Hi Stingray

Thank you for the new manifesting experiment 5. I've been studying this for a few days now and am really excited by it.I think I understand it. It helps me find the issue that bothering me the most at that moment (the one that would bring me the most relief) and clears it up on a daily basis while also dealing with related issues indirectly. I have been using focus blocks instead of the *Abraham Grid*,I would love to see an example on how to use it?

Thanks you so much Stingray

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Hi Satori,

That's an excellent summary of what Manifesting Experiment 5 will do for someone. You've really understood it at a deep level to be able to come up with that description.

As I mentioned in my answer to Sourabh, you can use whatever clearing method you wish to use. ME-5 is more of a structure onto which you can hang your change-work.

So even using Focus Blocks targeted around random "Why Don't I Have What I Want Yet?" items from different issues would also be effective...though from an "efficiency" point of view a complete Focus Wheel targeted at the "most-resistance-laden" daily identified issue might be better. A fully-completed Focus Block equals a fully-completed Focus Wheel anyway - and the "Abraham Grid" is effectively a simplified and more guided Focus Wheel.

I'm a bit short on time at the moment but I'll try and edit this answer and post some examples of using "Abraham Grid" (or, at least, the way I do it) within the next few days.


Instructions for using the Abraham Grid

This is how I use the "Abraham Grid" and I use it now in preference to both Focus Blocks and Focus Wheels because it's quicker and easier...and I like quick and easy :)

The Abraham Grid relies on the interplay between general focus and specific focus. For more information on that idea, see Focus Blocks - Some things I find hard when working on them

First of all, take a sheet of paper and divide it into four quadrants as shown below.

alt text

You are now going to fill in three of the quadrants with statements of belief (like with Focus Blocks and Focus Wheels) starting with Specific Negative then General Negative then General Positive. The idea of the grid is that the Universe will manifest things to fill in the Specific Positive quadrant of the grid.

Click to see full-size version

alt text

Below is an example of a completed grid.

You write statements in each quadrant and only move to the next quadrant when a statement naturally occurs to you that would fit into that quadrant.

Don't overthink this process. It shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to complete the grid for a subject, start to finish.

  • When you are firmly in Specific Negative, it will be easy to think of a statement that will take you into General Negative.

  • When you are firmly in General Negative, it will be easy to think of a statement that will take you into General Positive.

  • When you are firmly in General Positive, you have finished the grid and can now leave the Universe to fill in Specific Positive for you. But if a Specific Positive thought occurs, you can add it into that section as well.

Click to see full-size version

alt text

Some tips/suggestions/thoughts about filling in the grid...

  • The grid is really just a simplified Focus Block or Focus Wheel but it's simplified in such a way that it becomes more intuitive to use. All the strategies you have learned to complete Focus Wheels/Blocks will also apply here to the grid as well.

  • Specific Negative should be very easy to fill in because it's how you currently feel but don't waste too much time in this quadrant. You only want to stay there long enough to "get a taste" of your problem vibration so that you can shift it to a permanently better place.

  • You may find overlaps between statements in adjacent quadrants. For example, you may not be able to decide if "I know other people have got over this" is a generally negative statement or a generally positive statement. Don't worry about the exact quadrant. Put it in either one, but remember that you are aiming towards General Positive so try to think of something more obviously positive next.

If anything I've said here isn't clear, please ask.


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Thanks for taking the time to answer Stingray as you are short on time.I was interested in the Grid as you recommended it yourself.I look forward to updates when you have time.again much appreciated Stingray:)

(20 Nov '11, 02:48) Satori

Sorry for the delay with this. Still a little short on time. The links in ME-5 about Abraham Grid should at least give you enough info to get started if you already understand Focus Blocks/Wheels

(28 Nov '11, 10:33) Stingray

Thank you Stingray. I will check the links out again in the meantime:)

(28 Nov '11, 19:32) Satori

Am now in the process of putting together some decent instructions with diagrams. Give me a day or two to get it done and I'll update this answer

(03 Dec '11, 14:56) Stingray

Hello Stingray not sure why you dont want to create a separate thread for it rather than editing this here? Also, from what I heard from Abraham during some of their seminars they fill in the specific positive part themselves while you say to leave it to the Universe ??

(06 Dec '11, 02:41) kakaboo

Thanks Stingray, that was really helpful, as always :)

(06 Dec '11, 06:34) Sourabh

@Kakaboo - From my experiences, I find it better to leave Specific Positive as optional and take any resistance out of filling in the grid. By doing that, Specific Positive thoughts often surface easily anyway and can be slotted in. If they don't surface, you are still on the "Vortex Edge" regarding that subject with a pure intent to get more specific which is also good enough. By making Specific Positive compulsory, I find that if you then subsequently don't come up with any, you've now given yourself an excuse to feel bad about the vibrational work you've now attempted

(06 Dec '11, 08:30) Stingray

Thank you Stingray.The Grid looks very Straightforward,at least how you have explained it here which has to be a good thing.excellent example. Much appreciated Stingray:)

(06 Dec '11, 23:51) Satori

Hi Stingray, I read an answer of yours a while back that is a fast clearing method.It uses the first 2 steps of man.Exp 4 and eft.Could you send me a link if you get time as I cannot find it. Thank you:)

(21 Jan '12, 05:53) Satori

@Satori - Could it be that you are referring to Faster EFT? http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/17912/ If not, you can also search this site using Google instead of the built-in search: http://meta.inwardquest.com/questions/124

(21 Jan '12, 08:06) Stingray

Thats it Stingray,thank you very much for that link;-)

(21 Jan '12, 09:02) Satori
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