Hi everyone,

Life was just starting to get better - when TINNITUS happened. It's distressing, stops you from sleeping, concentrating and enjoying life. At the beginning about 5 weeks ago it was also very frightening and I was feeling suicidal with it, but now I am starting to get used to it, but it's still very unpleasant and I really wish it wasn't there. It's hard to feel happy and in the vortex with crickets chirping constantly in your ear! Doctors say there is no cure, while many alternative practitioners and drug sellers say to try this or another thing for relief. Mine wasn't caused by noise exposure or hearing loss. It just came on.

Now as I said everyone says a different thing. The main 'management' which doctors tell you is that you will 'habituate' - just ignore it and don't pay it any attention - very difficult. Some say to be 'mindful' of it, listen to it and make friends with it, which is the exact opposite of ignoring it. The other is to try whatever is out there as a potential cure with the faith that something may work only to be possibly disappointed after spending a lot of money. I wondered if anyone has overcome this challenge on inward quest. This has so far in life been one of the most challenging situations in terms of trying to get my head around it and get through it and I would appreciate any thoughts on how others might deal with this from an IQ perspective. It seems one situation that there is no sense of control over.

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Do this trick for temporary relief, and then go about your vibrational work to permanently cure it. Focus Blocks, or any preferred clearing technique of yours, will work.

(21 Mar '18, 22:56) WeRadiateBeauty

Hi Inner Beauty here's a few tips things that certainly brought me relief ... regular practice of the five tibetan rites, it gets the energies flowing freely and in equilibrium ... and using the info given by Julian Cowan Hill ... hope it helps :)

(01 Apr '18, 07:42) jaz
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do a focus block and be done with it


if you say there is no control over it- than thats what your gonna get- stop telling yourself your powerless, you are not. wellbeing is what is normal- a disease is not- people have cured themselves of diseases and illnesses, if they can, you can too.


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Thanks. I tried it, but I don't know what my best feeling thought about it should be. 'I don't have tinnitus'? It's a big jump in belief.

(16 Mar '18, 11:09) Inner Beauty

yeah thats why thats not how you do focus blocks- if you dont read the information that is given correctly and actually READ the instructions carefully- how motivated are you then to cure this disease? seems to me not so much because if i had a disease and i knew there was something that could help me, i would at least read the instructions- no i would literally dissect them and make notes of everything and make sure I GET IT. oh well, have fun with that ringing in your ear! lol

(16 Mar '18, 12:26) Januaryfeelings

Really @Januaryfeelings?! You're laughing at someone with a problem?

(16 Mar '18, 22:51) Inner Beauty

should i cry?

just as a side-note, i would really advise you to at least TRY to read the forum because what you are doing right there with your insulted 'your laughing at someone with a PROBLEM'-attitude- is actually making it worse, not better. having a laugh at something is actually what makes it better- you are making it worse. again, it is obvious you did not do any research on how to use the law of attraction correctly- you would know better. if this is SUCH a problem- TRY READING

(23 Mar '18, 22:36) Januaryfeelings
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Tinnitus is a physical symptom of chronic tension in the jaw muscles. If you relieve that tension, the tinnitus will go away.

I had severe Tinnitus (along with mild Asthma) and both went away after getting very serious about my practice of Huna, a shamanic practice very similar to various manifestation techniques, rather than doing it off and on.

I recommend to use the symptom of Tinnitus to uncover the underlying negative beliefs that are causing the tension by using Bashar's method. Experience the Tinnitus and how it makes you feel. Then ask yourself: What would I have to believe in order to feel this? When you get an answer that is to the point, you're good to go- one belief down. Do that for various variants until you feel some pronounced relief, then go do something fun.


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Thanks @cmc. Very encouraging that you recovered. And thanks for Bashar tip. Have tried it and will continue trying it out.

(30 Mar '18, 07:48) Inner Beauty

There are a lot of reasons you might have tinnitus. Simple reasons include too much caffeine; too much exposure to noise; NSAIDs such as aspirin and ibuprofen: and certain meds- all of these can cause ringing in your ears. There are other reasons as well, so be sure to check out this annoying illness with your doctor (I am sure you have).

I have this, especially at night or when my blood sugar is high. Simple things I do help: Run a fan when it is quiet, or play soft music. Over and above this is getting hold of where your attention is placed You know that obsessing over this will just get you more of it... So don't! Be sure that you recognize that you could suddenly be suffering from something a lot worse. Relax, When you hear this annoying ringing, try to make a habit of counting your blessings. Gratitude can go a long way towards helping.

Good luck!



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Thanks Jaianniah! All your suggestions have been very useful. Agree that there are worse things, although I have to say that this is quite challenging especially when it's there 24/7. Still always something to be grateful about.

(30 Mar '18, 07:46) Inner Beauty
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