Lately, maybe 2-3 months back, I started to feel a general lack of interest for many big aspects of life in general. Examples: science, politics, envirenmental issues, poverty, successful careers.. For things I cared about before I now feel like a kind of apathy. I noticed it now as it is the exam period of the academic year and I still haven't started stuying. I don't even feel bad about it. Actually, I feel disinterest about the subjects of my study. Interestingly, much of my desires, things I regarded important and valauable, were closely linked to the field of my studies.

I think I know why is that so and why I "blame" spirituality for it. Well, from the macro perspective, life ultimately has no meaning. Everything is meaningless and doesn't matter in the end. All life is only your version of it. Earth is just a playing field. Why would then, someone who is familiar with spiritual theories and Law of Attraction, ever be concerned with, let's say, environmental issues? There actually are no environmental issues, all is well. And if you want to solve environmental issues you already know in advance that it is possible and you will manifest that reality because that is how this reality works. Same is with science. If you're a scientist who is spiritual and practices LOA you would know your discoveries will be colored by your beliefs and wants; no much fun in that. Same goes if you're just an observer of scientific discoveries - science will produce results that are in accord with your beliefs and wants. Basically, science is meaningless because again it all boils down to you. From that perspective there is no fun in doing science, for example.

I'm a bit alarmed by this because it seems that spirituality has deconstructed and sucked out the fun, meaning and purpose from my life. How to generate meaning or puropse when you already in advance know everything is meaningless? And as far as I know Earth will cease to exist when I die so everything I "achieve" will disappear with me. Why would I then do anything? What activities are left to do? Only maybe art. Art seems like an absolute creative form and you can surprise yourself because it's not predictable.

There's no fun in knowing how it all ends and functions. With that said, where's the fun in manifesting, actually? You already know you'll get that red sports car. There's no surprise. That is the Law

To conclude, I personaly, at this moment, can't find any meaning and purpose in life. I simply don't have any motivation to continue with my studies nor to start to study something new. Where's the point in that? Because, in the end, nothing seems to be important. With LOA, all life seems predictable. There's no fun nor surprise anymore. I can't get a grip on anything solid to hold me and motivate me and fill me with passion and vigour

I know I'm wrong but please try to shed light on a different perspective


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@Marin- "Life is pointless."- To me and how others have said, yes life is a blank canvas to begin with..... because you get to elect your own purpose and pursuit!! (which has all the meaning in it!)

(28 Jun '18, 05:56) Nikulas
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the whole purpose of spirituality, the law of attraction, living life based on the knowledge around creating your own reality and that its not random that this life and we exist and its not coincidental that we are conscious- and there is a higher power that is focused with us- and everything IS neutral and that gives us the chance to MAKE OF IT what we WANT it to be, instead of being forced to say: this is good, this is bad- we get to choose what we give meaning to- this whole spirituality thing is exactly THAT which makes our very existence- fun. we WANT passion and we WANT to live life everyday in the vortex- what you are experiencing right now are a couple of false beliefs

  1. the earth will not cease to exist when you die- planet earth has been here many millions of years before this physical manifestation of your life had stepped foot here-and so have you- do you really think that when you die- you just evaporate into nothing-ness? if you are conscious right now- you can never cease consciousness, you will always be AWARE and focused- the body may change, but the soul stays always. when you die you merely experience a shift in consciousness- from our physical reality in to non-physical- and you merge with your higher self, after that you come back again, this time creating a different life with different experiences

and that brings me to false belief no 2.

  1. you have come here on earth with the sole purpose, the ONLY purpose- to live THIS life to the fullest- because although you have had many lives and will have un-countable to come- THIS life you will never have the opportunity to live- and because THIS life is what you have chosen to experience, being THIS physical person- you have the opportunity to explore everything that this life and reality has to offer to you- you have the privilege of living THIS life- to the maximum enjoyable extent (which is a lot) and everything you gather during THIS life- every experience and lesson you learn THIS life- will contribute to the overall evolution of your soul- you will expand as a BEING as a CONSCIOUSNESS because of this life

  2. a lot of times i see people that think God- already has all the answers, knows what is coming, knows every little thing and just uses us as pons to mess around with- already knowing some kind of grand-outcome- this is not so, god is certainly all-powerful- but never all-knowing, everything around us- including ourselves, are created so that God (all that is) can experience itself, can experience itself through us (all parts of that greater all-that-is) so it can creatively expand, for god is creative, it uses us to determin what we want- and gives it to us- no matter if it is positive or negative- the point is experiencing it- for that is what drives this world on, progress is what counts- and you cant progress if you have some kind of all-knowing god that is merely playing time out with us- no, we are in this together with all-that-is- and thats good to know, because it means your being here serves a unique and certainly important cause, you wouldnt be here if it was all meaningless- god doesnt make mistakes, if you are here, and you are conscious, believe me there is a reason for that and it is NOT a small careless thought that went into you- you were created by the most high force in our universe to experience, evolve, progress, CREATE, BE and HAVE everything you want- and that is what its about

