I was reading this essay from Paul Graham today:

What Startups are Really Like

What I find most interesting about startup companies is how consuming they can be, described vividly in the section titled, "Startups Take Over Your Life:"

The thing that's been most surprising to me is how one's perspective on time shifts. Working on our startup, I remember time seeming to stretch out, so that a month was a huge interval.

It's surprising how much you become consumed by your startup, in that you think about it day and night, but never once does it feel like "work."

Sounds like fun. It also sounds like the exact opposite of Reality Creation, where things happen in their own time, and work is looked upon as resistance.

How does one manifest capital and other resources without a schedule, when the bills are piling up like clockwork?

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I use manifestation for business all the time - seems pretty practical to me.

If you have a schedule or you need capital or resources, just add those requirements into your box request.

If you're going to start getting into the area of desperate need regarding a request (bills are piling up like clockwork) or you cannot take your attention off a request, or you are in a rush then you are probably going to have to work on neutralizing the negative emotion you have regarding the subject before it manifests...though it can sometimes still come anyway if your desire is strong enough.

If you are in this situation and you can move your vibrational setpoint on the emotional scale to, at least, Hope then you will start seeing physical evidence of your manifestation coming. This more deliberate approach is mostly what I use my manifesting spreadsheet for. (An interesting observation from this is that the only time delay in something manifesting is the amount of time it takes you to move up the emotional scale)

Also, if your requests are large and complex but they can be split into smaller targets, then break down the larger requests into several smaller ones.


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Everything in its own perfect time. I got up this morning with my business on my mind.Thanks Stingray you just made my day :)

(13 Jan '10, 11:01) Roy

Glad to have helped, Roy :)

(13 Jan '10, 20:00) Stingray

I got moved to sales in the company where I work. I had lot of difficulties initially, but once i started applying the law of attraction, things have been entirely different and I get the orders just like that. It works here and now I have started applying the same in my own business. I am sure I am going to achieve phenomenal success with this. This is the truth of life and it can be applied anywhere including the business.


answered 13 Jan '10, 19:10

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