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If your energy flow is based on your thoughts, emotions and the way you respond to things, and illness is caused by the resistance or blocking of energy flow, then it must follow that all disease is caused by problems with your thinking process.

But how then do you explain genetic diseases?

Genetic diseases are diseases that are passed on to you from your parents. Among these types of diseases are certain food allergies. Some food allergies are severe enough to cause death if the person ingests the wrong food.

Genetic diseases are caused by problems with your parent's genes, and by genetic mutations. How can these types of disorders be attributed to "incorrect thinking?"

asked 01 Mar '10, 02:15

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ahhh excellent question vesuvius. didnt even think of that lol. peace

(01 Mar '10, 04:28) Mebb

I wondered about this.

(01 Mar '10, 07:26) Mari

Ever notice that when a Big Event is coming up the cold or pain or whatever seems to disappear very quickly?

(01 Mar '10, 22:40) Inactive User ♦♦
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What is actually being passed to a child from its parents is not some unalterable condition, it is a vibrational influence.

Since there is probably already a fairly strong thought stream in place regarding the existing manifested "disease" from the parents, it's a bit easier for the new-born to get swept up in it...and it gives the appearance of there being a genetic influence when actually there is no such thing.

Think of sitting on the bank of a fast-moving river and think how easy it would be to dip your feet into the fast-flowing water. And then think how easily the river could sweep you into it just from doing that.

Just because a baby cannot articulate verbally from birth, it doesn't mean they don't think. They are just as much subject to the influence of others as anyone else whom they believe has influence over them even if the influence happens without language.

And because they think, they attract in accordance with what they are thinking.

It is still the resistance in those thought patterns (albeit well-established ones) that causes the diseases to manifest.


answered 01 Mar '10, 04:12

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THe problem with this kind of thinking is that it prevents people from going to the doctor when all they really need is a splint. And I doubt that the fellow with the food allergy will take much stock in the notion that it is "all in his mind."

(01 Mar '10, 04:20) Vesuvius

The problem with physical laws being framed as arbitrary is that it is a recipe for abject chaos. Even if you don't believe in the reality of physical laws, even if you believe that they are manufactured from thought, you must surely believe that there is a pragmatic aspect to having these laws, and having them be stable enough for people to rely on as a principal reality.

(01 Mar '10, 04:21) Vesuvius

Otherwise, why would we go to all of the trouble to make the physical world so tangible, consistent, reliable, observable, provable and logically precise?

(01 Mar '10, 04:30) Vesuvius

yala stingray, ehchee lol.

(01 Mar '10, 05:34) Mebb

The physical platform exists as a stable point of focus. It is not something we wish to step outside of otherwise we wouldn't be projecting a part of ourselves here to experience it. Regarding your all in the mind issue...splints, doctors, cures for food allergies are all physical manifestations of desires that others have had to deal with resistance. Why would anyone not want to use them to their advantage if they feel inclined to do so? Just because gravity exists and puts limitations on our abilities to fly ourselves, it doesn't stop people building and using airplanes.

(01 Mar '10, 06:32) Stingray

I feel as though I should I should think harder...then maybe I could think away the fact that I have an impaired immune system...all this thinking stuff sure doesn't make me feel very good about the fact I am ill...and that, you say, is my problem...I am glad we haven't heard from parents who carry the Tay-Sachs gene. Jai

(01 Mar '10, 11:06) Jaianniah

Jai, if an explanation doesn't resonate with you, it's simply not for you at this time given your current beliefs. There's never any reason to get upset over someone else expressing their own truth

(01 Mar '10, 13:45) Stingray

@Stingray: I understand what you are saying. But if the thought stream for these things is so stable, isn't it essentially tantamount to saying the same thing as there are (for all practical purposes) physical laws that cannot be broken? People build airplanes because they work within the framework of physical laws, because someone took the time to understand aerodynamics.

(01 Mar '10, 14:57) Vesuvius

Vesuvius, I think there's an underlying assumption in what you are saying that there is something unwanted in incarnating with a physical issue. The incarnating consciousness is fully aware of what it is getting itself into. Rule of thumb: A birth condition is something that the consciousness wants to experience for some reason. A condition after birth is usually resistance of some kind.

(01 Mar '10, 15:39) Stingray

But regardless, it is not a question of how stable thought streams are - there are some powerful thought streams that few would consciously want to experience - it is a question of alignment (or not) with them. At any time, one can consciously choose to align with something else and experience a different reality. But, as I said, often that incarnating consciousness wants the experience.

(01 Mar '10, 15:39) Stingray

My underlying assumption is that, if a consciousness decides to incarnate into this reality, that they accept the idea that this reality obeys physical laws, and that those laws are logically consistent with themselves. If a person is capable of manipulating our physical reality in a way that looks like magic to others, then they must be doing it at a level above the physical laws.

(01 Mar '10, 16:20) Vesuvius

You seem to be saying that the current models of human thought that we interpret as physical laws cannot be altered and we are bound to them. I would say they are just models based upon our current collective beliefs - they are just A truth for now, not THE truth for all time. Our models will evolve along with our understanding and beliefs. What may seem like magic now may not be in future.

(01 Mar '10, 16:58) Stingray
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They can't!

I am sorry, but I do not go along with this type of thinking. Colds and the flu and certain other diseases are caused by viruses or bacteria. Yet other diseases are also genetic, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Still others are caused by malnutrition and bad diet. Babies in third world countries drop like flies from simple diarrhea- I highly doubt those babies are sitting around thinking, "I think I'll die of the runs today."

