I'm not sure 100% about the answer to this question. I know for a fact that energy healing does remove resistance and clean up a lot of old baggage.I've used intentional resting , EFT, Z-point process and many others to name. I was thinking it might also propel you closer to a manifested desire. I use more than one type of energy clearing method. I usually use what works best for me in that moment.

I hear that as soon as you form a desire it already exists and that we just have to become aligned with it. I was wondering if energy clearing gets you closer to your manifested desires by removing all that's in the way of it coming (including resistence).

After experiencing energy clearing I've questioned if there is something more to it other than feeling good about your current situation, circumstances ect....

I feel like I've become more aligned more after using energy clearing methods.

Let me know if you have any other ideas of what energy clearing does.

I'm sort of knew to this kind of thing.

Thank You

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After experiencing energy clearing I've questioned if there is something more to it other than feeling good about your current situation

It's really as simple as that. However, sometimes it can be challenging for one to distinguish between really being happy with a current situation and assuming to be happy with a current situation.

For example, every so often someone asks here something along the lines of "I'm really happy with where I am all the time. But then, why don't I have what I want yet? Where is my stuff? (PS the loa doesn't work)".

alt text

Now think about it. Imagine someone being completely and utterly happy with his current situation. Don't you think that he wouldn't even care asking the question? It wouldn't matter if he got what he wanted or not because he would already be happy with where he is without that manifestation.

So obviously, sometimes there seems to be a blind spot when "doing this Law of Attraction stuff".

Luckily enough (even though there is no such thing as luck), there is a tool that can help to check if one is really happy with his current situation...or if he is really faking it (unknowingly). So here it is:

Let's say one wants to manifest a cup of tea. So one uses his preferred energy clearing method to release some resistance regarding that cup of tea one craves in order to be happy with his current situation.

Now he can apply these blind-spot-detector-questions to his goal.

  1. Am I feeling completely and utterly satisfied with my goal not (or never) manifesting?
  2. Am I also feeling completely and utterly satisfied with having/being my goal already?

If one can answer both questions with a clear and distinct "Yes", then he's in a perfect place to let the Universe do whatever it needs to do to manifest the goal as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Paradoxically, one feels as if he already owns/is the goal when he is competely free of resistance to that degree. That's the emotion of "knowing". Go for the emotion and forget about the stuff. Go for freedom only.

Please note: If you are going to do this, start with manifesting very tiny, inconsequential goals and build up from there. Here is why.


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Thank You.

(31 Dec '14, 07:20) EnlightenedOne

@EnlightenedOne You are very welcome.

(31 Dec '14, 09:20) releaser99
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