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Hey everyone. Two hours ago I was reading some information regarding LOA, and was so confused... Confused about the subject of visualizing vs. forgeting about it, wanting vs. having, being specific or general about subjects and so on. I was going to post a question here but was inspired to go within and search for an answer myself. So I got myself into alignment (I do it very quickly these days) and started writing. I am still amazed by how information started to flow... Even when in the middle I was stuck and confused about a different subject, again I aligned and got right back to writing.

I don't think that there is much new information in what I wrote - I just think that it is really summed nicely and logically, so that it would fit nicely into everyone's minds without triggering too much confusion from different belief systems. I am convinced that the number 1 reason people aren't even more successful with Abraham or any other teacher's material, is that it doesn't make complete sense to them - which triggers doubt and harms the whole process. Personally as an analyzer type of person, this is extremely important for me. So I decided to share was came out, with the hope that people benefit from this. So let's begin.

First, there are the rules of creation, as stated by Abraham :

  1. You launch a new desire (this is done automatically, when you experience something you do not want, or in other words when you experience contrast).
  2. The Universe answeres and creates your desire for you (automatically as well).
  3. You allow the manifestation to enter into your experience. This is out work.

What is important to understand is that in an ideal reality, step 3 would be automatic as well. Why is that? Because there is a stream of well being, flowing to us from our source. This stream is always on the mission of creating our desires, and keeping us healthy and happy. Everyone can feel it if they choose to - because it never stops flowing. You are connected to it eternally. It is an unquestionable law of the Universe, it is why life always goes in the direction of expansion and growth.

But we choose to resist the stream. When we experience contrast and launch a new desire into the Universe, then instead of letting go of the contrast and allowing it into our lives, we are not letting go of the contrast. Instead of wanting a new car and forgetting about it, we keep thinking of how much we hate the old one. And of course, since thoughts like these are in confliction with the idea of well being, there is a resistance of the stream. We are stopping the flow and not allowing the manifestation to occur.

Over the years, we develope a habit of thinking this way. Resistance becomes habituated, and is reflected in our physical reality. And since it looks so real to us, because we see it, then we have the "proof" we need to continue with this habit, and create a cycle of negativity, while totally ignorant of the natural laws of life. So the need for step 3 is born - we must release the patterns of resistance we have created.

Thankfully we have a built-in system in us that guides us to how allowing we are of the stream - our emotions. If we were to monitor our thoughts all the time, we would surely fail. It's a very hard task to monitor all the thoughts we have all the time - but the feeling is very obvious, and with practice we gain sensitivity that allows us to catch ourselves immediately when slipping into negativity. The better we feel, the more we are on track, the less resisting we are. The job is to decide that nothing is more important than feeling good, and feel as best as we can, for as long as we can, until it becomes a habit.

When the mind is habituated to allow, the habit of resistance is gone. Any kind of resistance, even subconscious, is quickly recognized and more easily dropped. Any negative beliefs become apparent and seem illogical, or even gone without you realizing it, You might one say remember how you used to think a certain negative thought and you don't anymore. Step 3 is happening automatically.

focusing on your desire Vs Forgetting about it: The confusion between the 2 approaches is because of the mistaken idea that we have to "do something" in order for the manifestation to come. The only thing we have to do, is stop doing, or in other words, stop resisting. Like I said before, there is a stream of well being that is always flowing to you. There is NO stream of resistance that is sending resistance to you. The work of creating your desires has already been done, and what we need to do is get out of the way.

So it doesn't matter if we visualize or just focus on the nice weather outside - it's all about letting go of the contrast. You do not have to focus on your desire for it to come, you just need to stop focusing on the absence of it. All the exercises that tell you to focus on what you want, give you benefit because it makes you feel good and makes you stop resisting and focusing on the contrast. The only thing that matters is that you feel good, becuase you can't feel good and focus on a thought such as "I can't do this" in the same time.

Wanting and having: when you want something, the state of wanting itself must be to some degree focused on the not having of it. When you know you have something, there is no wanting anymore. So the obvious way to allow our desires is to focus on the feeling of having, but again, it's not the only way. Our desires come to us naturally, since our source is always delivering it. We only need to find the good feeling plave - only to stop focusing on the contrast. If you look at Abraham's emotional guidance scale, you'll see that the highest vibrations do not offer the vibration of wanting (and even if so, there is very little of it).

Every time you are focused on wanting/contrast, achnowledge that and start moving up the scale. The upper you go, the less resistant, the less feeling of wanting, the more allowing there is.

