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I understand and witness on a daily basis that the inner and the outer world are connected, in a way that the outer world reflects my energy and thoughts, and the opposite is also true, the outer world gets reflected in me (situations and events have an impact on us, our feelings, etc...)

I even believe, that like Bashar says, the whole time line can shift with us. I believe this because in several occasions on my lifes, i have had the very strong feeling that world class events were going along with me. Anyway, i know it seems crazy but i suppose if you are reading this forum, the idea might no seem so to you.

The problem i have is that Bashar's theory states that we can change the past. For example, if you break a bottle of glass, you could theorically shift to a version of reality where the bottle is still intact. However, i have absolutely NEVER encountered any change of this type in my own experience. I do witness synchronicities, events, that are very often accorded to my state of being. But i have never witnessed the "the past", or a past event and its consequences "disapearing" from my reality.

What i would like to know is what do you think of this? Have you witnessed such events? I believe people saying that you can change the past are very much repeating what they have been told, listening to seducing theories such as bashar's ones. But let's be honest, can you really change the past? If someone is dead, he stays dead. If a bone is broken, it stays so. This is the reality of our experience, and as much as i would like to believe otherwise, it is what it is.

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Good Question.

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From what I have intuited, I have apparently been run over three times, onces while reading my cell phone. Consequently, I was directly given the option to return to a timeline where it was a near miss continue. I was vaguely aware of this in terms of having a good guardian angel- but I didn't know the details.

I find that the general explanation for most of the perceived impossibilities is a very strong intention that was created before being born in this dimension. I know it's fun to do what you're not supposed to, but in terms of setting things up, it takes a lot of focus and energy to overcome a strong intention that was created in the opposite direction.

Why intend to experience life in an earthly realm with gravity and time, enter the experience, and then overturn gravity and time? Of course, if it's important enough, you could do it, and plenty of people are, but then again, if it was important enough, you could just live out your life and then incarnate in a society where these things are normal. But then again, that would have other downsides- if you want to play medieval times, you better not be too attached to chewing gum.

Because of that strong current that was set up before we were born by us, we are limited to isolated incidents that are not regular but they prove a point. Abraham's favorite example is the mother who lifts a truck off of her child- if there is a really good reason for things, the rules bend.

What it ultimately comes down to is confidence. With enough confidence, you could most likely recreate the glass. There are plenty of reports of Yogis who could do that, as well as some south-american ones who could create organs, and I have no reason to doubt them.

I find the best way to develop that confidence is to start with the most practical areas that give the most benefit that are also easiest- memories. Change yourself to be someone with a different past right now, and don't get hung up on checking the evidence- that's a sign of lack of confidence.

You could start to be able to have these kinds of yogic powers- the question is, would you want to, all the way? If the answer is yes, I would recommend to train yourself in meditation with the intention of having those powers, finding a lot of reasons why it's worth it to convince your subconscious, develop as many techniques as you can to raise your energy, and see how far you can take it. How exciting!


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