If it is really as easy as "you get what you think about" then why are there not more millionaires in the world?

All you have to do is think about it clearly enough and long enough and you will get it. Right?

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John Drake

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Barry Allen ♦♦


"All you have to do is think about it clearly enough and long enough and you will get it. Right?"


(12 May '12, 06:23) Dollar Bill

Love your question John Drake. Just by asking this question tells me you wont do well with the LOA as your mind is already made up. Change your mind and tell yourself this realy works but thell yourself hundreds of times a day till your subconscious mind believes it and you will be amazed by how it works.

(13 May '12, 06:51) Paulina 1
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Many people change their thoughts to think about money all day long and still never attract any. Positive thinking alone can not change our lives because our negative belief systems and limiting subconscious programming will control our lives and cause us to attract the same people and events over and over again.

Subconsciously, we are vibrating at a low frequency and it is this frequency that the Universe hears and responds to.The Universe does not respond to our words or thoughts but to our spirit. We know when we have elevated our vibration because we genuinely feel good even though our situation is less than ideal.

We have to take a good look in the mirror and change those limiting beliefs that we may have acquired as a child. Most often we do not recognize our limitations because they have been with us for so long.

Unfortunately, The Secret did not fully explain the law of attraction and left many people frustrated and feeling like they have failed once again. We must further study the natural laws governing the Universe and Psitek.net is a good place to start.

What ever you do do not give up.


answered 04 Oct '09, 18:36

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Thank you for your answer. You are right limiting beliefs that we have. Thinking postive and working hard don't make you rich or richer. We must not accept the limiting beliefs that have been showered upon us from varies places we must go down deep within our soul and bring our beliefs within our selves up high. For God gave us this ability and we must use it to our best ability.

(05 Oct '09, 10:27) flowingwater

That feel good feeling is sometimes hard to hold on too. I like your answer.

(14 Oct '09, 02:58) flowingwater

There is a misconception about those who think about money. The people who think about money all the time are the ones who don't have enough of it; they are focused on paying their bills. Those who do have enough money to pay their bills seldom think about money, at least not in that way.

(01 Nov '09, 00:25) Vesuvius

Right on @Vesuvius! And when we pay our bills, we do so freely.

(12 May '12, 07:11) Dollar Bill

Beautiful answer.

(20 May '12, 12:43) Paulina 1
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I would say that 90% or more of the people who sign up for the free Master Key System course on PsiTek (which is basically about applying the Law of Attraction) never make it past the first few lessons.

Invariably, those that are able to internalize and apply the knowledge consistently undergo remarkable transformations in their lives...I know because they usually email me to let me know.

So, as Jason says, knowing the information isn't enough, it is necessary to apply it too - something that relatively few people in this world actually do.


answered 03 Oct '09, 11:25

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Inactive User ♦♦


Not only read the Master Key System once, but again and again. You find that when you resonate with a system, you have already been applying the techniques even though you did not recognize you were doing so.0

(12 May '12, 07:15) Dollar Bill

The real secret is that you ALWAYS get what you expect and believe that you will get, every minute of every day. You may think you can do something but have some limiting belief about an aspect of it, and then you get what you believe through the filter of that aspect.

For example, I may have the belief that I can be or do anything if I set my mind to it, but I may have acquired the belief that I never have enough money without being in debt (the filter being ingrained and absorbed beliefs about money acquired from my parents etc.,) which can result in my having a career but not being financially successful at it.

We get what we believe we can get, all the time, always. The trick is to rebuild our beliefs!


answered 04 Oct '09, 19:14

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We must look at all aspects of our thinking and reprogram the negative thinking system that we have to an postive one.

(31 Oct '09, 10:59) flowingwater

I like the example you gave very good.

(31 Oct '09, 10:59) flowingwater

Short answer: There are not more millionaires in the world because most human beings do not understand the Law of Attraction. If you look at the state of human beings in the world you get a clear reflection of what most people are thinking about. Take heart though, because more and more people are discovering the Law of Attraction and that means CHANGE. Keep watching!


answered 04 Oct '09, 19:39

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More are! I think alot of it too has to do with the internet too! In a way I think the internet serves as an awesome guidance councelor to all of us- by opening up knowledge that is not quite "mainstream" we can expand our consciousness! Especially if we are asking about problems that may give us embarrassment to talk about or ask to those around us.I I dint start getting really into my deeper personal quest until I was on the internet and could access these ideas

(18 Sep '12, 15:07) Kanda

Attracting has its reprocity in visualizing and, asking in receiving; however feeling is the glue that has to be present to hold them together as a unit.


answered 04 Oct '09, 19:58

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user-32 (yahoo)

Yes! Yes! Yes!

