I think it would be helpful to compare the great teachings?

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There's a great little book available free on PsiTek that clearly shows how Jesus used the LOA in his teachings - "Jesus taught it too" by Philip Harris

I think if you read this you'll clearly see how Abraham's teachings correlate with what Jesus taught.


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Thanks for the link Michaela.

(19 Dec '10, 21:09) Brian

You're very welcome Brian :)

(20 Dec '10, 12:47) Michaela

Personally, there is no comparison between the two , since the story of Jesus life and death is celebrated internationally, and the story of Jerry and Esther Hicks (Abraham) is still very limited to just a few, and Abraham is a non-physical entity. So whatever Abraham is teaching in terms of manifesting is definitely from the teaching of Jesus!


answered 26 Dec '10, 08:46

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