I Am coming to a point in my life where I need to Give into my present way of thinking and any suggestions would be welcome. Happy New Year, Love And Light Roy

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Can you give some more examples as to what is your present way of thinking? Surrender is a strong word, so you should be careful as to what you are surrendering to.

(02 Jan '10, 05:48) Inactive User ♦♦

Good question, Im sure everyone's started their spiritual journey somewhere along the lines of a crisis in their lives as well

(14 Mar '12, 10:43) Nikulas

Well done @Roy Ed was my choice also. When we give up the need to control; we'll soar to new heights (grow taller) @flow . Surrender is "God" energy.

(26 Mar '13, 20:07) ele
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To surrender means to give up our need to control every situation. Surrender means surrendering to the unseen part of our mind called higher self or inner being. Once we remember and thus realize that our higher self is the part of us which conceives our future, then we'll surrender to it and relax our need to control the outcome of every situation.

Surrendering means we realize that while we know what's wanted, we also know that it's not our job to bring what's wanted into our now experience, it's the job of our higher self. So we do our best to release worry, doubt and fear. Then we relax and enjoy our life, whilst having faith in and trust in our total being, knowing that our desires will be fulfilled.

One way to reinforce our faith and trust it is to say: I create my own experience of reality and I only want all good things in my experience, therefore, as long as I get out of my own way only good can come to me. So in truth, surrender is really surrendering to our higher vibrational self or our inner (closer in vibrational frequency to source) being.

Those who surrender, win; nobody loses: we all reach the final...


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Good answer. Personally, when I surrender, I feel totally at ease with everything, and keep telling myself to just get into the now moment. I talk to myself, for example, "Such and such a problem has been taken care of Nikulas....All you gotta do is (example) just keep washing the dishes...."

Different, nice things have come into my experience whilst undertaking this mind set

(15 Mar '12, 21:37) Nikulas

@Eddie "To surrender means to give up our need to control every situation." Love it! Absolutely! Tolle explains it as the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to rather than opposing the @flow of life & the ONLY place you can experience the @flow of life is the Now. So to surrender is to accept the present moment unconditionally & w/o reservation. IMOW, surrender is how we receive the Now & it's many blessings only after we give up our need to control. @flowsurfer psst Power of Now Chap 10

(26 Mar '13, 04:00) ele

@ele - That's why I drive an automatic :)

(26 Mar '13, 04:21) Eddie

@Eddie But when your good with a manual transmission it becomes automatic... ;)

(26 Mar '13, 04:24) ursixx

If you really want to give up control, don't drive your own limo.

(26 Mar '13, 04:37) ele

@ele A great car, a great road.Who enjoys the road more the driver or the passenger? Driving is not a matter of control it is matter of going with the flow...imho

(26 Mar '13, 04:42) ursixx

@ursixx I was in the flow; only my stream of consciousness was taking me out to sea...

(26 Mar '13, 20:08) ele
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I hope I am interpreting what you are asking correctly- here goes:

There is a saying that I like: You have to surrender to win! Now, this seems a bit confusing at first. Football players do NOT win games by surrendering! Soldiers do not win wars by throwing up their hands and saying, "I give up! You win!" It is not human nature to "give up" when we are fighting a battle. We are taught to "Fight! Fight! Fight! Go! Fight! Win!"

But there are some times in our lives when we must surrender. Surrender what? Our ego! Our desire to be "the best"! Our hearts and lives, in fact...

This is what has to happen to an alcoholic when he decides to quit drinking, for example. He has to admit that his way just does not work. He is miserable. He cannot control anything. He may be on the brink of losing everything he has. The only way the drinker who cannot stop drinking has to conquer his addiction is to surrender; to admit complete defeat; to become willing to listen to the advice and counsel of other people and DO WHAT THEY SAY!!!!

This is just one example of when we must "surrender". There are other times: when we are faced with a problem, and suddenly see that we need God in our lives, for example. It is easier and faster to surrender "into" the situation, and ask for help. "E-G-O" stands for "Edging God Out".

To make a long story short, we surrender when we turn off our pride and close our mouths and open our eyes and ears. We finally see that we do NOT have any of the answers. Then, we surrender- and guess what? The Universe-God- says, "Bravo! Good Job!" and suddenly throws aid into our path like buckets of water poured onto a spot of the desert.

I hope this answer is what you were looking for! God Bless you!

Happy New Year,



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To make the decision not to be an Alcoholic was a lot easier than what I'm facing now.I really do like your answers. Thanks Jai

(01 Jan '10, 05:47) Roy

Thank you, Roy. I will put you in my prayers! Jai

(01 Jan '10, 06:46) Jaianniah

very true, I have experienced similar things in my life like this.

