I have a health issue since almost a year now that won't go away.

I tried tapping it away with EFT and tried to find the "feeling" of the issue and tap this away. I also ignored it completely for some time (to my best efforts) and to stay positive and expectant.

However, nothing that I've tried has helped me heal this issue.

It doesn't affect me most of the time, but I cannot help noticing it when I'm eating (3 times a day) and then it worries me. But as soon after I feel worry, I immediately switch to ignoring it and staying positive.

This approach hasn't worked obviously and I'm not sure how to continue. I basically know that my body is capable of healing itself but I guess, I have not been allowing the solution yet.

This problem leaves me unsatisfied because I don't know what to do about it. Usually, I'm pretty good at figuring out the resistance thoughts that is causing some other stuff in my life, but with this issue, I'm absolutely clueless.

Do you have a suggestion or method on how to solve this?

asked 12 Nov '17, 15:22

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          **All physiological diseases have a psychological cause.**

This is the general base-line core premise on which my answer, healing tactics like faster eft and hopefully your belief-system are based upon. It is fundamental that you understand this statement- that you REALLY get it, for your health or anything for that matter- to improve.

And now- I present to you the following:

How To Heal Health Issues That Do Not Resolve Themselves Despite You Being In The Vortex Most Of The Time.

  1. Ask yourself "Do I believe that all psysiological diseases have a psychological cause?" Answer the question. Is the answer no? Search the internet, do research, watch, read, contemplate and investigate ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING on the topic until your answer will not only be affirmative, but also with an explanation YOU YOURSELF BELIEVE IN. That means scientific facts, examples from your own life and the lives of people you may know or not know, things you saw online or in reality, something you overheard someone say to someone else on the subway on your way to wherever- whatever- your explanation must stand on thorough and extensive examples which are believable to yourself and which would make anyone who even once for a second believed otherwise change their view in a heartbeat. This is crucial for anything to work- you must convince YOURSELF with evidence YOU KNOW WILL CONVINCE YOU - no one can do this for you- imagine it being a paper you have to write for an important journal- at the end of all your research you should be ready to give a powerpoint presentation with printed handouts good enough to be featured on Google Talks and TED.

  1. Answer the following question: "What do I think could be the psychological cause for my said health problem?" Now that you understand that your health issue is always caused by a psychological issue- let the games begin. List symptoms, search the internet for detailed descriptions of your health issue, watch Stanfords entire online class of Evolutionairy Biology (featured on their official youtube channel) watch the entire class of Psych 101 at Yale University (also on their youtube channel) sit and ponder different ideas. Buy a whiteboard and put it in your room- make notes on it- write everything down that comes up. Wake up in the middle of the night and write down what you dreamt before you forget. Start making links and associations. Use your logical brain. Pretend its not you but someone else- ask someone else to look at it and give their opinion. Ask your higher self to give you information, inspiration, ideas and hints. Call your doctor. Ask your parents, siblings, friends, relatives, old teachers, nannies, and whomever you think might have any shred of information. Meditate. Dont think about it for a couple of days and wait for any aha moment to come. Make something up. Anything. You know those CSI- evidence walls they make and then they look together at it- every single piece of information together- thats what your aiming for. You stand look at that wall as if it was a CSI episode- the only thing is your murder-victim is The Good Life You Could Have Had If You Didnt Have This Health Issue. Stop killing it and find the murderer already.

  1. Now, gathering all acquired information, make a comprehensive list of every potential cause of said health issue. Every single thing that you think could be a potential cause- even if its 0.000001 percent chance this is the thing- write it down. Everything. Number the list. Title it: Checklist Operation FUTRAUMA, draw (neatly) large boxes next to every single potential cause for health issue. Tape the list unto your bedroom door. Read it through. Like a warrior.

  1. Write a request to the universe, explain your situation WITHOUT DRAMA BUT WITH DETAIL - and ask for what you want (see manifesting experiment 1) Put it in the box, thank the universe for already having fulfilled your desire. Go to bed have a chill day, say; "Even with this health issue, i feel ok today! You know, even if i had this health issue all my life- i still know i am a blessed happy lovin life kinda person and its not so bad you know- this health issue and i could still make it work and i am actually quite thankful for this health issue cause it made me learn So many lessons and discover more about myself, nothing happens randomly and if I manifested this health issue it must have been to make myself understand something important and become an even better human." Think about that. Go to bed.

  1. Wake up, drink your tea, do some push ups, meditate, throw some air boxing punches whilst looking in the mirror and amp yourself up. Do it until you are in beast killing hyper mode. Then, sit down, cross your legs, have a pen and a copy of your potential health issue causes list in front of you. A glass of water. And lets go champ!

Using MATRIX REIMPRINTING COMBINED WITH FASTER EFT ON EVERY SINGLE CAUSE OF THE LIST YES EVEN IF YOU HAVE 60 ENTRIES AND EVEN WHEN YOU HAVE 600 ON EVERY SINGLE ONE. Repeating: On every single one use matrix reimprinting combined with FASTER EFT. Tick the box of the cause treated as you go along. Do this as fast or as slowly as you THOROUGHLY can. Finish the list. Dont skip any entries - why would you do that? Its 5 minutes you idiot dont be cheap on your health do the entire list your only fooling yourself the rest of us dont care so just do it. When youre done with EVERYTHING go to bed.

