Hey there everyone. The other night, I decided I wanted to try astral projecting, but this time, with binaural beats. Usually I try to project with just silence, but I decided to try something new to see if it would help more efficiently. The binaural beats I used were specifically for astral projection. However, I'm starting to wonder if these binaural beats can also help aid and/or trigger other things - in my case, visions.

It was about a half-hour in when I started to go numb and sleep paralysis was kicking in, but then my leg twitched and I came out of it. I kept my eyes shut, though, and I just felt...really strange. I felt kind of disconnected. I wasn't sleeping - I wasn't even half asleep. I was fully awake. But my mind was off somewhere else. Like...maybe a daydream-like feeling? Except it felt so much more real than a daydream, and everything was so clear - I could see every little detail.

I saw someone who I kind of know. I don't know him in real life, but I've had many, many, MANY dreams of him, and it actually seems like we've become really good friends, like he's real. I often times explain this with dream-walking. Definition here: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Dream_Walking

The entire reason why I've been trying to astral project is to see if I can find him through the astral realm. I NEED to know if he's real. I just need to. Anyway, the vision was him laying on his bed (which I have seen before in a dream, and it was the same in this vision), just staring at nothing, laying still. "I'm trying to project," he whispered, "I really am...I'm trying...". Then he took a deep breath and closed his eyes, and that's when the vision ended.

I normally wouldn't find these things strange, but this was abnormally strange. It was like a vision, but in 'Real-Time', like it was happening right then and there - not something that WOULD happen. It wasn't something to interpret like a dream - this was real. It was real time, and he was trying to astral project as well.

So anyway, has anyone else had an experience like this? A 'Real-Time' vision?

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For as much as I know about astral projection I'd say that that was an actual astral projection and that you saw him lying there in real time. So he is definitely real, phisical. You were actually spying on him from the astral realm :) That's what I would say based on your description

(26 Aug '14, 08:46) Marin
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A few years back, I was messing about with some binaural beats recordings (possibly Holosync or Lifeflow, can't remember which), had my headphones on listening to them and, because I was tired, accidentally fell asleep.

I woke up a some time afterwards (perhaps 20-30 minutes) with the recording still running and realized I had accidentally left the headphones on a "Super-Bass" mode which meant the beats were extra loud and strong.

When I woke up I found I was able to slide in and out of my physical body at will. It was extremely clear to me at that moment that I was a non-physical being and was just using the physical body as "clothing".

My head was still "booming" with those binaural beats and I was feeling a bit unsettled, and I was drifting in and out of my physical body, unable to stabilize. I remember consciously thinking something along the lines of "I don't like this. I'm not done with doing physical stuff yet", literally forced myself back into my physical body and gradually regained physical control

I wouldn't recommend anyone try doing this as a result of reading about my experience. I didn't find it a pleasant experience and I have no intention of repeating it.

I'm not sure if this was a "Real-Time" vision in the way you are asking for but it was clear that the binaural beats were the cause of it.

alt text

Notice the different-shaped sunglasses that I was wearing in bed that day :)


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I'm not certain if this is the sort of answer you are looking for, but as I did get confirmation that it happened in "real time", I thought you might find it interesting.

Several years ago, I learned a negative energy clearing technique that is intended to lift away heavy, unpleasant energy from your home. I would focus my attention, imagining a grid-like pattern beneath my home. If I remember rightly, I used loving energy visualized as glowing blue light. This grid was like the screen of a sifter, and I would visualize this loving energy rising slowly up from under the house, through the floor, living area, and attic, up through the roof and out above the house, way up into the sky, taking any dense bits of negative energy that stick in the screen along with it, then releasing and allowing it to dissipate harmlessly into space. It was a fun little practice and I enjoyed it. It just made me feel good, like I was purifying my surroundings. The place did feel lighter and more peaceful when I was finished. :)

One night, I was thinking of my sister who lives about 500 miles away and thought that this would be a nice thing to do for her. Not giving it much thought, I used the same method in visualizing and clearing her home too.

When I brought the screen up through her floor however, I encountered resistance in a room on the east side of the house. It made my screen tilt and drag on that side, and I had difficulty pulling it up clear of that room. I did do it eventually though, and then just went to sleep.

