2 weeks ago I had an experience in which I know caused me to ask for more in a more specific way. I was in an environment of a lot of contrast which caused me to know more of what I wanted. It wasn't a bad experience just one that helped me focus and become clearer in what I want in a particular area of my life.

That was the weekend....so Monday morning I woke up with a cold, sneezing running nose ect...What I've observed about myself and my vibration is that whenever something is bothering me for a few days I tend to "catch a cold". So I was a little confused because nothing was "bothering" me.

So the next weekend I had a few experiences which resulted in more focus and more knowing what I do want. I couldn't sleep because I felt so inspired about this certain area of my life and I researched and investigated my new ideas. My mind was racing and I couldn't stop thinking about all the new ideas I was receiving. After this weekend of what I feel was very enlightening and helped me focus even more on the vision for my life, I get another cold.

Now there isn't really anything "bothering" me however I do know that I have expanded. New ideas are on my mind that were never there. I feel like my inner being has expanded and even though I want to go along smoothly it's affecting my body, maybe some resistance that I'm sort of unaware of.

As I stated before I noticed that I get colds when something is bothering me, problems with my roommates, stressed about money, ect... However in these instances nothing was "bothering" me per say however I feel like I've expanded significantly. It feels as if my inner being has shot off like a rocket and I'm sprinting to keep up.

Has anyone ever experienced this? How did you keep up with your IB when it feels as if it's in hyper speed? I'm enjoying the expansion and new ideas but the colds, and slight tension in my body, well I'd like it to go away.

Thanks for your incite.

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Chris 2

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Good observation.

To our physical disease-oriented society, a "cold" (or any kind of disease) is an indication that something has gone wrong somewhere but that's not really the whole story, in my view.

As you've rightly pointed out, you can just as easily get a disease when you are joyful and then you "hyper-expand" beyond what you can allow even from that place of joy. If the reports about Jerry Hicks' cancer are genuinely true then that's probably what's happening to him.

It seems counter-intuitive but it makes sense when you think about it.

It comes down to the balance between the energy you are summoning versus the energy you are allowing. See How does the body become weak?

That principle also explains why beliefs that have served us well in the past can also become obstacles to us in the future. See Good things happen when I’m feeling negative and bad things when I’m positive - WHY??

So what this basically implies is that you can never stand still in a world of motion. Because we have set up our physical realities to constantly cause that expansion within us, we can never just reach a state of vibrational alignment and then coast...we always have to keep reaching for further alignment with the newly-expanded state.

Sounds like real hard work, doesn't it? ...though it isn't really, it just requires new habits of thought.

So why are things set up this way?

It's because as we re-achieve that state of alignment, we experience joy.

According to Abraham, that joy achieved through physical focus as we realign with The Vortex is the ultimate experience in the universe...we love it so much that we are willing to focus ourselves into this physical reality, and keeping allowing ourselves to get out of alignment just to re-experience it as we come back into alignment again.

Yes, we are all joy-junkies :)

That's why Abraham keep saying that the purpose of life is joy ...which humans keep misinterpreting as meaning growth or learning, which are actually only by-products of the joy.

Now your question is how can you keep up with the expansion especially when it's at "hyper" levels?

What I've found in my own life is that the faster you allow yourself to expand, the more disciplined you have to be with sloppy thinking. What you can get away with while you are expanding relatively slowly can virtually rip you apart while you are expanding quickly...but the thrill of the expansion is well worth it :) For me, these days, I find regular deliberate vibrational alignment essential, not optional.

My answer would be to just focus on the process of re-alignment alone. Forget about trying to deliberately manifest anything and make it your sole aim to find ways to get back into the Vortex and then let the Vortex sort out any issues that arose in your life while you were outside the Vortex.

It comes back (yet again) to my favorite Abraham saying: 'Vortex First, Any Way You Can, Then Everything Else'

What I wouldn't do is to try to tackle your illness head-on with manifesting methods, especially if you are expanding quickly...that focus on what you don't want will just be even more painful because of the speed you are now going at.

I would just, as I implied above, let it all go and trust that the Vortex will deal with it automatically in the best way once you've got up to speed with it.

The religious folks have a saying I quite like along these lines (even though I'm not religious)...

Let Go, and Let God


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Thanks as always. Just recently I decided to give up on deliberate manifesting, and focus on alignment. I finally decided to believe Abe when they say it's not about the manifestation but about the feeling good. Life is a real thrill these days and it's moving so fast but I'm enjoying it. I stopped using the "Entering the vortex" recordings but just recently I was inspired to return to them and they are helping very much so. I like the idea that my vibration affects my reality then I know where I need to adjust my thoughts as appose to blaming outside forces.

