I am observing an interesting phenomen in my life. Almost three years ago, I've discovered the Law Of Attraction and have studied it intensely ever since. It has helped me to completely transform my life in a spectacular way.

I have manifested a lot of things deliberately and experienced many things I would have called "magical" before knowing about this law.

This new worldview that I have gained in these three years is the only perspective that makes sense to me now.

I have always been searching for answers. Everything I have ever known about "luck" or diseases and life and death before has never made sense to me. It's only now that I feel I know how life truly works and everything has clicked into place for me.

I therefore actually know that the Law Of Attraction is real and works and that I can trust it. I have completely fallen in love with life, now that I know that I can really, really "have it all"!

But I still regularly doubt the existence of the Law Of Attraction, even though I feel stupid writing this.

It's especially strong now, because I feel im am on the brink of a manifestation that I previously would have called "absolutely impossible". This dream of mine has tortured me for the last three years and now that I have finally managed to line up with it, I have these doubts again!

Is this a "normal" process to go trough? Or is this the work of a limiting belief that needs to be cleared?

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Why do I doubt the Law Of Attraction on a regular basis, even though I actually know that it is real?

Believing in the Law of Attraction means that you believe you are the creator of everything in your experience -- without any exception. But I know that it can be frustrating to realize that you feel bad about some outer circumstance.

Because why would you feel bad about something when it is your creation and you know logically that you have created it and you can change it (because you are the creator of your reality, right)?

So it must mean that you don't believe in the Law of Attraction. And that's actually right... for a while.

That's because in specific situations you can slip back to your old thinking patterns and beliefs about life. For example, say you meditate for 15 minutes and you feel wonderful after your session. You really feel invincible and realize that you are the creator of everything without any doubt.

But then you go to work and your boss says something to you that makes you choose to be angry.

Now you begin to think that your realization immediately after your wonderful 15-minute meditation session was just a lie you told yourself in that moment.

You begin to doubt your own power because some specific situation in your life experience kicked you out of the Vortex. But does it really mean that your realization about your own power was worthless? No, actually it doesn't.

I can't tell you how to become "enlightened" so you don't ever doubt yourself again. But here is my practical experience and opinion.

Believing in the Law of Attraction doesn't have to be a constant state. It is a state to go back to on an ongoing basis.

It's similar to a great movie. It can make you believe that it's real for a little while. For a brief moment, you can forget that you are actually watching a movie and you can start to believe that it's real. It can make you choose to feel many different emotions. You could get angry at the scenes on the movie screen or you could even cry.

You could forget that it's a movie and that the actors are professionals who get paid for what they do. And sometimes when you feel really intense emotions, you can choose to realize that it's just a movie and the characters in it are professional actors. You could feel better immediately. And of course, your negative emotions don't mean that movies are something to avoid in general. Movies are great experiences.

Similarly, you can and should get involved in specific life situations that make you choose to feel bad. Because then it is very satisfying to know that you can always go back to what you really know about the Law of Attraction and your own power. If, at times, it gets too intense, you can always go back to realizing that you are the creator of all that. Then it's similar to realizing that you are just watching a movie.

Do not choose to avoid movies. Movies are fun. Just don't lose yourself in them forever.

Life is just like a movie. But when you immerse yourself in it without going back to what you actually know, it can give you a hard time.

That's why it's so important to regularly go back to what you actually know. But if you want to go back to what's actually real, you can't just logically think about it like you do with movies. In your daily life experience, you have to find ways to feel good. That's the only way to step out of the "negative life movie".

That's why I'm a big fan of rituals and habits that you can do every day to get into the Vortex and step "out of the movie" so to speak.

You don't have to blame yourself for forgetting about the Law of Attraction. Just go back to what you know on a daily basis. Feel good and go back to knowing that the Law of Attraction is real.


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One answer to the "why" question is that if you always knew--flawlessly--that you were the Creator, then there wouldn't be any fun in the game. In a sense, the entire point is to wake up to this realization. The details of what is manifested are secondary.

So kick back, relax, and allow yourself to discover the fullness of it in due time. Given what you already know, it's inevitable that you will make progress as long as you stick to the path.


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