I want more, better, faster. Manifestations, happiness behavioral changes. How can I achieve these?

For most of my life I have described myself as a "Problem Solver." I asked, not for fewer problems, but for more tools to handle them. I wonder if my manifestations are slow and struggling to reach me because I am more focused on solving problems than reaping the results?

I feel like I am playing one of those circus games where I have a box with holes in the top in front of me. A creature pokes his head up and I try to hit it with a mallet. My focus is on where will the creature stick his head up next! I see a flat plain of peace and tranquility (which is what I want) but I am waiting with my mallet for a creature (problem) to stick up its head, so I can bash it back down and flat. How can I focus on the flat, peaceful harmonious plain?

asked 26 Mar '12, 13:53

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Dollar Bill

the creature and the mallet is you. that is where the problem is. it is never outside it is inside.

(26 Mar '12, 15:14) white tiger

dollar bill, it may happen when one stops thinking of themselves. it is sometimes funny that way

(27 Mar '12, 21:28) fred

Be very VERY careful Dollar Bill. People who go on this road don't know when to stop. Why? Because they don't have clearly defined and attainable goals. Really? Yes. Let's say you want more money... Great, but how much? More? Seriously? How much is enough? "He who knows enough is enough will ALWAYS have enough" Lao Tzu. So I ask you what is Peace? How will you physically and mentally know you've attained it? More importantly, will you know you're Progressing towards it not AWAY from it... ?

(28 Mar '12, 01:18) Ali00

Another important quote to live by... there is no path to peace. Peace IS the path... Think about this long and hard before moving forward... Good luck Dollar Bill. I will tell you that it'll be a pretty painful process at FIRST (like anything in life), but deal with reality (your problems) straight on with honesty and you will not fail.

(28 Mar '12, 01:22) Ali00
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You may very well be good at problem solving but if you are consistently focused on "solving problems," then you will continue to manifest more "problems" that need solving.

Instead of looking for new things to fix, look at things already being done. Don't let current circumstances or the way you previously did things interfere with what exists right now.

It almost sounds like you are trying to force something not yet complete to arrive, and then bash it (as you said) into the completed thing that you envisioned. This would be going down the route of resistance.

You are focusing to much on creating what is already created. Your job is to just allow what you want to come to you. We do that by letting our desires go so the universe can mold and shape what we want in the perfect place, time, and situation that serves us best. By letting go, feeling good in whatever way is best for you, and allowing your desire to manifest effortlessly, we then have no resistance towards what is already done. Then there are no problems to solve and nothing to be malleted into position.

We are wired in these bodies to be problem solvers and we always think the most lengthy, technical, and hardest formula will do the job of figuring things out. That is not the case at all. That formula may work for some people but why go through all that trouble.

Just Ask, know that It Is Given, and Allow it to come to you.

Try a few easy things first with that simple technique to boost confidence and things will definitely get better faster. I asked a somewhat similar question last year and got a magnificent answer from Stingray as usual. Here is the question...If we want to manifest things faster should we start small to build up confidence?


answered 26 Mar '12, 14:47

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I think the first time I came across this stuff I was about 16. My counselor introduced me to, although she didn't call it Law of Attraction or manifestation. All she said to me was "All you need to do is be happy right now. There is some kind of energy that's in everything. Some kind of force, something. You can call it God or mother nature, whatever you want, but its there and it does respond to you" All she told me was to be happy now, not to worry about anything or even hope for anything specific. And, compared to all of manifestation information I've read and listened to, nothing has ever helped me more than remembering that conversation with her. Because that day, I didn't worry about anything. I didn't wish for anything or imagine anything being solved, I just made myself feel good, regardless. I just felt happy as I could and just thought "things will get better."

It makes so much sense to me that Abraham preaches that simple instruction so much... because nothing I have ever done worked any better than that. I used to be so lonely, frustrated, couldn't understand why no one "liked" me or why things were so bad for me. I had only ever had one close friend and stayed at my house just about every night.

