I am utterly convinced that every malady the body contains can be traced to vibration. And I feel that the vibration is an accumulated one which ultimately manifests in a disease.

There are some straightforward explanations for certain conditions and diseases, e.g. sciatic pain (in the lumbar area) denotes carrying a heavy burden which means that one is portraying him or herself as being self-sufficient when in fact he/she feels burdened. Or skin allergies, which are defensive resistances to outside attacks. Or even acne, when a person feels that he/she cannot communicate effectively, and therefore acne appears.

I'm sure that mental illnesses also have a source in the vibrational/spiritual/world. After all, everything is first created vibrationally.

I wonder what the root cause of mental illness is. I recently read on the Daily Mail that there is a study that people who are spiritual are more likely to be affected by mental illness. Well, this is apart from what I'm asking, but I know that this could be explained on a vibrational level.

Any insights or experience?

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An insight I can share. Bashar has commented on 'multiple personality disorder' which is, according to psychiatry, a category of schizophrenia. Bashar did not comment on it being a manifestation of out of harmony thoughts or beliefs when I heard him talk about it in his session entitled 'Downloads'.

He said that 'normal people' could greatly learn from multiple personality disorder as supplementary understanding of Bashar's theory on parallel universes. There is some commentary on Inward Quest about how to give up a smoking addiction based on Bashar's idea of "morphing into a person who never had the addiction in the first place" (you will have to browse around for the answer on Inward Quest).

The principal behind this is when one person changes, they literally (yes LITERALLY) become a new person. And transformations can happen upon pure intent. Linear reality does not go moment-to-moment but it appears to. It means one moment is NOT necessarily connected to the last one.

What is the relevance of this in terms of multiple personality disorder?

MPD is just an amplification and more extreme case of demonstrating that people are constantly morphing and changing into different versions of themselves all the time. In one reality, someone with MPD can have cancer and a certain coloured eyes, different accent, voice, behaviour, mannerism etc.....And in another reality, that (seemingly) same person can be free of cancer and have different coloured eyes, hair, voice etc....

The principal is this; all people are doing this. People with MPD just appear to have this exaggerated, but truth is all people are doing this changing from one reality to the next, one person to the next, millions of times per second all the time.

And another comment. Yes, there is a lot of debate and insight into mental-illness and links to interest in paranormal and spiritual phenomenon. If you have the time and want to have a laugh, you can watch documentary on a person who claims to be Jesus Christ reincarnated, and also claims to have zero mental illness. Judge for yourself.



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Thank you for this video. A biased documentary. I think this man teaches good stuff. Showing his followers as if they are deranged without actually explaining that he is helping them face their shadow side.

(28 May '18, 11:44) nbd028

Re parallel realities (Bashar) - many thanks for this, but this does not explain to me that many schizophrenics say they hear voices commanding them to commit suicide. I cannot imagine that the only parallel realities that exist are 'negative'. I do accept that there are, of course, but my doubt lies in the fact that these claims that the voices are not benevolent are numerous (unless we are only told of the negative, as happens in the media).

(28 May '18, 11:44) nbd028

@Nikulas, you may be interested in this video about an artist who has DID. Her multiple personalities all paint, and the fascinating thing is that their styles are so different from one another - which, speaking as an artist myself, is hard to accomplish: https://youtu.be/u8Oh1L1aN8M

(05 Jun '18, 16:24) cassiopeia

@nbd028- RE suicide and hearing voices:: The basic principal is this; people in certain 'states' are influenced towards making choices that increase or perpetuate that same style of 'state.' If one is in a highly pessimistic, depressed and dramatic-parasitic frame of emotional state, then whatever choices and mental insights came from that will (usually) create more of that chaotic state. Yes, I would assume this includes someone with a (labelled) mental condition. In my field of work....

(10 Jun '18, 22:10) Nikulas

....I encounter and interact with people with labelled mental illnesses. I can say without any doubt that this emotional-amplifying thing works equally as well for them as it does myself or other friends whom are labelled mentally healthy. If you're in reality of darkness and depression, then most likely the only parallel realities immediately perceived (instantly available) by you are going to be similarly dark/depressing. Now that sounds a bit dark doesn't it?...But fear not; in situations..

(10 Jun '18, 22:13) Nikulas

...I know of 3 possible things to do to bring myself out of such a state (even though I never get near dark realities any more). 1. Distract yourself from those current thoughts like play a video game or go immersive on some house chore or speak with a friend about their issues. 2. Meditate. 3. Reach and grasp better feeling thoughts and ideas, even if they are only slightly better. For someone with schiz., I would encourage them to listen to a better feeling voice and only act on that one.

(10 Jun '18, 22:16) Nikulas
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Shamanic awakenings share a lot of the same symptoms as schizophrenia. In cultures where shamanism is practised, a person exhibiting these symptoms would be helped and taught how to deal with them and use them for shamanic purpose.

Now, I don't know if all schizophrenic people are having a shamanic awakening. But I bet at least some fraction of them are, but are taught to view their symptoms as something abnormal, and something to be quenched (by medication or whatever), so they never get the chance to awaken properly. it's interesting because it does tie in to the study you read about in the Daily Mail.


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perhaps the world is that
not sane, social consciousness
kept at 180 instead of
completing 360 circle


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Various mental illnesses are labels that the medical profession uses to cluster various human experiences together in order to have more information to learn how to deal with them. For the most part, this reflects a departure from consensus reality.

The trouble with departing from consensus reality is trust- we built very fragile systems of survival. The baker needs to know he's going to get his 30 cents for his bun, so he'd be in trouble, if you (a) would deny the existence of money or (b) deny you are the person who just bought the bun.

Interestingly, greek philosophers were much more flexible with this- they questioned whether you are the same person as you were a moment ago (you're not), and hence should bear any legal consequences for the actions of your former self (interesting dicussion!).

But in our world, in order to remain functional, you need a legal and social avatar that's sort of consistent, at least enough so that you can deal with people efficiently. So whoever can't do that gets a label and a treatment.

So much for the term "schizophrenia"- it really could be anything, it's just a convenient label.

The phenomenon of taking various identities at various times is a perfectly natural one- you could be a mother at one time, a lover soon after, a shopper following that, then a professional, then a petitioner, and if you had a really bad day perhaps a vigilante. Our identity is fluid.

If you take it far enough so our legal system and our economy doesn't know how to deal with you any more, that's when you get the label and the treatment.

The question is, of course, why would you depart so far from reality in order to no longer be functional? If you're in command of your faculties it's perfectly doable to occasionally play have the little standardized society interactions that keep you out of trouble (like getting a passport or paying your taxes), and spend the vast majority of your time in any realm that you like.

So a more productive definition of mental illness would be "someone who is unable to be deliberate about his or her mental states". And applying that to schizophrenia, that would mean "someone who takes on various identities in a haphazard way".

In my experience, this most often happens when resisting the memory of bad experiences. The advice that applies is the same as for anyone- focus on what you want, and occasionally dig up thoughts and energy you may be resisting.


answered 10 Jun '18, 07:11

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