(04 Dec '10, 01:17) Back2Basics

The Way of the peaceful warrior is vulnerability, not invulnerability. Let things pass through you.

(16 Mar '12, 11:55) Dollar Bill
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In my opinion, we surrender when we have reached a crisis point in life and there is no obvious solution at hand to improve our situation.

What I mean by a crisis point is something or several things really bad has happened to us which has had a huge negative emotional and/or physical impact on us. At that point, it seems that the state we are in is going to be a permanent one and there will never be any improvement and it seems almost pointless living life any further as there does not seem to be anything good to look forward to.

I have been in one of those situations before which caused me to completely change my attitude towards and the way I live life. Before this point, although I knew about reality creation, I would find it really hard and was quite lazy to apply it to my own life. But that was an unbelievable turning point in my life where I had no choice but to tackle this issue and utilise the methods of reality creation I knew about to get myself back on track.

This helped me unburden myself of a lot of resistance I had built up over the years struggling with this issue as I had made it the biggest issue of my life. After that point, not only did I get rid of the issue but things I had wanted started to manifest in my life one after the other.

In your case, your current way of thinking might be what is acting as resistance, and if this change in way of thinking is a step towards feeling better, then you should definitely take that step. This will probably have a similar effect of releasing a lot of resistance and things you have wanted will probably start to manifest quicker in your life.


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Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond, your answer is mirroring the truth perfectly....I have had no choice but to surrender, to my living hell....

And perhaps this is just the only way in order for me to 'test' out the surrendering concept, but from experience it works....

All stress, completely gone. Problems, not only do you not worry about them, but they get solved. I have felt enlightened the past 2-3 days just surrendering. Btw, I'm not religious at all, but surrending is like the golden touch.

(14 Mar '12, 10:42) Nikulas

I was just about to ask this very same question :)

I would've phrased it as : "How can 'i' surrender to 'I'?". Still might ask it, we'll see.

'i' think's (hahaha) that giving UP is a clue. Like how a flame burns. It stays, relatively, in the same place but always lusting up crazily!

According to the Buddha Gautama, everything is as it should be. This seems like a possibility but 'i' doesn't want to believe it can't have exactly what it wants.

'i' thinks (HaHaHa) it knows everything, but surrendering 'i' to 'I' is surrendering to the mystery of I.

"It's alright now, baby it's all right now!"


answered 03 Dec '10, 21:02

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Hu Ra

Surrender is the gentle release of ego and allows instant manifestation of joy ... the feelings of surrender creates space for energy to flow freely within ... it is the learning to follow of a deep warm and loving light.


answered 25 Oct '11, 15:05

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blubird two

Classic blu - Love it!

(26 Mar '13, 04:01) ele

Too Funny that,I believe Now,that surrender "IS"ALL THAT IS.ONENESS.You and YOU....TOGETHER.Happy New Year,Love and Light.


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The courage to accept the things that you cannot change and the courage to carry on!


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I am curious about who surrenders and why? What is resistance? Resistance to what? We can talk of taming the ego; or connecting with Source; or giving up. Seems to me that we hear what Source did or manifested. Our Source is not a separate thing, it is part of us.

I don't thank my hand for bringing food to my mouth. I don't pray to be one with my foot. These are parts of me, of my unity as a being.

It seems more fitting to me, that we are looking for integration, not surrender. Somewhere along the line we have separated at a conscious level. Perhaps we might more adequately define surrender as stopping the mind chatter and listening. From listening, to take a small inspired action that has abundant results. Maybe we need to get so tired from struggling that we 'surrender' and listen, maybe that is what surrendering is about?

Sometimes when we are in the middle of difficulties, it helps to stop, quieten and ask God, "What do you want me to do?" Stay in silence until you get an answer. Maybe then, you will answer your own question. Maybe the answer comes from within.


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Dollar Bill

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However, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him"-- http://bible.cc/1_corinthians/2-9.htm the source God is a after this world and after this heaven that human have conceptualize in their mind. in truth i hope you could see the word in all its glory.

(16 Mar '12, 12:38) white tiger

Beware of those who would steal your soul. There is no glory there.

(16 Mar '12, 13:24) Dollar Bill

in truth i tell you ,you have not seen the glory and are afraid for your soul. but when you will see your soul and all the soul and the glory of the Word. and will know in truth that you are made in is image. then you will fall on your face not because of fear but because of the glory of the Word.