When looking at the emotional scale - obviously anything below contentment is between resistant to very resistant. Hopefulness is still in the realm of "not having", and so is optimism (a feeling of "I am here now but one day it's gonna be fine"), although it is a vibration of stronger faith. Positive expectation is where things are stating to get different. There is little resistance there, and focusing on that which we do want. The vibrations above that are very focused on the now, where you are aligned and allowing well-being. Appreciation is the higherst one since there is no resistance there, no wanting, only enjoying the moment. Freedom, joy and love are the same. It's a state of "I'm delighted with what I have". Total allowing.

When contrast shows in your face continuously: when talking about situations that present themselves to us all the time - such as our bodies (probably the most difficult subject that exists for everyone), or bills coming in the mail - the solution is to be totally peaceful and appreciative of the situation. That seems at first as a contradiction, because we are focusing on contrast, doesn't it? However, the resistance is not inherent in the situation, it's inherent in our perspective. We can look at the same situation and instead of thinking "this sucks", we can think "I am learning so much from this experience, and I will enjoy so much looking back at it in the future" (of course this shold be done gradually if the vibration of this thought is too far from the vibration where you are currently in - it is too big of a jump. For this I suggest looking up Stingray's "Manifesting Experiment 2" which is a form of an Abraham process called "focus wheel", designed to gradually get you into higher vibrations). It doesn't matter what happens on the outside, what matters is that you feel good, and you do that by changing thoughts/perspective. Simply brain wash yourself to see everything in your enviroment as awesome. If contrast shows up again and again, then turn it into another readon to feel good.

Putting a happy face on your problems: a mistake a lot of people make is ignore their negative emotions. They just affirm to themselves affirmations that they do not believe in, and then wonder why things aren't changing. It's because they aren't really feeling good, they are avoiding their emotions and resisting them. When you truly feel good, you will know it beyond doubt. When you feel bad, make sure you gradually work to offer a different vibration. Don't feel miserable and tell yourself that you're happy! Also relief is a good guide. When you think a better feeling thought, you experience relief. So just keep looking for that feeling of relief, rather than avoiding your emotions.

In conclusion, the game is to feel good. Nothing is more important than that. When you feel good you are not resisting, the stream of abundance naturally provides your desires, and you are healthy and wealthy.

I hope this was of value to you.

asked 12 Nov '11, 16:42

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Thanks Benjamin Yes it is of value.

(14 Nov '11, 23:58) Paulina 1

Is it possible to feel good, say, 70- 80% of the day?

(15 Nov '11, 11:38) Nikulas

By the way, this article is REALLY good

(15 Nov '11, 11:38) Nikulas

@Benjamin I very much enjoy your questions, insights and answers. It would be nice to see you here again now and then.

(24 Jul '13, 23:57) releaser99

@releaser99- Ditto. And many, many others users.

(25 Jul '13, 00:08) Nikulas

You seem to have grasped this a lot quicker than I did! I think your insights are correct.

(25 Jul '13, 02:41) Monty Riviera

superawesome post...:))) simply too good.thanks fr sharing, God bless..

(26 Jul '13, 10:38) supergirl

Wow, I love this. This line especially: "it's all about letting go of the contrast." Excellent stuff - thank you for writing it up!

(29 Jul '13, 16:44) corduroypower
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Nice job, Benjamin! You pretty well answered my question about how exactly things go from ideas into reality. Thanks for a great post!

Blessings, Jai

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answered 12 Nov '11, 17:22

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Thanks for your good advice of good feelings :)

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answered 12 Nov '11, 17:40

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Talk about feeling good my most wonderful manifestations occured when I was feeling love. Love manifests like nothing else and you dont need to do anything things just come to you as if by magic. There is no better feeling good than feeling love and you can feel love by being in love or by loving the very life itself.

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answered 15 Nov '11, 00:03

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Paulina 1

i do not like this line. because the when you experience something it send you in the negative of you do not want it should more say that the contrast is a balence.

1.You launch a new desire (this is done automatically, when you experience something you do not want, or in other words when you experience contrast).

has a balence you experience positive and negative and need to keep the balence in balence.if you experience negative it is because the scale of balence need some ajustement.

positive and negative energy always exist they form a whole like the yin or the yang or the yin yang. to keep the balence of those energy in control is being the circle.

when you are the circle you can balence those energy. and not get stuck in the duality.

experience and enjoy.

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answered 13 Nov '11, 15:38

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white tiger

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