This quote:

Thought, therefore, takes form and the law of growth eventually brings it into manifestation.

and this question:

created my question:

What is the "eventually" part of all of this? What happens from the beginning of the eventually to the end of the eventually?

Can we define it? Can we calculate the duration? and why is it not instant?

Thank You.

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There are essentially three aspects that form the basics of conscious creation. The first is that the Universe is Mental, the second is that everything is vibrating energy and the third is that thought creates.

  1. The Universe is Mental
    The first aspect of the conscious creation process is also the first of the seven Hermetic Universal Laws. It tells us that the Universe is Mental. This means that all things in the physical realm have their origin in the invisible mental realm. All is mind. You are part of the Omnipresent Universal Mind and a part is "the same in kind and quality, the only difference being one of degree" as Charles Haanel said.

  2. Everything is Energy
    Whatever you see or experience in your physical world is simply energy vibrating at varying frequencies that your five senses interpret as something solid or tangible. Since all is energy, one can conclude that mind is energy but we already knew that from the first aspect. William Walker Atkinson told us that "where mind is static [potential] energy, thought is dynamic energy - two phases of the same thing". So mind is potential energy and thought is what activates that energy.

  3. Thought is Creative
    It follows that the third aspect of the conscious creation process is that thought creates. Concentrated thought triggers the process whereby energy in its pure potential state is transmuted into energy in its material or physical state, that is in turn attracted to its original corresponding source (i.e. the thinker) through the Law of Attraction. Thought is dynamic energy.

In simple terms, here is a formula for the conscious creation process:

potential energy (static mind) --> concentrated thought (mind in action) --> incubation period (time in the physical realm) --> material energy (mind in form) --> returned to source (thinker).

This transmutation of mind energy into material energy takes time. You have to allow for the necessary, uninterrupted passage of time when consciously creating your reality in the physical world.

On the spiritual plane there is no time as we know it and hence, there is no time lapse between cause and effect. This means that the corresponding manifestation of thought is instantaneous in the spiritual realm, such that they appear inseparable. In contrast, the physical plane and the mental plane (albeit to a far lesser degree), are subject to our experience of time and space thereby creating a time lapse between the concentrated thought (cause) and its eventual manifestation (effect).

Thought itself belongs to the spiritual and mental realms while the physical effect of thought belongs to the physical realm. This means that you must allow for a time lapse between consciously focusing your thought on that which you intend to experience and its corresponding physical manifestation. Rest assured that your thought has already manifested on the spiritual plane and that it is only a matter of time before it manifests in your physical world but you must allow for that energy transmutation to take place. Time is pivotal to conscious creation, making detachment and patience essential.

The necessary incubation period in the creation process, that we know as time, is evident throughout nature. Just like one would never attempt to deliver a baby one month after the time of conception, so you must allow for the necessary time for your conceived idea, intention or thought to manifest and be delivered to you in the physical world. Give what you want a chance to be created.

Time is not only necessary but is also very helpful. Just imagine the chaos that would ensue if each of your thoughts materialised instantly. When you become grateful for time, you will find all the patience you need.

While you cannot escape time in the physical realm, you can minimize the necessary time lapse between cause and effect through the power of thought. The more you concentrate your thought on your intended outcome and the more belief you have in its eventual manifestation in the physical realm, then the faster the transmutation of mind matter into material matter. This does not mean though that you must become obsessive in your thoughts - do not force it. Do not think "too much" about it or become attached to the outcome. The right attitude is one of faith and effortless detachment.

Here are the two articles from which I have quoted in this reply:

The Conscious Creation Process - The Three Fundamentals and Time

How NOT to Tempt Fate - Just Keep Quiet!

Look forward to your thoughts
Author of Mind Your Reality


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Tania K

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Hi Tania, Excellent response..

(15 Dec '10, 22:00) Drham

Thank you Drham x

(15 Dec '10, 22:31) Tania K

Wow Tania! That was an awesome description of what is going on. I have never seen it broken down so well. Thank you very much.