I had forgotten about the incident until the next time I spoke to my sister on the phone, maybe a day or two later. I never thought to mention it to her, until she brought up the fact that she and my brother-in-law had been awakened in the night by strange bumps and thumps coming from that same room. They had investgated, but found nothing amiss. It didn't take long to find out that they'd been hearing those noises at the very same time I had been struggling with my visualization.

I suddenly felt very uncomfortable, as it dawned on me that I had been very intrusive and presumptuous to invite myself over in spirit to barge around, sifting through their home without their knowledge or consent. Whoops. This was my first lesson in spiritual manners. :) I admitted to her what I'd been doing and apologized for the intrusion, saying I had never thought about it this way before, never even considered how rude I was being. She understood right away, and laughed appreciatively at her little sister's bumbling good intentions. She is older and more experienced in these subjects than I am, and remembered learning for herself that you should be as considerate of people's privacy spiritually as you would physically. :)

Interestingly, it turned out that she had been using that room on the east side of the house as a storage area for our mother's belongings. Mom had passed away a few months before, and her personal things, letters and documents and such, were stored there temporarily, waiting for my sister to find the time to go through them properly. She admitted that she had been dreading the task, as it was sure to bring up some painful memories. We thought perhaps it was this negative energy that I had wrestled with, all unknowing.

Looking back now, I don't remember my sister ultimately having a bad time of it, when she did get around to going through Mom's things. I remember her calling me, sharing good memories and laughing at the little family secrets that came out of it, and enjoying the family gossip and speculation that decades old letters and keepsakes gave rise to. So I think perhaps I may have helped a bit, after all. :)


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I'm now playing with The Biointernet Mask, and maybe, you might want to try it, too.

I'm using it for my vibrational work: it helps to find better feeling thoughts faster and easier. It as if puts me into a friendly atmosphere, where I can take a rest from a limiting viewpoint, stressful thoughts, painful beliefs: instead, it brings me what I could describe as Source's viewpoint, soothing helpful thoughts, and in general atmosphere, where I can feel better, think more clearly and be more easily aligned.

I think, that is why they say it helps in materialization - because it helps to focus on the desire clearly, with pleasant feelings, with good feeling thoughts, with .. what feels like encouragement.

Since I do my aligning with it, I feel the results after, too - it just helps me in a very nice way to do it quicker, easier. But maybe if I were just wearing this mask sometimes without doing the intentional shifting with it - probably, I could have some good feeling results too, as it would provide kind of a meditation for me. As if it just with its presence relieves and removes low-vibrational thoughts. And it's only what I clearly sense - it is said to have other benefits, not clearly immediately sensually discernible.

Why I'm telling you this - because the mask creators, as I understand, use it in their courses for Lucid dreaming etc. I didn't work with that part of it, but from my experience I can think, that it may at the very least make these experiences feel better for you.


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Olga Farber

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I have spoken a lot about my relationship with Wade, which began as an email correspondence back in 2004. (Wade actually saved all my emails to him...It was fun to see how we became friends through the years!) So...by 2007, when my husband of 31 years asked for a divorce, I was not really inclined to like any man at all (lol). (My ex was in a 3-year affair by then-- my rotten kids knew about this, but neglected to tell Mom. How nice...) Wade seemed so very special, and also, very alone. It was a mystery to me why this guy was not snatched up by some female or other. Our correspondence got more personal and by 2009 or so, we were IMing nightly and finally, one night, I said that I was getting tired of typing--could I just call him??? He said yes, and of course, the rest is history- and Inward Quest is, of course, very much a part of that history. We started out discussing (and debating) the questions here, and ended up friends...and then, we were more. I think we were, and are, both surprised by what has happened.

We have been talking pretty much non-stop since I moved up here to Pennsylvania. We have been very lucky to have been granted this time of closeness, and I never dreamed that I would find out (perhaps) why we are, and have been, so close.

One day, we were just lying in bed (I spend a lot of time supine as I am disabled and my fricking back hurts like h***). We were just talking about this and that, and suddenly, this scene flooded into my mind. I could see a back yard, and it felt familiar somehow. I just knew, knew that I was in Ireland, and the scenery took my breath away. To my right was a small barn, and began describing what I was seeing to Wade. As I was telling him about this, I suddenly realized that Wade was there, too! But he was somehow a different person, but still Wade..I kept talking, and could tell him that we had been brother and sister in our last life, and that we kept a small farm going after our parents died. Of course, we were very close siblings, and really did not desire to be with anyone other than each other. It is still interesting to me that I can picture the backyard better than anything about the farm...perhaps it was because the kitchen had a window over the sink which overlooked the backyard.