Then I tried this... really tried. Didn't let anything bring me down, felt happy all the time, even if something upset or frustrate me, I just switched myself to feeling good as quick as I could.

I can't even begin to tell you how much a shift it made in my life... it's why I believe so strongly in these things. I got a job. I had lots of people who just came up to me and just liked me. No friends at one moment... the next, my phone was being blown up with texts all day long. I went from never having a boyfriend to have three people interested at once. I found love, I had the experience of a wonderful relationship... I had so much fun, I actually had confidence in myself. Everything just completely changed, it was like surprise after surprise after surprise...

And then, I was so caught up in it all, I forgot what I had learned and stopped applying it. Of course, I latched on to that one bad thought and let it grow too big. And of course, everything went down again. And then I found the Law of Attraction again. And then back up... and well, up and down and so on.

But no visualization, writing letters, cosmic ordering, or trying to break down the details of it has ever given me as grand results as just being happy now.

I think the problem is, at least with me, is just putting too much effort into it. Then it gets frustrating and confusing. And then when we're frustrated and confused, we just get more of that. It just gets too complicated when we're putting so much thought into the mix, we're suddenly stuck or lost in it all. If you think of every thought you have in a day, they all just go in so many different directions, it's not really shocking that we question things as much as we do... depending on how well you're in control of you're thoughts, anyways.

I, for the first time in awhile, did this yesterday, all day. I was just happy and didn't care what was happening. I stayed happy... and it was such a great day. Just a lot of little things... but they were the little stuff that makes you smile afterwards. And, this may make you laugh, but I swear a bird say hi to me. He turned his head and looked down at me and chirped... it was cute =)

It's those little things, things that make me laugh and smile... and it just escalates and escalates. More good things, bigger things. It's so easy when you're not expecting the specifics. When you don't start to "worry" about your manifestations and when you're not trying to "fix" problems, you don't offer any resistance. And then there's the question... is there really anything that needs to be "fixed"? Everything is just getting what its putting out vibrationally... no need to fix it, but you're always free to change it. There's no good and bad.

The fastest, easiest way to manifest anything, is to just be happy right now. Finding whatever thought feels better and reaching for more and more good thoughts until you start feeling elated, trusting, loving, and free. You start just to naturally look at everything with such beauty... it's such a wonderful feeling.

Good luck to you:o)


answered 27 Apr '12, 11:17

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I really like your take on this, LapisLazuli. I am working on doing the same. I am still listening to affirmations and brainwave entrainment mp3's, but not for the reason of getting outside results, just to bring me in a better state of mind to feel better on the inside. Often, I am too tired to talk to myself to reach for my own better thoughts or I am lacking the imagination. They have served me well. And I also spend a lot of time with my animals,that always puts me in a good mood

(27 Apr '12, 16:41) PurpleRose

I just came across the download page for my favorite brainwave entrainment mp3, "Alpha Mind Control" by Jeff Gignac, free download, almost 70MB, and will feel strange the first few times, but I listen to it once a day, sometimes more for almost 2 years now: http://www.mindpowermp3.com/Alpha.html
need headphones b/c it is binaural beats, also you can visualize to it for manifestations. I liked them so much I purchased some of their products also but most of my mp3s are free. Enjoy it!

(27 Apr '12, 18:22) PurpleRose

I loved reading your post LapisLazuli!

For a long time I stopped worrying about the problems because I just KNEW inside somehow that everything would work out.

They didn't work out for me but nice to know that it does work for some people. I don't feel so silly for escaping into my happy place if someone is getting results from doing it!

Keep up the good work!

