Just wondering should I stay totally focused on my job when i'm doing it even though ideally its not what I want to do in the future ...... Ive started meditation lately and am kind of starting to get into my job and have more fun and not worry about, and be ungrateful for the job I have. I always spend 2 hrs in the evening reading and researching what I want to do. But from what I can gather from all the L.O.A books i've read you have to be happy and grateful for what you have otherwise nothing will flow to you... Think im on the right track...

Reply would be most appreciated .. thanksss

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Barry Allen ♦♦

You're on the right track. Stay appreciative and grateful for everything you have right now, including your job.

It sounds like, since you've changed your perception, your attitude toward your job is changing too so you may even find that you actually enjoy it. If you keep working on feeling good and being fully present as much as possible, the right job or opportunity will become available.

Who knows you may even find that you love the job you have. It is amazing how our perception can change our world without anything really seeming to change in a physical sense. When we change our mind, our perception of reality changes.


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That's right! It happened to me! :)

(05 Aug '10, 14:52) BridgetJones09

I have a manifesting DVD from Neal Donald Walsh based on Conversations With God, in it he said how people manifest a job through gratitude and expectation then right after they get it they start thinking of all the things they'd rather be doing "I'd rather be fishing, I'd rather be golfing, etc..." they think how much they HATE their jobs and how lousy it is to HAVE to get up and get ready for work everyday and how lousy the boss is.

Then something happens and they lose their jobs either fired or laid off and wonder what happened! God said go fishing or go golfing or what ever you'd "rather be doing" because that is what you just manifested, you manifested yourself out of a job and into time to do whatever you really thought about doing while you were working.

He said our minds are an active tool, you can't turn it off and say "well when I was trying to manifest the job I was serious then", "when I was daydreaming and hating my job I wasn't really serious!"


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Wade Casaldi

I have been in the same EXACT place.

What was funny is when I really turned up the LOA and meditation in my life, the job I didn't like actually began to look different to me. In other words, when everything else in my life was in a Vortex, how I viewed my job didn't matter as much. It was not a big deal.

Nevertheless, I do think it is a rule of thumb that not being appreciative for what we already have is not helpful to moving forward, as hard as it may be sometimes.


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Frank W. I am in a simular situation. I worked on a job for over 9-years and was very unhappy. On March 17th. while I was meditating Spirit told me that if I ever wanted to be happy to trust it. On March 18th. I went into work and gave notice and told my employer that March 19th. was my last day. The reason that I was so abrupt in resigning is because for years I had so many negative thoughts of going into my place of employment and doing something unthinkable. My main concern was that with my health being what it was how would I be able to affort cobra and the medication. But as you said the key to overcoming this is that we have to completely surrender our life. When I resigned from my job because Spirit told me to trust it. I asked Spirit to take me by the hand and guide me, lead me, show me what it wanted me to do. I to am afraid and times have been tough but my studying the Master Key, meditating daily, prayer and reading the Science of Mind has made the transition easier for me. What you have to remember is that You are never alone you have had Spirit with you from the first breath of life that you took. In difficult times with how we all have been raised to think and panic it is not easy but dedication, persistence, discipline, committment and perserverance will eventually make the difference. Everything that I have read in the Master Key and Science of Mind consistently state one word "Eventually" which means it is something that happens gradually but discipline is the key. My advise to you is NEVER GIVE UP.....NEVER SURRENDER UNTIL YOUR DESIRE HAS MAINFESTED.

Larry G


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Larry G

My response is this. Start out with gratitude that you are employed, and make it your next step/goal to move toward doing what you want to do. My personal situation is that I am presently unemployed, due to a neck injury from an auto accident, and I am unable to get a job not only because of the economy, but also because of my medical restrictions. I can't get assistance from any governmental agency, because they don't feel I am disabled enough, despite the fact that the extent of my injuries prevents me from doing most things.

Because of this I am about to be evicted, I can't pay my bills etc., ect. No matter where I've turned, or what I've attempted to do to resolve this situation, it just seems to get worse. All along, though it all, I've been shown in many ways that it will all work out if I just "Let go and let God". It's been tough but I'm finally to the point where I'm letting go and I can't help but be scared.

In many, many ways I've been shown that this is a journey I must take. Through it I've learned gratitude, to love and respect myself, despite an extremely abusive childhood, I've learned that all of humanity is connected, I've learned to appreciate what I have, and so much more.

Why have I told of all of this? Simply to say that we need to start by appreciating where we are now, as it could be worse, and then focusing on where we want to go with joy and anticipation. For in all things, there are lessons to be learned and growth to be achieved.

You're definitely on the right track, just keep it positive.

Frank W


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Frank W

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