So many details of this past life dovetail with our lives today. Little things, like my insistence in this life that I have a window over my kitchen sink, make sense now. Big things, too, have come into focus. I have always had the sense that I "jumped" into my present life much too soon. I have spoken here on IQ about leaving Heaven, and my eagerness to live again- which pushed me into a life that never seemed "right" and never seemed to ever be comfortable.

That I had this vision I have no doubt. I have even begun trying to research our past, trying to find that place in Ireland where we lived. I remembered that my brother was keen about the Civil War in America, and that he read the news of the war out of our newspaper, which was horribly late always, which came from London. I can see the outside of our farm better than I can see the interior of our house.

It was truly an odd experience. The "vision" just flooded into my mind, and I told Wade what I was seeing and remembering. It was an uncanny feeling, and it came to me just like a memory, but also different in that I felt that it was downloading from somewhere beyond my conscious mind.

There is always this incredulous wonder when I think of this. Where did that come from? I have guessed that I "stored it up" in my soul. I do not know for sure. But it feels...true. It feels very real. I can even remember our horse, who was black, and our lone cow. Such detail.

I guess I will not know until I die, but if Wade and I were somehow waiting to find each other, it somehow makes sense that we had spent many lifetimes together. I still wonder about why he was left up on "the shelf." It makes sense to me that we somehow found each other...again.


Jai ♥

alt text


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@Jai - That must have been great! Have you tried doing any past-life regression meditations to see if you can glean some more? That might be a lot of fun. I did some of those meditations guided by Brian Weiss years ago, and I remember being happy to see my mom and sister there. It was different, though, as it was for you. I was a man, and very unhappily married. My wife was an overbearing, difficult woman...

(26 Aug '14, 15:47) Grace

... The lovely thing was, her mother (my own mother in this life) lived with us, and was so kind, understanding, and encouraging in the tough situation. My daughter was the apple of my eye. (My sister in this life.) Lol I can still feel how my heart was just so warmed by the sight of my sweet daughter with a big bow in her hair, and my mother-in-law smiling at me. This meditation was years ago, but I can still see and feel it all quite clearly. :)

(26 Aug '14, 15:47) Grace

@Grace- Hey! Thanks! The experience of this was so very real- I guess you do know what I mean. It seemed very true and it came so fast that I had a hard time "transcribing" what I was seeming to Wade. As time has passed since the "downloading", the memory of the last life has stayed very crisp. Thanks again for the validation. I wasn't sure to believe this at first, but the recollection persists. Sometimes I think that I belong in the nuthatch LoL...♥ (will call soon!)

(26 Aug '14, 16:24) Jaianniah

@Jai - Ah well, you know that folks on IQ are all a bunch of weirdos, so I guess this must be the right place for us. ;) Wonderful serendipity here - tomorrow night, Wednesday the 27th, Brian Weiss is going to be a guest on the radio show Coast to Coast! And the subject couldn't be more interesting, to me anyway: Healing & Reincarnation. I am looking forward to it a lot, hope you can listen in too. http://www.coasttocoastam.com/shows/upcoming

(26 Aug '14, 23:10) Grace

@Grace- Hey there, girl...Tried to listen to the show you mentioned...(LOL!!!) I guess PA is too conservative (or cheap- who knows?) to broadcast Mr. Weiss. It figures- I thought that when I moved from Mississippi that I would find things more..well, liberal here. [blattt!] Wrong! Went down the whole dial (I assumed it would be on NPR) and got nothing...We tried. Bless you! (Thought this would give you a giggle :)) ♥

(27 Aug '14, 21:05) Jaianniah

It's NOT PBS @Jai; it's an AM radio station. You didn't miss it. "Coast to Coast AM - Live Nightly 1am-5am EST / 10pm-2am PST". PA is NOT too conservative. A simple google search came up with over 20 stations which carry the show in your state or just play with the am dial at 1 am.
or try another state cause some am stations towers are not powerful enough.