(09 May '12, 18:18) figure8shape

I believe it is about surrender. If you surrender to it...know it is already true or know that it is coming to you...truly surrender...no doubts. Did you ever try to think of a title of a song, or someone's name but couldn't and thought "it will come to me" and when you let it go, and know it will indeed come to you, it does. Simple example but I hope you get the point.


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I think Law of Attraction states is eloguently,

Merriam-Webster definition of Law: a prescribed rule of conduct or action. Follow the Law you will receive the reward. It is never advantageous to break a law.

Follow the prescribed rule of conduct or action and you could not keep from attacting it!

We all are engaged in the Law of Attraction. I think it just comes down to what are we attracting?

Since it is a Law it is always in force.


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Love it David , got it in a nutshell , we are attracting in every moment , just pay attention to feelings to know whether heading toward what you want or away , via feel good... towards, feel bad...away from . This is our guidance system :-)

(03 Jul '12, 00:08) Starlight

What if you are afraid, or feeling a holdback to follow "inspired/intuitive action"? and its very uncomfortable. Say you have a big meeting but out of nowhere you get a calling to fly to the otherside of the country but this meeting is really important to you but this calling to buy a plane ticket is also heavy. Whats the lesson?

(18 Sep '12, 15:08) Kanda

Just because you know about it doesn't mean you apply it properly


answered 03 Oct '09, 10:51

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Jason King

The law of attraction is one of eleven principle laws and simply visualising and wanting something is not enough - the reason so many people know about the law of attraction but are not millionaires is:

a)not everyone wants to be a millionaire - each person has a unique perception of success. b)not everyone understands and inplements the law of attraction in the right way.

Your thoughts and the law of attraction is always at work - your outer conscious thoughts, may not, however be the same as your inner unconcsious thoughts and often you may be visualising one things and actually giving focus to exactly the opposite which will negate the law of atraction.

Sometimes people are not clear enough and do not have enough clarity about what it is they want or they miss the fact that they are being presented with their thoughts and wishes but in a different way to the way they were expecting to receive.

law of attraction works with the laws of the universe and the other universal laws and while it works everytime, right on time - if you are not totally clear and do not understand all of the other laws too then it can often seem as though it is "not working" for you.

I could write a book on this (as have other people), if you have watched the secret you have the law of attraction ideas and concepts and now need to take action and help the universe to provide for you too.


answered 04 Oct '09, 18:13

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I only corrected the spelling I did not change anything Carol.

(31 Oct '09, 11:22) flowingwater

wow, point a came to mind as soon as I read this question. I've also noticed that for the LOA to work you got to work on it. Fooling yourself by having "positive thoughts" only lead to wishful thinking and failure. Instead of constantly repeating positive affirmations, I've found out it is better to clear your mind first of ANY thoughts and then do your daily chores as usual. Always having a positive outlook on things, no matter the circumstances helps too.

(15 Aug '12, 10:18) Esantiago

No. it's not as easy as ''you get what you think about'' or ''you will create miracles if you believe enough'' . if that's the case, we all would be living in heaven by now - or hell !! :-) .. creating miracles every minute, getting whatever we wish to get instantly .. no, it's not that easy at all.

Yes, many people know the path .. realize ''the secret'' .. and most people never take one step to get anywhere. but that's not the main reason.

the main reason is that, most people take what they are given. and the ones are giving, want you to keep asking for more. it's not hard then to see who are the real millionaires and ( how ) they become millionaires !

but don't blame them, you asked for it. your goal is to be a millionaire, and they are showing you exactly how. instead of asking them about their little secrets .. just watch what they are doing. understand it, repeat it, and nature will take care of the rest. ''like attracts like'' .. remember? :-)

if you have done that, and become a millionare like them. and someone asked you how you did it, what's your ''secret''? .. wouldn't you give the same answer they are giving right now? .. ''you get what you think about'' or ''you will create miracles if you believe enough'' ?!!

would that be a lie or not true answer? .. no, let's see how: - if you didn't think about being a millionare, you wouldn't gone anywhere in the first place. - if you didn't believe that ''it's possible'' for you to become a millionaire just like them, you wouldn't be one now.