(16 Mar '12, 14:07) white tiger

I believe that the crux of the whole idea of surrendering is rooted in the idea that, although as spiritual beings we knew we were being born into a reality of self-imposed limitation. Which means we do not realize the totality of our being. No one in this reality told us about the higher (vibrational) states of our being, because they don't know about them...

(18 Mar '12, 23:38) Eddie

Therefore, we rely upon our (lower) physical mind to create (conceive) our desired future experience, when in truth, it's our higher physical mind (higher self) which actually takes care of that. Thus by surrendering to our higher self, we release all resistance to what's wanted, knowing that our higher self will create the idea of our future, so we get out of our own way :)

(18 Mar '12, 23:41) Eddie

The surrender has little to do with ego, for you otherwise use the ego to surrender. Catch 22. Make the choice to allow your higher being to integrate with you and guide your life. This yields a much easier life. We are here to choose. We have that power.

Metaphor: You can have heavy armor or let the bullets pass through you without resistance. Surrender, perfect surrender allows this to happen. The armor can't be heavy enough to protect you.

So how do we surrender? Meditate and breathe to still the monkey-mind chatter, and listen, listen until you hear. This is easier than you think, so emphasize feeling, not thinking. Your feeling of joy will guide you. Follow the light, follow your feeling. It is worth it. It is what we came here to do.

(19 Mar '12, 06:12) Dollar Bill
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The world is run by Satan. When Adam sinned he lost the contract of the control of Earth to Satan. Do not give up! There is a book that basically says life sucks but push on anyway. The book is called "Anyway" by Kent M. Keith. This came from a simple poem he wrote while in school that Mother Theresa liked so much she put it on her wall.

It actually takes a lot for Satan to break someone enough for him/her to just give up, sadly most do surrender though. I know for me there have been times where I just felt "What is the use? I am losing going for my dreams. I surrender." There seems to come that time when we just can't take it any longer and decide to give up on our dreams...to just fit in the "rat race" like everyone else to scrape along surviving life until we eventually die.

I believe if I were God, I wouldn't wish to see my children surrender to depression and give up hope that things can be different and better! I would want my children to fight! No retreat and no surrender! So many never achieve their dreams because they surrendered to the problems and needs of life, example: "I have too many bills to pay to even think about my dreams!" This problem lasts a lifetime until eventual death.

Satan keeps attacking us to get us to that point to surrender, to break us and make us a slave to the needs of life unhappy but surviving until we die. This is being a value producer, working for someone else to fulfill that person's dreams at the cost of your own dreams. We need to keep it in mind to be the value creator! This means we end up being the ones that change the world for the better, and the world repays us kindly! We even get to the point of having others work for us! This is the freedom to have a good life that I am sure God would like to see us have, it is to stop reacting and start acting. To stop being a puppet to life and others and turn the tables to be the puppet master!


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Wade Casaldi

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wade, there is no 'satan' personified, it is that side of us that gravitates to low frequency vibrations, earthy. a side of us we must know and recon with. but does not rule unless we let our will be commanded by our senses.

(25 Oct '11, 23:58) fred

wade you always have the choice who made you a slave? is God the one that told you run after money or become a star? who made those choice?

(14 Mar '12, 11:05) white tiger

That is why I said never surrender. Keep up the good fight, do not let life get you down to the point of giving up.

(14 Mar '12, 15:59) Wade Casaldi
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you have to surrender to the truth. because even if you deny it. it is still the truth. that you accept it or not does not change anny part to the truth. because the truth remains. you cannot shield your self to the truth for ever. eventually you need to drop those blinds in your windows of perception. if not you get confuse. the truth was always there it has respect your choice. but if you did not want to see it who can you blame?


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white tiger

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If you think that you have spiritual gifts, it is certain that you do not

(18 Mar '12, 14:56) Dollar Bill

and why this comment Dollar bill are you afraid of something. why judge me on what i have or do not have does it help you in anny way? in truth i tell you meditate on this it will help you alot.

(19 Mar '12, 04:12) white tiger

Do you consider my remark above personal to you? Wasn't meant that way. I am like water, I flow around. I have no fear. I am one with the I am that I am. Argue for your limitations and they will define you. Flow and be unstoppable, or stay put and argue, your choice.

(19 Mar '12, 06:00) Dollar Bill

you made a judgement i do not care about that. it is your choice. my choice was to help you see that but you prefer to not see and are sinning right now. because it is personnal to you only Dollar bill. you are hiding the truth from your self you do fear. and this is why you judge and mock. you are better to use those stone for your self because if you throw them at someone else. fire will come out of those stone and burn you. look deep in your heart and you know that i am telling the truth.

(19 Mar '12, 12:00) white tiger
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