Is it possible to leave your body as pure white energies and travel to another body, go inside to work and heal them from deep within their cellular level?

I ask this because I went inside of myself after I came from the hospital and looked around and saw my throat was throbbing at a low constant beat that radiated help and I looked all around and every organ and tissue was silently inside of me doing the same thing.

So, I came out somehow in an instant and went to work on calming my inner self and organs and tissues down for they were fixing to go into a melt down. I used lavender essential oil which I smelled and inhaled constantly which will put you in a relaxing mood and I recited the 23rd Psalm constantly, for spiritual help in fighting spiritual warfare, for about the next 4 hours before my inners calmed down so that the disaster that was about to happen was avoided.

I do not know how I went inside but I was there. I guess I was there because I started paying deep attention on a cellular level to what the cells of my body were screaming at me!

As I told you another time how this lady performed touch on me and I went to a deep spiritual place and the angel removed the spirit of fear and added healing energies to me and did this for a while and then I was back with the lady feeling oh so good and relieved of all the burdens I had been carrying around. I felt free, happy, relaxed and energized!

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(13 Jul '12, 04:28) Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

Check out the first, original book of the teachings of The Silva Method, 'The Silva Mind Control Method.' Whilst leaving your own body as white particules is new knowledge for me, the author explains how his students are capable of seeing the insides of their own bodies ( and others ) in order to pin point certain illnesses, when they enter a meditative state. Unfortunantly that's all the info I can help you out with.

(13 Jul '12, 04:30) Nikulas

Kathleen Kelly, I have been here almost from the beginning when the Owner ask me to come and help with the site.The tags I put are from the meaning of the prospective from which I am coming from when I ask the question. Only I know the prospective of the meaning of the question.

We must open our minds eye and see!

I am coming from a different place and until we all look at a question from the prospective and tags it was asked we want even begin to understand the question in order to answer

(23 Jul '12, 17:41) flowingwater

Thanks Nikulas I do remember Silver practicing a lot with his oldest daughter and carry her with him to dimenstrate.

(23 Jul '12, 17:52) flowingwater
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Yes, it is possible to leave your body as light and travel to another to heal it. This is the truth of what and who we are. We are light and we are one. Thank You


answered 14 Jul '12, 21:05

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Thank you Brian for that answer. But in doing so it can drain you. Knowledge or information is so powerful if used in the right way and in goodness. Do you have more information on this?

(23 Jul '12, 17:48) flowingwater
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