''there is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path'' - The Matrix


answered 04 Oct '09, 21:25

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When you want a million dollars and think about wanting it you are actually focused on the lack of it. The problem is that you must get into the head place/space of being a millionaire AND be able to experience the feeling of receiving it. Most people can't (for various reasons) get into that feeling,that level of positive expectation or joy when they think about money.


answered 09 Oct '09, 15:43

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Linda Harris

You know you are right can you expand an little more on it? Thanks for your answer.

(20 Oct '09, 05:59) flowingwater

It is a matter of focusing on what you want and why you want it.

The questions of Who? When? How? Where will it come from? Will be answered by the Universe. Do your part and allow the Universe to do its part. Symbiotic relationship.

(13 May '12, 07:25) Dollar Bill

Right on. Be the millionaire in your mind and outwardly act as if you are already a milionaire.

(20 May '12, 12:37) Paulina 1
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The reason why not everyone is a millionaire is simply, you have to have the mindset. Which as you know derives from knowing that you are already rich. Then allowing the Universe to guide you.

It takes mental effort to practice and to have the faith. Most people are under the assumption education is the ultimate achievement. Let me quote the words of Enstien: More important than knowledge is imagination.

Now you have to begin to know why Einstien who was a Mathematical genuise wrote that. Because he is fully aware of the Law of Attraction. He created what he wanted and he achieved it.


answered 01 Nov '09, 21:55

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I think there is an combination of knowing what to use like the law of attraction but not quite knowing how to use it. I also think you are totally surrounded with negativity which lowers your vibrations and causes you to think and speak more negativity into your life. As Abraham says you continue to beat the drum. Their is doubt put in their maybe out of fear of you just might succeed than how would you handle that? Also if you tell someone else what you are doing they are going to differently most of the time introduce self doubt and negativity towards you.

So, now you must learn to get hold of your negative thinking and turn it around to learning how to reprogram your self to think postive and not think on what you don't want in life. You must also go into the graditude zone which will raise your vibration. Relax and think happy thoughts. Your vibrational frequency will change and you will have attracted postive things into your life.

Also deep down in your system you might associate not wanting to be rich or wealthy. Even though you are saying you are right now.

I know at one time in my life I wanted to live comfortably but I said I did not want to be rich for various reason. Oh! I have differently changed that deep thought but it was there hidden under layers of wants, needs, and desires.

A lot of the time that self doubt whatever we go to do and that ego sabotages our thoughts before they get out the gates of the recesses of our mind.


answered 20 Oct '09, 06:22

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Dollar Bill

My answer got on twice some kind of way and I delete the other answer,sorry.

(20 Oct '09, 06:34) flowingwater

"I also think you are totally surrounded with negativity which lowers your vibrations and causes you to think and speak more negativity into your life."

"ego sabotages our thoughts"

Are these limiting beliefs? What makes you think this "negativity" exists? That the ego "sabotages"?

What would your life be like if you replaced these beliefs with more empowering beliefs? What could give you a more empowering belief?

(12 May '12, 06:40) Dollar Bill

We are under three influences: - Earth influence - Human influence - Heaven influence. Earth influence is something like feng shui. Human inluence is something like the law of attraction and Heaven influence is the limit, it's about God..it's about our karma..


answered 05 Oct '09, 13:25

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Dollar Bill

It is not having the money that gives peace of mind. It is peace of mind that gives the money. This is all simpler than most people think. Peace of mind gives you the silence from where you hear the Voice of Inspiration. Money is the byproduct.

The connection with the Voice of Inspiration (call this whatever you like) gives you the confidence to make decisions that bring you the money. Money has nothing to do with peace of mind, neither positive nor negative.

Seek the connection -- point your internal GPS toward Joy -- and the rest will flow to you in ways that you will understand and others will call "miraculous," or "lucky."

Being rich isn't difficult, just a different way of thinking. My basis was "Think and Grow Rich," Napoleon Hill. Read it, apply the principles. Read it, apply the principles. Read it again, apply the principles.