(23 Sep '11, 00:40) Chris 2

Now I"m grateful for the cold because it tells me I'm moving in the right direction and with some (passive)vibrational work I'll just expand right along. thanks for helping me on my path. However it's interesting that I kindof knew the answer but i like the way you articulate it from a place of having experienced it in one way or another. It's feels good to resonate with an answer. Thanx again.

(23 Sep '11, 00:44) Chris 2

You're welcome, Chris. One thing Abe have been saying recently which I think is a great insight - and one I will probably steal in future to use on IQ :) - is treating the emotion as the manifestation. Most people focus on the physical manifestation as the "real" manifestation and that leads to all the neediness-resistance type issues but simply treating the emotion as the "real" manifestation cleans up all those problems in an instant. And, of course, it all ultimately boils down to just Get Happy anyway :) http://tinyurl.com/3ujrs3d

(23 Sep '11, 07:44) Stingray

actually they did recently talk about this in their latest cruise too.. : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xigUzPJ4aIA that emotions are actually the only manifestation that matters

(23 Sep '11, 10:30) kakaboo
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If you do feel a certain amount of tension in your body about your new desires than somewhere on a subconscious level you are still bothered about something. Most probably the cold which you only associate with bothersome situations.

Colds usualy ocur when a persons imune system is low and you come into contact with someone or something or even the air that contains the cold virus. When you are bothered about something the body uses a lot more nutrients than it normaly would so if your body is depleated you will get a cold.

When you are excited and in hyper speed as you put it the body also uses a lot more nutrients than normal so if your immune system is low and you come into contact with a cold virus you will get a cold.

On the other hand sometimes when our life changes we get what resembles a cold but it is the bodys way of purification. When our thinking changes for the better our body will detoxify and there will be symptoms that can be mistaken for a cold.

You must figure out which it is for you but I have a feeling that you are detoxifying and it will stop after a few days and you will feel better.

Make sure you eat well and have plenty of liquids and maybe get yourself a good vitamin and mineral supplement.

Try to get rid of the notion that you get a cold every time you get bothered for in the future you will create your own colds irespective if your immune system is low or not. Replace that belief with a more positive one like I'm healthy and full of vigour.


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Paulina 1

Thank you for your answer. I agree in part. The main reason I say the cold is realted to my vibration or things bothering me is because when I think about it that way I feel more incontrol. And it's a sign to me to pay more attention to my thoughts because there is resistance present. I use it more as an indicator of my thoughts. However thank you for your perspective.

(22 Sep '11, 23:51) Chris 2

This section from the book the mind of the cells, specifically the section the apprenticeship of the cells speaks of similar experiences.

The point made in 69.811 about (consciousness that makes cells function) is important here. also 64.1410 (the body is learning "lessons of illness")


This book deals with the exploration in consciousness by Sri Arobindo and his spiritual collaborator "The Mother"

It's a different style of writing where every word and every sentence contain very deep and rich knowledge and one cannot grasp its wisdom in the first or second reading.

This is not the type of book where you read it and ask other's questions based on it. It's the type where you read it and ask yourself questions based on it.

Or better yet, you don't ask questions but instead let it unlock something within you without trying to quantify or verbalizing it.


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The Traveller

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I agree with Paulina:

Try to get rid of the notion that you get a cold every time you get bothered for in the future you will create your own colds irrespective if your immune system is low or not.

I have the firm belief that I don't get sick. And I don't. My family all have had/have colds,the past weeks. (If snot was gold.... ;) ) Try Believing that. Your expansion and the cold are not related. It's that little belief. Replace that with the belief that I never get sick.
I also believe that it's the hot sauce that I put on my food that keeps those nasty cold bacteria away from ,but that's just an excuse to put hot sauce on everything or is it?


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change always comes with something new for the developing,
excessive energy concentration depleting support of outlying areas,
unconsciously initiated reactions to change of which
allows a cold to set in,
are you not worthy?


answered 21 Sep '11, 23:03

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I believe fear is the cause of dis-ease. A person might be for the most part in the vortex, but have fear surrounding a certain issue. That fear then triggers the fight or flight response which shuts down our immune sytem in favor of preparing to fight or run or freeze. Germs are opportunistic. They are everywhere all the time. It is when our immune system is not protecting us that the germs take the opportunity for growth and we get sick.


answered 25 Mar '12, 12:49

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Fairy Princess

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