I am wondering about something that happened to me.

I asked my higher self a question, and subsequently i asked my higher self to give me a sign, a clear big undeniable in-my-face sign- about the topic of the question- to signal to me that the answer was YES- and i didnt ask for a yes/no sign- i asked that IF the answer was affirmative, the subject of the question had to be shown to me in a BIG GIGANTIC way that i would instantly recognize and that would show me my higher selfs blessing and guidance and support regarding the topic of the question.

So i got the big huge undeniably in my face sign, it was the same day i asked it- a bit later on, it was something i recognized instantly (for those interested to know, i was taking my evening walk and a huge semi truck drove past me THREE TIMES IN DIFFERENT LOCATIONS with exactly the thing i was asking for in enormous capital red letters- the first time i was like wow omg my sign, the second time i was like...ok i get it- the third time i was more than convinced and i have not seen this truck around my town ever and it wasnt something that i see on a daily basis, a very specific word it is)

So now im thinking, thats my sign- totally undeniably in my face- so the answer is yes- right- because i asked for it and there it was.

But then i started thinking, i dont know where i read this- could be on this site. that since i wrote a request on THAT thing, obviously focusing on it, that now my subconscious was just picking up everything in my surroundings and presenting it to me- knowing that i did focus on it- and it was just that and not my higher self giving me a yes to the question- but the law of attraction just giving me the results of my focus upon that thing.

Do you understand what i mean, so im thinking maybe it wasnt a yes from my higher self to the question, it was merely law of attraction giving me that which i had put my focus upon- if i focus on lets say, another word- and not ask any questions to my higher self but just focus on it for a long time and think about it and write it and imagine it- i would find myself seeing that word everywhere as well- and it wouldnt mean anything as i just put my focus upon it- law of attraction was giving me that which i was thinking about- and since i HAVE been thinking about this thing and i have been getting little signs here and there of the word popping up- what if this isnt a sign from my higher self signaling a 'yes' to me- but merely the law of attraction yielding me what i put my focus upon?

So how do i know which one it is and how do i differentiate between the two- because i want to know if its a yes or no- i dont need evidence of me thinking about it- i know i am thinking about it- i want an answer

i hope you can help me out here as i dont really know which way to turn to

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What you are experiencing is known as doubt. Trust yourself.

Trust yourself. Trust yourself. Trust yourself.


answered 03 Jun '18, 18:45

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no truer words can be said- you are right it all starts with having trust in yourself and your decisions and intuition- if you dont have that, you dont have anything.

(04 Jun '18, 08:05) Januaryfeelings

There is a story of the devil showing off his tools. He showed the visitors fear, anger, depression, dispair and gloom, and everyone was very impressed. Then he opened a special little chamber with an unassuming little trinket under a glass cylinder. "What's that?" They asked. "That's my secret weapon, doubt. If all else fails, this will always work."

(05 Jun '18, 06:29) cmc

i couldnt have read your comment at a more perfect time- i was sitting thinking exactly about this, thinking what exactly was so unnerving to me about this ordeal- because either way the answer would have been i frankly would have been fine- and then i got a nudge to go on this site- i clicked on my answer and there you were with the exact thing i was unable to see- i AM fine with either answer- the thing is i am doubting IF either outcome will EVEN happen...well THAT was eye-opening omg

(06 Jun '18, 16:18) Januaryfeelings

the thing with the devil and the last resort- it just clicked and i got it- i was thinking i was maybe NOT so fine with either answer and WAS having resistance to a 'no' but thats not it- i truly dont- i just dont believe a yes or no COULD even happen- both scenarios seem doubtful to me and there you go and there you have it

(06 Jun '18, 16:21) Januaryfeelings
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You are "in tune" with your Higher Self when you are feeling really good (or Vortex-aligned, as the jargon goes).

So the method is...

  • Get yourself feeling really good and then think about the answer you think you've received

  • If you continue to feel good about the answer as you think about it, then it's for you at this time

  • If you feel anything less than good about the answer, then it's not for you right now


answered 04 Jun '18, 06:20

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i was in the vortex when the answer came,and wasnt in the vortex when starting to think it was the loa giving me the result of my focus,i am going with my first emotional reaction which was-this is the sign,its a yes,i have my answer.i felt good about the answer either way-a no would have been fine as well,its not something im attached to-i just wanted a clear yes or no,so i could sort some scheduling.but you are right-when assessing anything i always have to check how i felt when it happened!

(04 Jun '18, 08:00) Januaryfeelings

Remember, we create our own reality. It starts from believing it's a sign, a YES. It doesn't matter if it's your higher self or subconscious mind. The same way you materialised the word YES, is the same way you materialise the other bigger stuff.


answered 04 Jun '18, 02:20

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i dont ask for signs when im manifesting big (or little things) i just manifest them using different methods- i asked for an answer to a question so i could make some long-due decisions regarding my summer schedule and what my definite plans will be as i have gotten myself in to a bit of a organizational mess and i needed just a simple yes or no- so i could confidently start to finally get on with it...thats all, so knowing if it was really a yes from higher self or just the loa is important..

(04 Jun '18, 08:10) Januaryfeelings
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