(15 Dec '10, 23:57) Back2Basics

Great answer :)

(16 Dec '10, 02:21) Michaela

Thanks for the great feedback :)

(16 Dec '10, 08:06) Tania K

Hi Tania, just re-read your answer to absorb it more, the effortless detachment is something I want and am working on it. I am trying to quiet my objective mind and intensity and it seems to help. Thanks again.

(16 Dec '10, 19:56) Back2Basics

Hi again Back2Basics... please let me know if you want me to point you in the direction of some articles I've written on detachment and intending.

(16 Dec '10, 23:31) Tania K

Yes, nice explanation, I like it, thanks. As Neville Goddard says: "The event you imagine must not be forced, but allowed to happen." 8-)

(23 Dec '10, 03:02) Eddie
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Thank you Drham... I am going to attempt to tackle your question. Allowing for the passage of time does not mean to become complacent in your life while you sit back and expect your intention to materialize. Nor, though, is it about taking non-stop, frenzied action in your attempts to force its manifestation out of panic that it won't. It is about taking inspired action - the kind of action that is deliberate and conscious and takes you toward your intended outcome.

In cases like the ones you mention, I would turn to, or at least include, prayer in my conscious creation. Prayer is really ASKING. It is acknowledging that I cannot do it all myself, I need help and what better help than Omnipotence for which nothing is impossible. Prayer or REQUESTING enable you to hand all the creation process over to a higher power as you understand it. In this case you don't even have to concentrate your thought - this is where you really need faith - "the evidence of things not seen". You will feel a GREAT sense of power and safety when you place Omnipotence behind all your requests.

The rent is past due, the utilitites are about to be turned off, what do you do?

In situations like these you can also work on making your manifestations more short-term and bitesize in nature. Be very specific about what you need rather than a longer-term manifestation that does not take into account the urgency of the short-term problems. So focus your concentrated thought on the very short-term of paying your utilities, rent etc. and once the panic of that is out of the way, turn to the longer-term manifestation that will preclude your immediate problems from happening again.

In other words, deal with what's in front of you first and when you feel overwhelmed turn to Omnipotence of which you are a part. An obvious question is why not turn everything over to the All Powerful? You could but that would be missing out on all the fun of creating it through the power of your own thoughts.

I always thank God for my ability to create and ask that I always know how to tell the difference between when to consciously create and when to pray.

Author of Mind Your Reality

PS My post may sound like I am speaking personally to you, but I mean "you" in the general sense ;-)


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Tania K

Hi, this is a great question and I like the examples of specific manifestation of the rent due. In my experience and what comes to mind is that sometimes we have a conflicting "manifestation". In the example given, you may have saying to yourself "I've got to get out of here", or "I have to get a new job" over and over... so then this is your manifestation and producing the rent may be counterproductive to the higher or previous request.

So, you may first want to ask why is this happening to me, and there will be your answer.

If this is the case, then i'd say go with the flow and work on the higher manifestation of finding a new place, in the meantime maybe go on a trip, stay with friends, etc. Take it easy, find your own way out logically and rationally. Put it out there, then let it happen, be spontaneous and enjoy yourself.

Cheers, Duane


answered 16 Dec '10, 02:30

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Duane Tilden

good point, I am sure we all do that.

(16 Dec '10, 17:02) Back2Basics

Hi B2B Tania put it together so well. But the difficulty is what to do during that time lapse. How do you maintain the feeling of having it especially if you need it and its not there. For example if you are in need of a job and you know that you will get a job but in the meantime the money is running low. The rent is past due, the utilitites are about to be turned off, what do you do? or maybe the eviction notice has been served and you are literally being thrown out. It is difficult to maintain the feeling of allowing under these circumstances. But it is especially under such conditions that one must allow the feeling of allowing.


answered 15 Dec '10, 22:05

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You can also take inspired action.

(15 Dec '10, 22:14) Vesuvius
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