(08 May '12, 20:42) smellingtheroses

Thank you PurpleRose :o) I haven't had a chance to check out the link, but thanks! ill definitely look into it

(09 May '12, 21:34) LapisLazuli

Thank you smellingtheroses =) don't feel silly! Just stay in that happy place as much as you can, even if for "no reason":)

(10 May '12, 09:18) LapisLazuli
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I came to realize awhile ago that if we pray to be an overcomer, we will receive 'obstacles' to overcome. Instead, if we pray for peace, we will receive peace. Also, asking questions gets answers. When we pray, we must feel the feeling of it already being true, this tunes us in to the vibration we desire. So, if we combine all these ideas and change the question to "Why do I have peace?" "Why do I have the desires of my heart?" "Why is my life so harmonious?"

In the Bible it says to seek and you shall find, ask and it will be given to you and knock and the door will be opened to you. So if you look for problems to solve, you will find problems to solve. If you look for problem free, you will find problem free.


answered 26 Mar '12, 14:15

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Fairy Princess

Agreed. If the Genii appeared to me, I would only have one wish, to be happy. Seems simplistic. @Fairy Princess. I also like that you have your questions in the Present, the Now. Why do I have . . . . . not "I want to have.. . . " Maybe this puts your answer continually in the future?

It would seem that I should be asking for more, better, faster now! Perhaps we should all end our Treatments, Prayers, Requests with Now.

(26 Mar '12, 20:34) Dollar Bill

More importantly to feel the feeling that it is already true, now.

(27 Mar '12, 00:10) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess, yes. The feeling. Not so much the words.

(27 Mar '12, 06:08) Dollar Bill
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If you need more tools ask for more tools-meditation, focusing, etc. I also want certain gifts from the Universe, and I could use them right now. But, I don't think it's a good idea to rush the Universe. If you rush the Universe it's like you don't believe their coming. You don't believe the Universe supports you. Blessings!


answered 27 Mar '12, 01:16

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Yeah, @Tom, you can't push the river. Gotta go with the flow and enjoy. My goal is more in allowing. Flood my being with allowing, flowing and relax. Allowing and not obsessing.

(27 Mar '12, 02:24) Dollar Bill

I did notice a block in my flow recently,

My head of property maintenance and repair was called away suddenly, leaving me to handle details he normally does. I write the checks on Friday for our staff and workers. One of our contract maintenance men began calling me Saturday morning.

He wanted to get paid for work he had just done that Saturday morning. I told him he needed to wait until next Friday, that was our procedure. He became belligerent. I refused to discuss the subject further. He began calling the office phone every five minutes.

I let it get to me, I began to obsess, to have imaginary dis-useful conversations in my head.

I had been having a good time, previously, driving a new forklift around, assembling a vault inside one of my warehouses. I enjoy driving a forklift and am quite good at it.

But, suddenly, I began making mistakes. Bumping into things. Small damages. The joy went out of my driving and things started going wrong. I felt 'disconnected'. I would pick up the wrong materials and I began doubting the correctness of what I was assembling. Before, it was going perfectly smooth! Somehow the phrase came to my mind that my anger, my obsession was "Darkening the vision of my protectors". I feel the mind chatter was getting between me and my source, I could no longer "hear."

I was not having fun! I shut down the forklift and did a meditation, filling my life, my world with God's pure light. I went back to the forklift and everything began to flow again.

This has to do with my disconnection from Source while obsessing over a situation. I feel that I learned a lesson: Deal unemotionally with events and stay with what I enjoy stay connected.

Obsession clouds my vision.

I am asking for ideas about other things that block me from my Source. How to recognize and neutralize them.

As I see it, I am flowing along on my Path, enjoying my life as usual, then something diverts me and I follow a trail with no cheese at the end of it. I want to recognize this sooner, get back and stay on the Path. This is what I mean by More, Better, Faster - Now!


answered 27 Mar '12, 03:02

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Dollar Bill

edited 27 Apr '12, 08:20

maybe the sorrow that you have felt was because of the action you took. you might have succes but it is because of your worker. with out worker you are nothing your business cannot work with out worker. he is part of your famely on earth and in your compagny and yes he might be imperfect but are you perfect? i do not say to let it slide if something is wrong but do not be to harsh because with the mesure you use it will be use on you.