I am not saying that Napoleon Hill has all the answers, or the Right Path. You have the right answers already within you. It really is no more than letting go and enjoying - then you are at the right place at the right time and it only takes very small actions to achieve.

Books and study paths will give you motivation. Gentle follow-through and consistent application will make the motivation work. If it is hard, if it is a struggle, you are not doing it right!

Most people are not millionaires because they don't apply what they learn. But apply the ideas because you like them, you enjoy the connection. It all flows from there. Seek first the connection with Source, God, Universal Mind, or whatever you want to call it.

If you seek the things. You will never be happy. You will struggle for the next thing. If you seek the Connection, you will be happy and the things will flow to you.

I have wealthy friends. They make decisions, like I do, based on intuition. They act with confidence because they know the strength of their source and have come to rely on it.

I have always liked to read. Many and diverse areas. Leading edge publications. I met a man who did not read very much, yet when I began to discuss a certain article I had just read, he could pick up on it and discuss it in depth with me as though he had just read the same article. He could even quote passages in that article!

I was amazed by this and asked him how he knew so much and in such detail? When did he read the publication? He replied, *"I didn't read the article, I didn't need to read it. It is all just there, in the air. I just tie into it.*"

One of the Greats, I think it was W. Clement Stone, was a fantastic stock market investor. He did not study the stock market. No in depth analysis. He went to a quiet hotel room, alone, with a newspaper that listed stocks. He would sit quietly and meditate and certain stocks would draw his attention. He heard the Voice of Inspiration. He had the confidence to buy these stocks and they succeeded wildly. He became VERY wealthy.

Did he seek to "add value" to other peoples' lives? Did he seek to help the "struggling masses"? I don't think so. Did he seek a powerful connection that added value to everyone around him? Oh yeah!

It did and does work for me. In the last few years I have come across another book that really speaks to me, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad."

There is a very important message where the two young boys are working for "Rich Dad" for a small hourly wage, they come to him for a raise in pay. He offers them two paths, a raise in pay, knowing that this will tie them into a life of working for an hourly wage, or he can help them use their inner processes to find independent passive income. I would suggest that you read this book, also.

Making and having money does not magnify problems. It is not a struggle. It does not require sacrifice and intense concentration. It is just a different way of thinking. The more you connect, the more people are attracted to you because down deep, everyone is seeking that connection.

Write this down and make a big wall poster, "Money follows Vision!" SEEK THE VISION!

I made the mistake of buying "Think and Grow Rich," and then Napoleon Hill's next book and the next book, but all I needed was that one book and then, and now, the books I read and like to study just reaffirm those principles.

You do not need to be a "book hound", buying and trying the next book, or the next Guru. The Berbers have a saying, "A donkey laden with books is neither a wise man, nor an intellectual."

Nor a millionaire.

WOW! I really needed to hear this, this morning! Excuse me, now, I am going to meditate for about 15 minutes. . . . .

EDITED TO ADD PICTURE Or maybe too many people believe it has to be like this? *You CAN have both!*

alt text


answered 12 May '12, 05:30

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Dollar Bill

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Love this answer and yes I have read both books.

(20 May '12, 12:18) Paulina 1

It's not that you get what you think about, or gumballs would fall from the sky on a daily basis. The reality is that you get what you believe.

Your beliefs create your reality. If you don't like what you are attracting, change your beliefs.


answered 12 May '12, 19:06

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Fairy Princess

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Faith is believing that you will get what you think about and you do.

(20 May '12, 12:24) Paulina 1

Faith is believing that you will have what you want or that everything will be well, not that you will get what you think about.

(20 May '12, 12:31) Fairy Princess

Sometimes we think about our beliefs, then we manifest what we think about. Or when our beliefs support our thoughts, they manifest.

(03 Jul '12, 10:21) Fairy Princess
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In the making of a SEAL, not all graduate. Persitence, edurance and focus will finally pay out with the Trident pin. What price are you willing to pay in the knowledge of I that I AM?


answered 04 Oct '09, 18:11

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Persistence pays.


answered 04 Oct '09, 20:12

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Everyone thinks differently and has other desires. Omiting it,I regard it a hard work is a work with the own mind. But I am not giving up :))


answered 05 Oct '09, 07:50

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All you have to do is think about it clearly enough and long enough and you will get it. Right?

Well, not quite. You also have to take action, and provide value for other people.