I have never, never felt that we should blame any disease on simple thinking. I think we are getting near to the day when they will prove that all disease is caused by genetics or germs, with or without complicating factors such as diet. Remember when we blamed ulcers on wrong living? Well, many ulcers are caused by a bacteria! Your doctor gives you the proper antibiotic, and voila! You are cured.

Let me add a caveat. Your attitude towards life has a great effect on your immune system! You can shorten a cold simply by being determined to beat it.This can sometimes go as far as thinking your way out of cancer. I do not fully understand how it works; I just know that some people can do it. Your immune system is a funky thing.

This has been proven by the use of placebos. The placebo effect is still being studied, but basically, you are given a pill, and told it will cure you, and your mind believes it, and you are cured. So your thinking does affect disease, but it does not stop your genetic tendency towards certain illnesses. If it did, we could change our eye color by thinking about it. AS I said above, I am glad we haven't heard from parents who carry the Tay-Sachs gene. They would be devastated to learn that their babies die because the parents have all the wrong vibrations. Tay-Sachs is a genetic disease, pure and simple.

Happy debating, Jai


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Totally agree with you! genetic diseases cannot be blamed on parents or babies!!! We'll have to deal with the fact that there are genetic diseases and parting from that finding the best way to deal with that, first with orthodox medicine and then with any other method that parents/ill person judges to be right.

(17 May '10, 12:39) BridgetJones09

Hi. They have proven through lab experiments that emotions affect the state of your DNA. When someone is feeling the emotions of love their DNA strand is long and relaxed. When someone is feeling anger their DNA becomes contracted and in some chronic cases may even self destruct. This is to illustrate the point that our emotions change the shape of our DNA in turn shaping our whole world. This means that the emotional state of two people is important when reproducing and raising a child. There are mechanical and physical attributes to a dis-ease, but all illness first started as a thought pattern and it takes a little while for the energetic patterns to manifest in the physical body. These ideas are actually comforting to me because I know I have control through my thoughts and emotional state. Really it's the law of attraction at it's finest. Ask your self? Do you accept the fact that you get colds, or do you know that your immune system can squash anything? I also think that when we don't feel our best, we might think oh, I'm getting a cold, and this invites it in. Love, Peace and Blessings.


answered 01 Mar '10, 10:00

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edited 01 Mar '10, 16:28

DO you have a reference for the lab experiments? I'd love to read up on that.

(01 Mar '10, 14:39) Vesuvius

Ya, The Institute of HeartMath.

(01 Mar '10, 15:43) Brian

Also, Glen Rein, Ph.D., "Effect of Conscious Intention on Human DNA," Proceedings of the International Forum on New Science (Denver, CO: 1996). And Glen Rein, Ph.D., and Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., "Structural Changes in Water and DNA Associated with New Physiologically Measurable States," Journal of Scientific Exploration, vol. 8, no. 3 (1994): pp. 438-439. And Rein, "Effect of Conscious Intention on Human DNA."

I read about all this in a book called "The Divine Matrix" by Gregg Braden.

(01 Mar '10, 15:59) Brian

Yes. And please read 'The Biology of Belief' by Dr. Bruce Lipton. He states that only 5% of people have genetic defects that cause dis-ease. The rest is attributed to environmental stimuli and belief. The confusion arises because humans have not updated their knowledge to post 'quantum (1925)' understanding and still base their assumptions and understanding on outdated Newtonian physics...

(02 Mar '10, 03:33) Eddie
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One consideration that empowers reconciliation and belief in me is the truth that life is in the blood...the physiological, physical, and spiritual etc. do relate and impact one another. Bloodlines carry more than blood and are a peculiar thing when it comes to life issues... Because of 'bloodlines'; The human race is recovering from a profound state of 'jaded' truth; in-other-words, deception...and therein, poor choices and hence, what was once a perfect human existence, became the 'tainted' human condition.

Thankfully, because of the creator, the 'bloodline' that was once 'compromised' through the human condition brought on by deception and poor choice, is now made clear and restored in with and through the love of the creator. The work of the creator is intentionally relational. The creator purposed and provided for the human race to be restored to right relationship among and within ourselves in, with and through the Divine. The completed transforming powerful work of 'restoration' is perfect and perpetual. As human beings, whether we realize it or not, 'this power' is always drawing us back to our original 'higher' form or condition in, with and through the power of truth in love... This 'state' of our existence impacts (positively/negatively) our individual and corporate condition on every level...mentally, emotionally, developmentally, physiologically, psychologically, spiritually, etc. This means that the cause and effect of our compromised condition is inbreed on every level as well in, with and through our human condition.

Your question eludes to the age old question: 'Why does bad things happen to good people?' or in the case of genetics; innocent babies or bystanders? This brings to light both the dark and bright truth of our human existence/condition and reveals that our earth dwelling is inherently compromised because of 'sin' and therein, is also inherently restored. And when I say 'sin' I am not talking about condemnation, I am implying, that we are fallible...we are capable of "missing the mark" and we are capable of compromised,imperfect reproduction, we are capable of believing lies, poor choices, and intentionally and unintentionally hurting ourselves and others because of the cummulative reality of our human existence/condition.


answered 02 Mar '10, 22:02

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I say genetic diseases are a result of group karma.


answered 03 Mar '10, 00:01

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