(27 Mar '12, 03:31) white tiger

forgive and you will be forgiven.

(27 Mar '12, 03:32) white tiger

and what do you need to learn Dollar Bill that you can teach best?

(27 Mar '12, 05:10) white tiger

from your judgement only that is the point you cannot pass through.

(27 Mar '12, 06:50) white tiger

who is offensive here? if i add you for a boss i would change job. you judge and are afraid of everything other people say. you make only effort for a short while then you fall back in your judgement and old patern that are not working to satisfy your ego. you find other people abrasif but that is you Dollar Bill. even me that did not judge you and stay only in the truth see this. how will someone in ego like you act with you?

(27 Mar '12, 08:23) white tiger
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Like I said, the creature and the mallet are both you. You do it of your own free will my dirty little pig wash yourself and get out of thoses rags and put your white clothes. Stand in the Truth and forgive yourself, or do you still think it is a childish game? I do not judge you and have all ready forgiven you. I hope you can do the same and repent.alt text

Why should I judge you? I know where you stand. Did you fall on a cornerstone? Are you broken? Do what I say and you shall be whole again. Forgive them Father because they do not know what they are doing.


answered 26 Mar '12, 16:22

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white tiger

edited 27 Apr '12, 08:25

Dollar%20Bill's gravatar image

Dollar Bill

is it not the word that you have use? use them to better your self my little pig. i speak only the truth with no judgement. will you judge my words when they are your words? i did not condemn you, will you get stuck on your own word. i have forgive you now forgive your self. experience and enjoy. ha ha kind regards W-T.

(26 Mar '12, 22:14) white tiger

All of us have better places to put our time and energy than to play childish games with abrasive people. NEVER wrestle with a pig, you both get dirty and the pig enjoys it! It may likely be that is all the pig has to offer! What is the worst thing you can do to a masochist? Nothing! Time to ignore pigs, even white ones! I have had my fun with this and am now ready to move on before I get dirtier. [Pressing my "Ignore Button"] this was your words was it not?

(26 Mar '12, 23:13) white tiger

so now you will play innocent and flag me? are you serious? nothing remains hidden. and the moderator will not fall in that snare they are more intelligent then that.

(26 Mar '12, 23:18) white tiger

Dollar bill stop telling lie i have not removed anny thing. i have added: why should i judge you? i know where you stand. did you fall on a cornerstone? are you broken? do what i say and you shall be whole again. forgive them father because they do not know what they are doing. and to answer you no the shoe does not fit. those things are in you and come from you. keep working at it for your own sake.

(27 Mar '12, 02:44) white tiger

and i will add that to admit that(I understand that, I am working to get better. I admit I have a problem. Love ya, Ta ta for now, experience and enjoy.) is the starting point and works in your favor do not give up.

(27 Mar '12, 02:47) white tiger
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Hello Dollar Bill (by the way i love the name, reminds me of green back dollar :))

Let's remember that inner realization is always reflected on the outside in some way, so to answer your question in a single phrase i would say that the more i learn to communicate with my inner source, the better and faster i become.

The first step is to rid oneself of all those masks, all that inhibiting emotional programming that is often installed during childhood.

The second step is to consciously enter into communication with the natural ambient forces. We live in a world of symbols and they form a direct common link with the "invisible" world ... that is how we are now communicating, by arranging the set of 27 symbols abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz into a particular order. The more obscure the symbol, the more penetrating and effective it can be on our "subconscious" ... that is how "magic" works, it communicates profoundly and directly, by-passing consciousness.

There are some easy practical exercises that we can do to better our level of conscious communication with the "invisible" ... what we send outwards always comes back in some way x10 ... one of my favorite methods is to use a specific symbol. For example to increase communication with ambient energy i magnetise the graphic symbol of source energy

alt text

There is a complete set of 16 exercises of this kind edited by Servranx "M├ęthode expresse de magn├ętisme personnel" ... have fun :)


answered 04 Jan '13, 02:15

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blubird two

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