(28 Aug '14, 00:46) ele

@ele-Welcome back. Seeing your post was truly the frosting on the cake of my day. I just returned home from the ER for treatment of Anaphylaxis. Many thoughts crossed my mind as I read your "correction" of my comment, which I posted in haste and only proves I am human. I gave up having to be perfect all the time almost 34 years ago. Having you back here, shadowing me, will surely be good for my humility.

(28 Aug '14, 06:24) Jaianniah

@ele- This will be the only time unto eternity that I will ever respond or even bother to read any further corrections you may have to what I post. I wonder- Do you ever think about what you do? Do you ever ponder the possibility that, despite the fact that we choose to feel what we feel, that we may sometimes be upset by the actions of others? Have you ever considered that perhaps dogging a person might actually hurt them?

(28 Aug '14, 06:30) Jaianniah

@ele- I promise you that finding your snazzy post under mine did nothing to help me in any way. Lying in the ER, fighting to breathe, really clarified for me what is important in my life. Being absolutely perfect in every way cannot be something I demand of myself. I leave being practically perfect in every way to Mary Poppins. I am sure that when I mention to Wade that you are back will not help him much, after holding my hand all night. I am sorry. This has hit me the wrong way.

(28 Aug '14, 06:38) Jaianniah

Conflict in any form distorts the mind. This is a fact, not some opinion or judgment given thoughtlessly. Any conflict between two people prevents their understanding each other. Conflict prevents perception. The understanding of what is, is the only important thing, not the formulating of what should be. This division between what is and what should be is the origin of conflict. And the interval between idea and action also breeds conflict....

(02 Sep '14, 05:45) ursixx

... The fact and the image are two different things: the pursuit of the image leads to every form of conflict, illusion and hypocrisy whereas the understanding of what is, which is the only thing we really have, leads to quite a different state of mind. - Eight Conversations,21 Krishnamurti,

(02 Sep '14, 05:45) ursixx
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Astral Projection is less about forcing or pushing one Self out of the body because the body is an imaginary construct within our Self. It's about shifting the focus from one state into another. A dream is a "real-time" vision that reflects our general state of mind and trajectory i.e. potential states we may occupy in the future. One particularly interesting dream / vision I had was in the state of Oneness or God or Source or Singularity i.e. where I experienced my Self which is one with all things and aware of all. It was interesting the true Self was darkness (: not as in "evil" or "negative" but symbolizing formless infinite potential :) and within me was light (: forms both "positive" and "negative" :), I was aware of all things simultaneously but my feeling was always stable, still, serene, calm, peaceful, non-judgmental and benevolent which would make sense because a state of experiencing all things couldn't simultaneously allow the focused experience (: either great exhilaration which is good or great pain which is not so pleasant :). Just observing. Just watching yet pleased and content. I've had many dreams but this is the only one where I experienced multiple perspectives simultaneously.


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I had a vision/materialization/mirage? a few years back where on a bright sunny day out in the woods, a window suddenly materialized on the topside of a large blackberry bush. There had been a bright flash of light, like when the sun is reflecting off a car windshield at just the right angle, and it about blinds you.Heck, I had shut my eyes instinctively and when I opened them again, this long skinny window was in front of me and positioned at an odd angle on the top of this large 7 foot high round black berry bush.The sun was overhead at about the 1 o clock position, time was early afternoon. It was a longer window, maybe 4 feet long and approx 18 inch wide with a narrow aluminum frame. The frame was rolling as if made of jello...I was freaking out..but I did get under the berry bush and looked up and the vision was gone..BUT..as soon as I stepped back out and stood up, the window re-appeared !! Note, the bush and the window appeared to be separate, as none of the branches were sticking thru the glass which seemed to be quite intact...I reached out to touch it but then I really got scared and decided to run as fast as I could get outta there. All I could think of was that story in the Bible where God talks to Moses from a burning bush that never actually caught on fire...I even had a camera on me and didn't try to photograph it, dammit...I know right where it happened, might go back again ,and see if it repeats, probably won't ..who knows....wonder what it was? There were dense woods all around,nearest building at least 150 feet away and not visible....any ideas appreciated? A friend owns a Glass and mirror store and is a sci-fi buff, and he had no clue what happened?


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We are always experiencing a "real-time" vision and it's a question of can I experience another vision? Well yeah - it's all a dream and if one is aligned then anything can be experienced regardless of the seeming "reality" (: which is but a dream :).

(20 Oct '14, 23:58) harsha
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