The Law of Attraction is frequently misunderstood. When people first hear about the Law of Attraction, they usually interpret it literally, like the blue feather in Illusions, the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. They believe that you can just materialize out of thin air whatever you need into existence.

It doesn't work that way.

How it does work is that, if you hold in your mind what it is that you want, and those thoughts also have value for other people around you, automatically you will begin to attract those people and resources that will help you get there, and repel those who are not interested. There's nothing magical about that.

The problem is that most people don't know what they want and, if they do, are not quite sure they want it. Say you want a million dollars? OK, fine. Do you want everything that goes with it? Be honest, now.

If you really want a million dollars, you can have it. Might take you 20 years and a hundred employees, but you can have it. Or would you rather have peace of mind?

Most people don't really want a million dollars anyway. They want what they think they can buy with it.


answered 13 Oct '09, 05:08

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"If you really want a million dollars, you can have it. Might take you 20 years and a hundred employees, but you can have it. Or would you rather have peace of mind?" um, surely folk would want both money AND peace of mind?

(25 Oct '11, 02:58) sharon2

Love your answer Vesuvius, and yes action is the part most people forget to do. Once you have received the intuitive nudge than action is all important. No action = no satisfaction.

(20 May '12, 12:22) Paulina 1

When most people use the law of attraction they are in their minds and not in their hearts. The idea to consider is that the mind is a dualistic organ so when you manifest from the mind you will get what you asked for and you will also get the exact opposite. The "secret" to the "secret" is to manifest from your heart. Be in your heart when you are manifesting and you will not get the opposite of your desire. Manifest from a place of compassion and unconditional love rather than a place of ego, and witness the harmonious unfoldment.

When manifesting money, there must be poverty. So, appreciate your abundance!

You are loved.


answered 18 May '12, 06:10

Brian's gravatar image



Agree, mostly. Manifesting DOES come from the heart, from feeling. Your Mind is the analytical part of you and too easily 'sees' opposites, and can cause conflicts. Your feelings from the heart better connect you to your Source, giving you a more powerful way to manifest.

There is no poverty. There is only abundance. You can pinch abundance off. Otherwise it naturally flows to you.

(19 May '12, 08:19) Dollar Bill

Love this answer. Manifesting from the heart means living from love for love brings all good things into our life.

(20 May '12, 12:28) Paulina 1

I agree with previous answers... you get what you expect.

Its also not easy to conclude what people are thinking. Id imagine that lots of people think "id love to win the lotto, but that'll never happen!"

Or I hear this one a lot .... "I better not get my hopes up!"

If you say these kind of things, you don't expect to be a millionaire.

I wanted to add something- last night I read something called "Secrets of the millionaire mind". There were some points addressed that might help people understand why they are not thinking in a way that brings millions.

  1. Rich people believe "I create my life." Poor people believe "Life happens to me."
  2. Rich people play the money game to win. Poor people play the money game not to lose.
  3. Rich people look for opportunities. Poor people focus on problems.
  4. Rich people are committed to being rich. Poor people want to be rich.
  5. Rich people think big. Poor people think small.

answered 13 May '12, 22:15

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edited 20 May '12, 12:12

Rich people use money as a tool.

(20 May '12, 12:45) Dollar Bill

because 99% of us are still in belief systems of denial. we limit ourselves from our inner power. law of attractions is NOT only about want. it is about sending a clear, balanced energy out with no expectations. Most want money for wealth. that's an expectation. most worry about it,it isn't balanced. most want money for selfish reasons, which is also imbalanced. that's why everyone isn't millionaire. and because we ., as a collective,, are imbalanced, allowing an imbalance of money for small group.

love n light



answered 15 Aug '12, 13:27

TReb%20Bor%20yit-NE's gravatar image

TReb Bor yit-NE

I think we as a whole (especially Western society) have gotten caught up in the idea that being rich means having tons of money. That is one way of being rich. Being rich can also reveal itself in many tangible and intangible ways that are often missed because we're looking for monetary rewards and/or associations. Most of us are richer than we realize. Try looking at and appreciating other riches in life (Love, health, family, gratitude, etc.) and the financial abundance will flow.


answered 22 May '12, 15:03

figure8shape's gravatar image


Financial abundance DOES flow. "will flow" keeps it in the future.

(23 May '12, 06:37) Dollar Bill
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