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I was listening to this video by @TReb Bor yit-NE and Treb said that only ten people in the past 1,000 years have manifested instantly, at about 59:37 into the video. I know that I have more than once, especially before I heard of the Law of Attraction. Also, my son has numerous times, especially since he has learned of the LOA. So I am wondering, what is the fastest you have manifested something?

One of my examples is when I was walking, pushing my son in a stroller and I thought that it would be nice if I had $20, I would go eat at a particular restaurant. I looked down, and there was $20 on the ground, and nobody around to claim it. So I went to the restaurant.

So, what is the fastest you have manifested something. Thanks.

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Fairy Princess

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Barry Allen ♦♦

The fastest I have ever manifested was about 3 minutes.

Sitting on my step outside I was thinking about a certain unfamiliar technique I was looking at an upper window of the house across the street and there was a cat in the window. I thought "lets see if I can get the cat to leave that window." After some serious concentration the cat disappeared......actually to never return again, and it was there everyday before this.

I turned my attention to a patch of grass and said to myself "Lets see if we can do something else"....."I want to see a Robin bird in that patch of grass!" I've never seen a bird there before and it didn't seem why not!?

With the same concentration I used on the cat I focused on seeing the bird. After focusing I started looking at some cars passing by and some other distractions and a few minutes passed. I got up to go inside, I made a quick check of that patch of grass.....and there it was!! A Robin bird in that patch of grass hopping around looking food.

....Yes! I was speechless!


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You are waking up, keep experimenting! :-)

I have already done many myself at The God Consciousness Experiment yahoo group.

God has told us who we are throughout the Bible again and again. People are starting to believe it finally after 4000 years since the first words were written "In the beginning" Jesus was fully awake, we are beginning to awaken.

(11 Oct '12, 04:29) Wade Casaldi

@Eldavo- Nice to hear. Bashar has said that the formulae for manifesting things is the combination of conscious intented concentration plus the idea of 'letting go.' It is not one nor the other that manifests- it is the combination of wanting/ desiring and then surrendering or letting go...

(12 Oct '12, 02:34) Nikulas

...Hence, people will want something for so long, and finally, after the frustration of not having it, seem to automatically let go and their desire seemingly pops up at lightning speed.

Notice you need to 'want' or ask if you want something first though? Being in 'surrender' phase gets boring after a while (usually after your desire manifests), so switching between the two is the way to go I reckon.

(12 Oct '12, 02:36) Nikulas

I will make a post on this technique later, until then, I am still understanding and learning what I did to make it manifest so quickly. I have succeeded on later manifestations as I was fine tuning it....I'm starting to slowly understand it.

The foundation of this technique is based on Bashar's teachings and to understand, and I mean really understand that this life is a total illusion and a total dream....then manipulate the dream is all you have to do.

(12 Oct '12, 12:13) Eldavo

@Eldavo - Thank you, I'm looking forward it.

(12 Oct '12, 13:37) Grace

@Eldavo - I'm looking forward to it as well!

(12 Oct '12, 14:11) lozenge123

I'll post in acouple of weeks

(12 Oct '12, 16:41) Eldavo
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i had manifested many-many things many eatables like whenever i feel like having magie noodles i simply project it in my mind n my dad or mom brings it in just half an hour in their way from office to home. n i have many times manifested "phone calls". my most recent phone call manifestation is of today..,i manifested it in 5 min n yesterday's as well., i manifested my aunty's call in just 2 most quick manifestation also includes things like- rains, particular birds n some dialogues too..which i wanted to hear from my family members..lolzzz....,n few beautiful situations which have evn happened in just within 15 mins of my projection. but ,its really huge fun..when u manifest things so fast n instantly.... :))))..., till date,i know loa since 1 n half years n i tell u friends my life has become a fantastic adventure...,where i easily n effortlessly get anything that i project in my mind. i can recall a moment i tell u.., we all went to a party of one of my cousins n there it was nice entertainment program arranged for all the guests. now, there what happened. as the program started..we all were enjoying cos almost al the songs were my favorites. i was sitting there with my cousin n one by one i was telling that.."bro, now they should play .."so n so song "n i tell u..they played the same song within 5-6 seconds..n the same things happened same day some 6 times. as i was saying to my bro tht they should play so n so song..immediately it was played.., now i dont know whether i was manifesting or precognising.., but it all happened n i n my bro ,we both were amazed a lotttt...:))))).... i really feel very luckyy. N GOD BLESSED...:)))


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Lately Jai and I have been manifesting like crazy! Everyday, from finding out that I don't even need money to buy things that cost hundreds of dollars for everyone else. (Not stealing) this is being given or sold extremely cheap $5 for a Lazyboy recliner that seems like brand new! I got a full living room of furniture for $25! Two recliners and a very nice wood chair with seat cushions.

$75 for a beautiful couch seat that has $800 put into it!

I was buying things and thought I need a broom and dust pan but I ran out of money, I got home and went down into my basement and found a broom and dustpan that I know was not there the day before!

I needed a hammer and could not find one anywhere in the new home, the next day there was one laying on top of the hot water heater like I had overlooked it. It was not there the day before, I know it wasn't, because I was looking for one all over down there in the cellar and the water heater is eye level so I would have seen it easy as I did the next day.

I have been being blessed right and left, God is for me, nothing can be against me! :-)

I forgot I needed a board to fix my step, I went to a wedding and in my pastor's wood pile was a perfect board for my step. I asked him and he said sure take it, he was just using them for the bonfire.

I needed a saw to cut the board and we were at Good Will, it was like wham right there in my face a Reciprocating Power Saw for $6! Exactly what I needed for $6 only, plus because it was reciprocating I could cut with it more like I needed rather than circular saw that can only cut straight lines.

We needed a cloths washer one was given to us.

This has all been happening fast very fast, everyday another blessing! We are in the Kingdom Life right now very much! :-)


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Wade Casaldi

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That is awesome, Wade! I am so happy for you guys!

(11 Oct '12, 10:23) Fairy Princess

@Wade Casaldi - This was so much fun to read. I am so happy for you two, I can't wipe the smile off my face. You are glowing, I can feel it. Give Jai a big, warm hug from me for both of you, would ya? Have a wonderful day.

(11 Oct '12, 17:14) Grace

@Wade Casaldi- same here, wade..,evn i am extremely happy for both of u.., my best wishes to u n jai..for ur more nmore happy-happy days ahead :))) have a gr8888 dayy ahead :)))

(12 Oct '12, 01:28) supergirl
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