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I am a firm believer that we have the capacity to heal ourselves using our own energies. I am aware of Reiki and other forms of healing which are administered (usually) by others upon the person in pain. But I am more interested in self-healing. I believe that this is possible because we all know that the body heals itself automatically, e.g. cuts and bruises etc. We witness healing of our bodies everyday. However, what about greater maladies? Is it possible?

I have been successful till now, to heal recurring pain in my deltoids. This pain had lasted for months. One night I was listening to Kryon saying that with 'pure intention' we can relax our bodies and talk to our cells. So for approximately one month this is what I did. I lay in bed, became very present and very aware of the energy running through my body. The sensation is close to pins and needles but not uncomfortable at all .... quite pleasant actually. Then the shoulder started healing. I could not lift my arm straight. I noticed that the healing took time. It was after one and a half months that I could see results. And I am sure that this was a consequence of my own action as the pain had been there for a very long time. I cannot say that it is completely healed as I still feel it but I can raise my arm completely now.

Now I have set myself a bigger challenge. I am short-sighted and I feel (somehow) that it is possible to naturally correct it. But I must say that I do have some doubt. hence my question. I have been doing the same exercise in relation to my eyesight but till now no results. I apply a mix of two techniques: (i) consciously directing my energy to my eyes when in a relaxed meditative state; (ii) Kryon's talking to my cells (which he named 'CAL', i.e. Cells Are Listening).

I wonder if any of you have been successful in healing their ailments and if there is anyone who has tried to correct their eyesight.

I do believe that this is possible, but I am not sure whether one has to have reached a certain spiritually advanced level to be successful.

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Yes, all the time.

For one, I have a lot of energy directed towards health, so I very rarely have any kind of health issues.

Whenever something comes up- swelling here, bruise there- I ask inside and mostly I get the message to just ignore it until it goes away. That alone saves me all the health issues that can come from overtreatment, where in the worst case, the side effects of one treatment are grounds for the next treatment in an endless spiral of horrible suffering, not to mention cost.

Rarely, I will get the signal to go see someone. I hit my eye on a rain drain recently, and my musician friend asked a specific doctor who is a fan of his. I received a local antibiotic and some Vitamin paste for a small scratch- I couldn't see any of the typical medicine pitfalls and it was cheap enough and worked like a charm.

My dad, who is, of course, older than me, had a series of health issues and related fears. He received guidance to get me to teach him Huna to clear it all up, and I did- he ended up reciting several health mantras he wrote regularly- mantras are his easiest way of focusing the mind. He is also using Bashar's technique to do the heavy-duty clearing work involved with negative health related beliefs.

I eat mostly organic because it's more fun, vegetarian because it grew on me, (when I don't have a slump phase) I lift heavy weights because I like being strong, and I'm an occasional junk food eater, drinker, smoker, stoner and psychedelic drug user (in order of frequency). Note that health doesn't come up in my reasoning anywhere- I focus on doing what makes me feel good, and the health comes as a side effect. My indulgences don't get the better of me because they don't feel as good when repeated, and I take the hint.

So what I'm doing is a great example of overall maintenance and health attitude once you've achieved it, and applying heavy-duty thinking-change techniques is how you get there.


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I improved my eye sight with the book Take Off Your Glasses and See by Jacob Liberman. When I picked the book up I thought it would be eye exercises but instead it was more of a paradigm shift about what I thought about sight in general. Changing my thinking enabled me to do most tasks (including driving) without glasses.


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when recognizing and
according all cells and
systems of your body, they
tell what knots to loosen


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Hello nbd028 ...

A few years ago while meditating by the river I came across a spiritual being who was I believe an elemental elder from the sun or Fire. His name was Nathaniel and gave me an Orange Ball of Light which he pulled out from the sun. As it was hovering in front of me it entered through my third eye and entered my body. Right away I can feel this energy ball going up and down throughout my body.

The word associated with it was Healing ...

I had a ripped tendon in my right forearm that just wouldn't heal properly as I kept re-injuring it at work. I had to stop working out with weights for almost 6 months because of this injury.

As soon as He told me that it was a Healing Ball of Light well I didn't waste any time in centering this energy force inside of me and then immediately guided it to my ripped tendon in my forearm. I felt a warmth in the injured part of my arm and after a few seconds it healed the ripped tendon.

The next day as I awakened there were absolutely no pain in my forearm so I grabbed a barbell and proceeded to do some reverse forearm curls to really see if it was truly healed and sure enough the ripped tendon was thoroughly healed and I haven't had any problems with it whatsoever.

Ever since that moment and being a natural Klutz by nature lol I use it to heal my body anytime I injure myself and it works every single time.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to contact Nathaniel since that moment to show me how to use it on others and I was really reluctant on trying it out on others the last few years for fear of being ridiculed or worst yet directing unwanted attention to myself.

Until two days ago when I finally got the courage to try it on a friend and I didn't say anything to her about this ball of light thingy and just proceeded to massage her back normally until I found the inflamed area in her back and sure enough she had a large pulled muscle in her upper back, so I guided this ball of light within me to my right hand and onto her injured area and according to her she felt this soothing heat surrounding the pulled muscle and after a moment or two the knot and pain was gone.

She wanted to know what I did and I told her that I learnt this massage technique which obviously isn't true I'm just a regular dude when it comes to massaging lol but I was to say the least extremely excited by what had just happened but I stayed silent about the whole Orange Ball of Light thingy and finished the massage as I didn't want her to make a big deal of it.

When she awakened the following day there was absolutely no pain in her back and the knot had actually disappeared and called me to thank me and invited me to breakfast as a form of thank you. lol

I really really didn't want to write this experience down on Inward Quest for fear of attracting attention but nobody knows me as I didn't leave any info about myself. But this question kept on echoing in my mind and I felt that I had to share my experiences.

I am totally new to all of this Healing stuff and I truly don't know what this ball of energy can truly do. I haven't had the chance yet to explore all of its capabilities from one extreme to the other as I had just recently re-awakened two years ago and it's been quite a Journey to say the least.

So to answer your question ... I guess I can heal myself without medicine :)


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