I have always gotten what I want by "figuring out how to get it," and taking action. Now I would like to learn more about the spiritual way of manifesting.

I think I have an idea of the different ways of getting into alignment, based on other questions and answers on this website...

  1. Prayer
  2. Meditation
  3. Appreciation
  4. Getting yourself to feel better
  5. Eliminating resistance
  6. Letting go of the oars ("going with the flow")

I guess what I am wondering is, how do these techniques relate to the "action" way of manifesting? Do you get insights that help you make the right choices to allow things to manifest? Do you get a vision of how things are going to align with each other so that you know what to do?

Or does this process have absolutely nothing to do with action and knowledge? Is it ultimately an incomprehensible process for someone who understands conventional cause and effect?

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The ultimate non-action way to manifesting everything you want in your life effortlessly forever is...

  • Step 1: Find reasons to feel good everyday
  • Step 2: The End

What more would you like to learn? :)

...I guess I better add a bit more - the page looks a bit empty :)

If you are going to use the spiritual way (as you call it), action is simply a way for you to additionally enjoy the manifestation process.

In your question, you seem to be looking for some kind of natural link between feeling good and taking action, in the same way that there is a link between a high-level corporate management vision, project plans and the action steps towards those plans.

I spent years (maybe two decades) experimenting with goal-setting software and time-management tools in order to develop some kind of systematic manifestation process because I thought there must be some link. (And isn't that the basic assumption behind that kind of software anyway?)

I was trying to get a vision to naturally flow down into some complete plan of daily inspired action steps. I never found such a direct link, and Abraham have been adamant that none exists - and I agree with them now. My manifesting spreadsheet is the result of all that research and it is really just a vast collection of great-feeling and soon-to-become-great-feeling thoughts and there's very little place for any action orientation.

The Universe/God just does what it does in response to your vibrational offerings of thought, and your Inner Being / Higher Self / Master Within etc. communicates to you (via emotion) the most direct route to get to what you want...usually in the moment that you need to do it, if there is anything to do.

Your role is simply to enjoy the ride. Do whatever action you feel that you want to do, and forget the rest...it won't make any difference to the manifestation.

But don't think that action is somehow a bad thing. I take lots of action everyday towards lots of things...we live in a physical world and doing physical things is natural, even fun. But I rarely, if ever, take action that I don't feel like doing.


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Hi Vesuvius, I like your question because this is something that I have been struggling with especially lately. I work as a Project Manager and I am very good at executing projects from start to finish and I am used to solving all the problems. Now that I am faced with this recent challenge, I find that I want to strong arm the process as well. I want to have the solution. It is very difficult for me to let go and let the Universe "do its thing". I get frustrated because I feel that the Universe is working too slow and I feel that I can help it to speed up. But whenever I try taking things into my own hands, I end up totally frustrated and upset.

After many frustrating moments I have come to terms with how I will handle my situation. I know that I have done all that I can to creat the new conditions that I want and I was not successfull. I have decided to accept that as the Universe way of telling me to let go. I have a strong feeling as to what the outcome of my situation will be but I cannot control the when or how. My present response is to take no action. Anytime I think about it, I remind myself that the Universe is taking care of it and that I will accept whatever results come. In the meantime I am allowing myself to feel good and I really feel great now.

What I am experiencing is that once I start trusting the Universe and just "flow", everything in my life seems to be going extremely well and surprisingly I start getting very clear insights into the problem that I am trying to solve without even thinking about it.

So to answer your question directly, yes, action can be involved but when you surrender to the Higher Power, it will guide you. Letting you know if you need to take any action and when to do so or it may help you just by making things clearer. This has been my experience.


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