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Im the guy that commented on a slew of visions thst have not happened buy i do have something odd to talk about bere. Before my wife and i had a son mysef and hwr had visions of us having a girl now we ended up with a boy. This was way before we got endgaged and married. I was also supposedly suppose to be famous for my book writing. The room was different rhat we had the baby in it was all really odd and i was suppose to have my old job back. Now heres he thing we had a boy i hadnt worked in three years and i stopped my book. But heres the thing i started writing again and now i will be workin soon but i saw alot of weird visions with maybe me getting remarried to my wife again at a different place us spending time with my mom my friend and my wife with a blonde haired girl and our son at an apple farm. I was the guy thatwas worried about the divorce vision we i think will not come true because i went to the place i had earlier visions with and i dont think it was the place i thought it was. I got a will done and the inside of the building looked different. Idk whats going on mayabe i enerred another universe my wife and i have talked about these weird anonomally. Can anyone help find ot whats going on. I wish i could also get a reading of my future because i see so many weird things and nothing is making sense at all. Help anyone have any clue of whats going on. Oh not to mention my book talked about a girl and a woman. Which might be my wife and i with a gir was maybe aupposed to happen. Odd enough the vision we saw was us getting in a car accident. Yet it so happened the characters at aome point get into a car accident and the two characters die. Nothing is making sense this is also why i stopped writing which also might have changed the future. Im not sure about any of this.

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perhaps consequence of
choice not taken continues
on its own, until it's
circle of intent is closed


answered 03 Apr '18, 16:06

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What do you mean

(03 Apr '18, 16:43) Theguppyfish

thought forms have their own existence, once developed can exist without your continued attention

(04 Apr '18, 06:46) fred
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