Been allowing for a while now. Iv'e seen a lot of good results. I wanted to experiment a little and see how being random off the top of my head would work even if it wasn't something I felt comfortable doing yet and it led to this somewhat negative manifestation eventually. It seemed fun at first then a few more uncomfortable scenarios broke loose.

I'm familiar with the idea of getting out of your comfort zone in order to grow and expand so I thought why not.

When there was something I wanted to say I said it, when there was something I wanted to do I did it.

I then thought of taking it a step further to act without questioning what it is i'm doing even if it doesn't make sense at the moment and even if it doesn't feel comfortable with the universal flow. . I then felt worse and worse and it led to this negative manifestation

I understand that I didn't really take the path of least resistance and did force a little action on myself by acting on every positive/neutral thought that popped in (rather than going with the current). I didn't really wait for the action to feel good.

I'm not sure if I tried to shift reality a little too fast or if I went ahead of what i'm really ready for.

I was wondering If I was taking action that I was supposed to take in the future when ready

Insights please

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Yes, your interpretation is correct- when you have a thought, that is you having the thought. It does not necessarily mean it is time to act on it.

There is a spectrum of when you can act on your thoughts- you can act do it as soon as they turn up, as you did now, or you can hold off until the action becomes irresistible. Both can work. It is a personal preference in general to err on one site or the other, and it depends on the situation in particular. I like to minimize action- I think the whole point of using magic is to be able to be lazy and still get amazing results.

You are correct to experiment with this to gain insight! Further, you are also correct to listen to the resistance building up to the immediate action you were performing- it is the universe telling you to slow down a bit for the purposes at hand.

In any case, it is good to be wary of a craving to act- if that is the case, I recommend to hold off and treat the craving as a negative belief and clear it. If you feel an urgency to act, it must always be a positive motivation and a happy excitement creating the urgent energy stimulation- if it's not, it action is resistant and better left omitted.

If you feel things are not going fast enough to your liking, the far better route is increase the clarity and intensity of your energy work- perform your spiritual techniques in such a way that will increase the quantity and quality of the emotion you are feeling while performing them, and challenge the universe to inspire you to take whatever action is appropriate.


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i didnt really understand... you said:" When there was something I wanted to SAY I said it, when there was something I wanted to DO I did it".

these are not just thoughts...these are pure actions and it was working for you.

try to make a comarison between how you were feeling and how sure you were BEFORE you took every single action you are talking about in your question.


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