  1. The next day Go back to the list on your door. Check yourself. Check if you did it right. Double check. Triple check. In your mind replay every event - did the matrix reimprinting work? Check your feeling- no bad feelings left inside? Did the faster eft work? If you can say yes tick the box. If no- do it again and this time no fake-half-i-was-tired **** and do it right- when done tick off the box. When everything has been ticked off YES THATS RIGHT EVERY SINGLE THING- cry tears of joy and liberation. Thank the gods on your bare knees. Make a cake and dance with it. Dont go crazy and go to bed early.

  1. Congrats you made it. You are now free of the health issue. You have used multiple very strong moves to combat this one thing from different angles= every single angle possible to be honest. it is now forever never in your reality.

If its not gone after this- no one can help you because this is tackling the problem on so many levels and so deep that it just HAS to work. Even on the most vortex-immuum health issue.

Everything used tried and tested on yours truly.

What is Matrix Reimprinting? What is Faster Eft?

Please, use the google. Read and research and investigate. Show the universe your are serious and determined to resolve this no matter what. Have the solid intent to persevere until you get what you want.




THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION BUT SUCCES. and thats by the way- the only affirmation you will need here.

Have fun!


answered 19 Nov '17, 01:50

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sidenote- i know in the matrix reimprinting guidelines/books/tutorials/etc it says to use regular eft on your echos- that wont be necessary- use faster eft because this is much faster and truly easier, just proceed as they explain but in stead of the whole eft thing just do faster eft.

(19 Nov '17, 09:51) Januaryfeelings

2-sidenote- in the matrix reimprinting guidelines they say to sit down and have the conversations with your echo in your head- so silently and kind of in a meditative state. i would insist to try something else: have the conversation standing up, talking out loud, pretending as if this is happening right now- not in your head,but in reality- so move your hands,talk out loud and have a conversation with your echo as a real person.The answers the echo gives- can be in your head.

(19 Nov '17, 09:56) Januaryfeelings

Try to act out everything with your body- which is still the largest part of the subconscious lets not forget. the more you can get the body involved whilst seeing the situation internally- the more the subconscious truly believes the validity of what is happening- the more truly impactful will be the change.

(19 Nov '17, 09:58) Januaryfeelings
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disease makes us feel dis - ease. when we feel ease in the disease the disease goes away. when we feel uncomfertable in the disease it grows. and thats the challenge. its not easy to feel ease and ignore what IS and right in front of us, but the disease is just a simptom of what was there even before. so not even ignoring it, just feel good and comfertable with it.

maybe my answer here will help you too http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/100903/what-healing-modality-would-you-use-to-fix-a-structural-brain-defect?page=1&focusedAnswerId=100910#100910


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I would reach for thoughts like:

'It doesn't matter because it will go away soon. It is a temporary thing. Maybe it will go away in one month, maybe in one year, maybe it will last a little longer. But is a temporary thing and it will definitely disappear soon. I know for sure that everything in my world is a reflection of my thouhgts only. I've seen it many times. For some reason I needed this condition. At the moment I do not know what I will learn from this but I'm sure I will. Now I choose to think that this condition is dissapearing already.'And it is.

And as always - go into the Vortex and stay there and you will know what to do if something should be done for your healing.


answered 12 Nov '17, 18:54

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I have a big problem with this; you all know that I do. We spend a certain part of our lives out of the vortex, being young, whatever, before we learn about Manifesting. So what if you have a cavity? (Significant dental decay) I have never met anyone who could reverse this with the mind. It is like asking a old tree to grow young. We do age, we do grow old. Being in The Vortex can repair a lot of stuff, but I never heard of anyone regrowing lost teeth, or limbs, or anything like that.

Ask yourself how to Manifest the actual solution to this problem. If you have a cavity, restore that tooth to health by seeing a dentist before you lose it altogether. If it is some other physical thing that hurts, maybe you should be in The Vortex, and actually deal with the issue.

The Vortex and Manifesting are gifts. They are tools to help us function in the world, and to be happy. Denial is not happiness; it is denial. Solving this problem ( call it a puzzle; problem sounds so negative) will quickly restore you back to happiness. I know, I know; you already are. So get yourself fixed. Don't let this grow into a bigger mess.




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I would suggest to trace the feeling to its underlying belief, and repeat this process until you get enough beliefs to the surface so that your overall energy shifts.

Beliefs are thoughts that are very good at selling their necessity to you using logical tricks in the case of negative ones. If you expose the tricks, they lose their power.

So whenever it comes up, ask yourself: What would I have to believe in order to feel this? Take whatever comes up. Observe it, understand it, follow it to its implications. When you get a chuckle out of it, or experience other relief, it's gone, you're done, the process is over. Go back to being positive and enjoy yourself.

The answer is, as with so many "this way or that way" dilemmas, do both. Stay positive, and when you do hit a persistent snag, deal with it briefly and productively, and go back to being positive- then you neither suppress nor obsess but impress.


answered 19 Nov '17, 16:12

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cmc - Excellent answer, in so many ways. "Beliefs are thoughts that are very good at selling their necessity..." Well said. Your last paragraph is a gem in itself. There it is - the easy, consistent practice that ends the frustration and self-defeat of overthinking. I also love that the goal, the proof that you've handled it, is a chuckle. So true. I wish everyone who struggles could read and take this answer to heart. :)

(23 Nov '17, 22:12) Grace

Thank you such much, @Grace!

(24 Nov '17, 00:32) cmc
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