I have been studying and practicing different 'energy clearing' methods. In doing so, I have been instructed to and have made lists and dug up the past so that I can clear them. At times I have gotten overwhelmed by all the stuff to clear. Digging this stuff up has not helped my family relationships either, because I have dug up all the bad things about them.

Then I read this article that Kriegerd posted in a comment here. I realized that I have been asking the wrong questions. I have discovered over the years that because if we ask we will receive, then we must be careful what we ask because we might not like the answer. This article really helped me to understand how it all works. We need to ask questions that will give us the answers we want, not the answers we don't want and Noah St. John's artlce illistrated how to do that. And that made me realize that asking why we are sick or in pain is just bringing more sickness and pain.

I know many people have been helped by these techniques, I have had relief from the energy work, but for me, it just seems endless. Now I understand why. So what do you think, doesn't 'cleaning up' our past keep us in the past and looking for reasons to be in pain or disease?

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Fairy Princess

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks @Satori. Interestingly, there was an answer with a link to another question as well.

(14 Mar '12, 22:49) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess- Use Afformations with EFT.

(15 Mar '12, 07:21) Zee

@Zee Thank you. I do like both of those. However, the EFT hurts my injured shoulders, and I really like the zpoint and midline techniques, so I made up my own here http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/48010/would-you-test-an-energy-clearing-method-i-am-working-on My concern in this question is the digging for things to clear from the past.

(15 Mar '12, 11:01) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess-I tried afformations last night.and when i drifted to sleep there was a vast movement of energy shifting in my head.

(16 Mar '12, 01:43) Zee

You need to dig up the past to remove the effects of what you have forgotten. Once you have brought it back into memory the only thing that can free you of its effects is to forgive the event that happened. Other people's forgiveness doesn't free you. Only your own forgiveness frees you. It sounds un-fair and up-side-down, but that's how it works.

(16 Mar '12, 07:32) The Traveller
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I completely agree with this. I was really into EFT and the release technique a couple of years ago, and it seems that I got much worse. On the plus side, I became much more sensitive to energy and got to know myself a lot better, but on the other hand it kept me stuck in focusing on the negative rather than the positive. The more I looked for things to release, the more would pop up. It only started getting better when I started looking for the positive and enlarging it instead.

I'm still experimenting a bit with releasing. I've recently started doing EFT again. But this time, I'm trying to merge releasing with re-inforcing the positive. So for example, I'd pick a topic I am not happy about, do EFT for about 10 minutes, and then spend at least 15 minutes envisioning how I want to feel instead. I feel that this works a lot better. BUT, I still find it very tempting to want to release negativity when I am in the envisioning positivity stage, so I have to keep reminding myself.

It also depends on your personality. I have always naturally tended to look at what was wrong or what was missing, so energy clearing has re-inforced this. But I do think energy clearing can be extremely beneficial if done in the right way.

Oh, and, I personally wouldn't recommend digging up the past when doing energy clearing. if it comes up, it comes up and you clear it, but going looking for it is just asking for trouble in my opinion!


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Yes, I agree, the energy work is good, we just have to ask the right questions to get the answers we want.

(14 Mar '12, 12:57) Fairy Princess

@cassiopeia "Oh, and, I personally wouldn't recommend digging up the past when doing energy clearing. if it comes up, it comes up and you clear it, but going looking for it is just asking for trouble in my opinion!'

Great advice . . . @Fairy Princess, great question & do take Cass's warning to heart...

(14 Mar '12, 14:20) ele

@cassiopeia You have a good point. I have been in the habit of dredging up past uglies and comparing them to present beauties. See how much I have changed! Anne says she does not want to hear about the past because it stirs old bad memories. She focuses on the present beauties and sees little benefit in talking about the past.

I think that she is right. We are not about Renovations". We are about "New Co-Creations". Each day we create our new reality!

(14 Mar '12, 15:46) Dollar Bill

Yes, the "Z point" tells us to clear away all things....blah blah blah. I find better success by saying to myself ---> "I increase all things" blah blah blah. Rather than focus on clearing bad energy, I only focus on increasing the good only. ~ss

(15 Mar '12, 08:31) streetsanto

@streetsanto I like to use the midline instead of blah blah blah.

(15 Mar '12, 11:03) Fairy Princess
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Rather than seeing questions as negative or positive, provoking negative or positive response, try focusing on the purpose of asking those questions. For questions are designed to give us answers. If you want to let your past go, you need to use those questions to find and learn the lessons which are deciphered in the events of your past. If you don't learn, your past will always be around. But then it is like learning from any other person in the world.

Furthermore, 'Cleaning up' your past assumes that you still relate to it. Give it a new spin and live for a while as if your past didn't relate to your present state of being. I sometimes feel disconnected from my past state of being in such way I feel no need to apologize nor take responsibility for actions of that someone else. Something seemingly unusual for most of the people I know to understand. But it is only myself who define on which terms will my life be understood. The past does not exists, nor does the future. And so the pleasures of the future, nor the heartbreaking events of the past shall have no effect on my present physical, emotional, mental or spiritual state of being.

