of niccea. so OBVIOUSLY there is room for error and misinterpatation. it is hard to accept the fact that MAYBE 10 percent of the world is gonna go to heaven while the other 90 mburn for eternity. sorry but that is to barbaric for ME to handle let alone god.

(12 Feb '10, 07:52) Mebb

if you look at it logically it makes absoloutly no sense. christians make up about 33 percent of the world, meaning that 67 percent don't belive in christ. and ide say only about 10 percent (if your lucky) are actaully TRUE christians. the rest are by name only. so according to statistics that means that 90 percent of the world is gonna burn in hell for eternity. now if you choose to belive this then thtats your choice, but i personally do not and never will. gods nature is to PURE and LOVING to allow such EVILNESS to occur.

(12 Feb '10, 07:56) Mebb
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I think of hell as a state of consciousness. If one looks around at many places on Earth one could argue that hell is here. And if Eden is not an earthly place maybe we this is the place we were expelled, or decided, to come to.. ??

I do not believe for one second that anything that a God of Love created will be lost for all eternity. Love overcomes all and if I, a mere mortal can love my fellow man enough to grant him unlimited chances in the grand scheme of things, then that thought can only have emanated from God - (else I would be more loving than the God of Love which is impossible from the eartly thinking point of view.)

I do believe that sparks of Godhead progress through mineral, plant, animal, human, and henseforth through kingdoms beyond our comprehension. I do believe that we are given unlimited lifetimes to 'learn our lessons' here so that we graduate eventually to the next step in evolution.


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hmm interesting, i like your belief. but its hard for me to agree on it because what about all the negative in the world?? where does it go?? be it energy, thoughts, actions, people, etc. there must be a place for these things as well no?? thank you for responding though. seems as if everybody else is afriad to respond to this question. im assuming this topic still scares many people lol. thnaks lorraine:)

(11 Feb '10, 03:51) Mebb

I think my answer to this question will take more than a short response, so I will give a further answer below..

(11 Feb '10, 22:56) Inactive User ♦♦

Yes, hell is real it is not fiction but it is in a spiritual place not a physical place. Yes, I do believe it is for an enternity but when Jesus comes back and there will be a new heaven, a new Jesrusleum, and a new earth. There will be no more sun, moon, and stars so those are the elements that makes time so in reality there will be no more time so it will be a eternity but you want see it that way for time will not exist.

Now are there different levels of hell? Well, that is possiability. The demons are like a army with different ranks like the angels in heaven are. But what ever level a person would be in if it would be so would still be a bad place and you would not want to be there.

The bible said hell was not made for us but if we don't do right we will go there. Also it would simply be hell since we are so connect to God through our spirits that being without him would be a hell within it self. To be disconnect from God would be a terrible and unbariable experience and than it would last for a eternity.

The bible says that hell and death will be cast into the lake of fire which will be the second death. So who so ever is cast into the hell will also be cast into the lake of fire when hell is cast in there.

Now there have been a number of near death experiences told by people for people to know that when you die that is not all it you are than and done with. No, the spirit still lives on and people have reported those who came back from death that they went to heaven, hell, or saw a tunnel of light. Most report they saw something, most for a while didn't say anything about it for they did not want to be label crazy or if they did than they were told by their doctors that it was the medication that had them dreaming or hallacnating. Only when they told them what they saw the doctors doing would they stop and listen at them.

The bible tell you who will be able to enter into this new heaven on this new earth and God will be our light for their will be no more moon, sun, or stars.


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The Sun and the Moon and the Stars are messengers of His Will.

all the negative in the world?? where does it go?? be it energy, thoughts, actions, people, etc. there must be a place for these things as well no??

Imagine God as a point which exists anywhere and everywhere as the centre of a sphere of creative expression/happening. The expression/happening could be something small like a family, community, nation, world. A point within a circle, a well known symbol found in many religions and philosophies.

Or if you would rather imagine God a the circumference and the point as the situation - no matter.

But with a point, or centre, and a circumference we have created TWO.

What if the point needed to become the circumference or the circumference needed to become the point... until all becomes just ONE again (Heaven?)? What goes on within the circle stays in the circle - lol ?

For anything to evolve there must needs be changing circumstances and challenges to be overcome. This makes us Wise and Strong and when these two qualities work together the result is Beauty. Wise spirit, Strong Soul, Beautiful Intellence.

Did you know that the Twelve Tribes of Israel, the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac and the Twelve Labours of Hercules all might all be giving you useful clues as to the nature of our reality here on Earth? Labour being the Key word.


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