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I have been having a terrible time with keeping my blood sugar up! I am a diabetic.

This has been going on for a couple of weeks. I have had some abnormal blood tests, indicating that I have a deep infection somewhere, and this may be the reason my body is not functioning as it should.

During one of these attacks, I sensed, all around my bed, hooded dark beings, shoulder to shoulder, very tall. I sensed that they were blocking something- God, or healing- just something. I tried praying, but they would not go.

My sugar will go up when I eat, but then crashes to unsafe levels. I cannot feel it until everything goes purple. Wade has been through Hell, pure Hell, with worry and responsibility.

But there is Something also protecting me. These crashes happen always during the night. I am awakened, by Something, and I wake Wade, and ask that he check my sugar. I am too weak at these times to even hold my finger out for him to get blood. The readings are very low. The first time, they put me into ICU for three days, trying to stabilize my sugar. It would go up, and then slowly but surely, descend below 80. The time I was admitted, it dropped below 40. I do not remember them pushing the Dextrose into me, nor do I remember them taking my blood,. When I came to, I was very irritable and could not eat despite my needing to, and that is when I was admitted to ICU. I have not been hungry for a month or more. Just not hungry at all.

After this episode, Wade and I began dealing with it on our own. Wade keeps fruit juice by my bed at all times. His soul has great burdens. The loss of our church has wounded him. He is depressed and scared about our future (with reason).

I kept sensing those Beings around the bed, even when I was fine. They felt more bad than good. I never have experienced them before.

Last night, I was awakened, and woke Wade. My blood sugar was 29, dangerously low, and he forced me to drink two glasses of juice and I barely remember the Pecan Pie he fed to me. My sugar rose enough that we could sleep.

Today, I have a vicious migraine, but my sugar is okay so far. But I saw that Wade and I needed to pray, and I needed to rid the bedroom of those beings. They felt like aliens. That is the best way to describe them. Tall, hooded, eight feet or so, and not of this world at all. I prayed and prayed, and suddenly, I began to speak another language, and I grew angry at those Creatures, and also felt that someone or more than one person has definitely cursed me. I prayed for all curses to be broken in this unknown language, I prayed, and Grandfather Coyote, my Spirit Guide, was at my side. I believe I was speaking in Sioux, and I felt the Light. I felt the creatures melt under my power. They are gone now.

But what were they? What do you think was going on?

Please pray for us (Wade and I),

Love you all,

Jai ♥

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"Not everyone will understand your journey. Thats fine.Its not their journey to make sense of.Its YOURS". unknown.

(09 Dec '13, 09:22) Roy

"When an inner situation is not made conscious,it appears outside of you as fate." Carl Jung.

(09 Dec '13, 09:24) Roy

yes @Roy an unconscious mechanism can keep automatically churning out the same story until you become aware of the way things work and take conscious control of it ... in my view the creatures are a form of symbolic message

(09 Dec '13, 14:02) jaz

Are you taking too much insulin? Usually diabetics have a problem with high blood sugar, not low blood sugar.

(09 Dec '13, 22:53) Vesuvius

@Jaianniah-Could be halucinations due to weakness.

(10 Dec '13, 01:47) Zee

@Jai, fight these entities (bundles of energy) and they'll keep coming back in some form or another ... understand their message and they'll disappear forever

(10 Dec '13, 03:15) jaz

@jaz...a need to fight, and light...

(10 Dec '13, 16:08) Roy

@Roy yes love and light thanks :)

(11 Dec '13, 03:07) jaz
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These creatures that you saw are of your own perception Jai ... only you can know the real meaning and only you can eventually understand their message. My mother used to have bouts of seeing nasty creatures and animals that she felt as threatening and doctors at the time diagnosed it as paranoid schizophrenia, though nowadays there are other explications and terminology. .

Calm, rest and meditation will do the world of good and assist you in your quest

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i like calm, rest and meditation... and also see your doctor too.

(09 Dec '13, 16:52) abrahamloa

Pray to God, and KEEP CALM WITHIN OUR HEART. Because if you believe for something to be solved then keep calm. God will help us. If we believe it, we stay calm because of what we believe. If we believe for an hour then we must calm for an hour, no matter what. If we try to believe for most of our life, then keep calm for it mostly, no matter what. As simple as that.

It has no relation with the fact that "it's not as easy as we thought". Why? Because it must make us aware that:

  • The final border of testing our beliefs is on the level of our calmness. The more something hits us and the more we could stabilize our calm most of the time, the more closer from God's help. Help is on the way. And once something bad almost reach you, suddenly we see help beside us.

What were the Creatures I saw surrounding my bed? According to your condition, it shouldn't be your concern. But your most important is solving whatever it is generally.

  • Maybe we are so confused on our acts and on our thinking, but we must stay calm within our heart. Sorry, it's not theoretical, it's the fact. Never missed even for once (unless currently we are destined to die). :-)

answered 08 Dec '13, 20:02

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