But that's the real freedom of mind, you can bend or break the rule, or you can accept them and live by them, or free yourself of them and they will stop to exist for you at once. And so it is also with negative and positive questions. Those questions are negative and positive only because you accept these terms, and you consequently accept the effects of their answers onto you. In factual reality negativity or positivity don't exist. They are the same thing, just as love and hate are the same thing of a different degree.

And so you are free to deprive everything of its meaning as you know it and assign it a new one of your own liking. Or you can leave it meaningless if you please. Choose wisely.

These are the possibilities, how do you actually go about it in the real world where so many people are stuck up in their own realities and it seems to be vital to have one as well in order to live amongst them is a different story.


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Nicely put @CalonLan The past and the future can be changed. You are always free to choose a more empowering past. Your power of choice lies in the present. You can choose your reality, and you do, every moment. You can also choose aspects of other people's realities you wish to experience by focusing on what you like about them. The questions you ask yourself, your focus, determine your reality, your state of mind.

(15 Mar '12, 07:34) Dollar Bill

@CalonLan so you are saying that it doesn't matter what questions we ask? That the quality of our questions doesn't affect the answers we get? Sorry I just don't understand what you are saying.

(15 Mar '12, 09:20) Fairy Princess

"You are always free to choose a more empowering past"

nice one, Bill....

"You can also choose aspects of other people's realities you wish to experience by focusing on what you like about them"

Like focusing on only what you like - seeing the best -- again, all about intention @Dollar Bill

(15 Mar '12, 10:49) ele

calonlan, free to choose within the scope of harmlessness agreed. for self-centered aggrandizement could not support

(15 Mar '12, 20:44) fred

@fred 1 self-centered aggrandizement assumes love is spread primarily towards one's self, instead of toward others. The need to validate and affirm one's self worth is often a reason why people focus on themselves. Because source of validation from outside is insufficient.

Operating with these directions themselves is limiting restriction preventing you to exercise freedom of choice. If direction don't exist for you, selfishness and selflessness cease to exist too, as they transform to oneness.

(16 Mar '12, 03:51) CalonLan

@fred 1 and the more of these labels we put on everyone and everything around ourselves we can get rid of, the closer to oneness of our own beings we get.

To move beyond measures is to become infinite. The limits disappear, the walls of our lives crumble. And if we are able to also take this limitless understanding and incorporate it into our every day's lives, something seemingly magical happens.

(16 Mar '12, 04:03) CalonLan

calonlan, present day materialism preaches that one gets what they want if theyi can afford to have it. seldomly is the scope of perception on who this may unwillingly feed off of. yes, it does seem to bypass thinking and true free choice, unless that is where what is left of their heart is

(16 Mar '12, 19:49) fred
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As you can see from @Satori 's comment I had a similar question a little while back and both the link with an answer from Stingray (and all other answers in that post) and the answer from Benjamin where helpful.

I almost completely stopped digging in the past just for the sake of looking for some bad stuff to clear. The only things from the past I've been clearing come from past relationships (family, friends, etc), and it's only because I've been dreaming about those persons with no apparent reason and discovered that there's some lingering negative energy that I'm still carrying.

Even though engaging in a "seek and destroy" mission keeps you focused on those negative things, I must say that it's what I needed at that time, as @cassiopeia said, I got to know myself better, I'm much more sensitive to my feelings and what's best, I don't get to lock them in a vault somewhere because I know that I can welcome them and release them in the moment.

Touching a little bit on what @CalonLan said, here are 2 great Bashar videos I found a couple of days ago:




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There's an Abraham video relating to the seek and destroy strategy. If I find it I'll post it here.

(15 Mar '12, 12:05) Kriegerd

Great videos! :)

(15 Mar '12, 13:32) cassiopeia

wow, I mean it. Amazing videos. Through Bashar's speeches I find clarification also as new ways of understanding of what I have been thinking and knowing up until now. And yes indeed, thanks to these new ways of understanding my reality transforms itself.

(16 Mar '12, 21:04) CalonLan
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When we "dig up" in the past and search for negative beliefs, not only are we again and again focusing on it (and therefore keeping them active), we also put ourselves in the "is it finally gone?" trap. When I used to try and get rid of beliefs, I was always wondering if the beliefs were still stored in my mind, so again and again I would return to the belief.

When you shift from focusing on negative beliefs from the past, to focusing on what you feel NOW, everything is clear. You know what you are creating, there are no questions of "did I do this right?" or "has my mind finally cleared?". You feel right now where you are, in this moment. Everything you need is now, everything you are attracting is now.


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Great answer @Benjamin. I've definitely been on that trap. I can say now that it's becoming a thing of the past. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

(15 Mar '12, 17:22) Kriegerd

That's a fabulous question, FP.

I entertained the idea of 'clearing up the house' at the start of my journey and soon realised it wasn't serving me, focussing on the unwanted.

I started to get good results focussing on what I really wanted but something just seemed to hold me back. I just had that feeling. I can't ignore it and I won't dwell on what's not happening so I would just be quiet and let the answers come to me. They may be in the form of 'you're holding yourself like this' so then I would just pivot and see myself how I want to be.

If I hadn't been quiet, laid myself open, then the limiting beliefs would continue to hold me back, I reckon. You don't need to go digging for skeletons, I totally agree, very damaging!


answered 15 Mar '12, 22:11

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