final question to you- have you been in the vortex ever? if you have than- tell me, how can feeling so good ever be pointless or boring or useless? just the mere feeling of the vortex- when you are perky, eager, passionate, enthusiastic, flowing with life inside of you- thats something not a lot of people experience ever- and we do it almost every day- its a blessing from god i found spirituality and everything around it- including this site- i feel like i am in control finally, life is finally good to me, everything is working out always for me, i never feel alone or depressed- i found that i was always loved, i was always taken care of, i never do anything i dont like anymore- if i dont like politics- who cares if i loved the topic 2 weeks ago- if i dont feel like it now- it doesnt interest me- to hell with it- i only do what exites me- and that can be a topic or activity that has exited me for years or it can be something brand-new- it doesnt matter- whatever it is- i only do or focus my attention on that which fills me with enthusiasm in focusing upon that

and you are forgetting one final thing- its not useless- you are boiling down the love from your higher self/god into science and belief-change (Which is important) but you cant forget it is never just that- our existence is based on love- your higher self is not some numb-nut- it is highly intelligent and all-powerful- it is based on LOVE and it knows you- and it always is with you- problem is, with beliefs like that its gotta be hard to get through to you and show you that everything has massive meaning, nothing is coincidental, everything matters and especially you yourself- matter SO MUCH that literally your every desire is without question granted- within seconds- always always always and you are always taken care of, loved, listened to, catered to, helped when needed etc etc etc trust me, if you and your life were that useless as you are making it out to be- why even exist then? why would you even be here if you have no meaning? i dont think god would have been like ok- well this consciousness here- totally useless and without any meaning whatsoever- lets bring it into physical reality so i can grant every single desire they have with no questions asked and always having my attention on them every single second of their physical life- just literally waiting for them to ask for something so i can give it to them in the most satisyfing way- im sure that god is not an idiot and if you were really that useless im guessing we wouldnt have this conversation now would we- because you would be non-existent- so. chillax, if you really believe god would have created you with literally no purpose whatsoever- than maybe you are not understanding spirituality at all- for that is its entire premise- i think you dont have enough information to make such bold statements about spirituality- already determining some kind of fatalistic outcome without even having all the facts straight-

you need some serious meditation because this is not the talk you want to be talking believe me


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Nice answer, I can sense a lot of joy and positivity from you. To tell you the truth, I was ready to attack your arguments one by one but I stopped and reread the answer again a few times. You pointed out a few important and valuable things. Yes, I was talking from a bad feeling place, totally forgot about the vortex somehow. Thanks a bunchhhh

(16 Jun '18, 18:33) Marin

you know actually AFTER writing this- the perfect answer popped up in my head: dont worry about finding life meaningless, find it meaningless while you can because sooner than later something will happen that will fill you with that feeling of desire, passion and enthusiasm- and you will forget all about your previous existential-spiritual-crisis-self and think to yourself, you know, i was wrong about that meaningless thing because i just didnt know THIS existed. and that will be that.

(21 Jun '18, 16:30) Januaryfeelings

No. You are encountering a cluster of negative beliefs surrounding the idea of internal authority.

Just because life is an illusion doesn't mean it's not important. Just because you will see your loved ones again in heaven doesn't make your physical connection in this incarnation less precious. Just because it doesn't matter what you do doesn't mean you cannot prefer to do well. Just because you decided your life's purpose on your own doesn't make it any less authoritative.

Make up the best purpose the world has ever seen. Use your unique challenges to advance the experience of all there is. Speak with authority, and live like no one has lived before. There is nothing else to do.


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Love every word.

(28 Jun '18, 05:59) Nikulas

I understand where you're coming from! I never thought I would miss that element of surprise or mystery in life but sometimes I do. It seems to me like you're just ready to go to the next level though. Remember there is so much more to discover in this world though than LOA, LOA is just a tiny part of it. If I'm really stuck I'll look up some of those supernatural reddit threads and realise there's thousands of avenues I haven't explored (our power goes way, way, way beyond manifesting a few objects)

When that fails to cheer me up I try and find fun ways to play around with reality creation that have never been done before, until I find ways that get some energy moving. I read somewhere last week about someone who org---ms while thinking about their desire and it supercharges the process and they get their desire within 12 hours! It made me laugh.

Keep looking around, hopefully you'll find something that interests you again!


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spirituality and
materialism do
not mix well, even if stirred,
what does desire search to find


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I used to feel the same way as you few years ago when I found about the Law of Attraction and sprituality stuff.

Everything is meaningless and doesn't matter in the end. All life is only your version of it. Earth is just a playing field. Why would then, someone who is familiar with spiritual theories and Law of Attraction, ever be concerned with, let's say, environmental issues?

One of the reasons why you would be saying this is you have not managed to become a successful creator yet and see things manifest in your life or even just vibrational matches. You claim that with the LOA, things and life are truly predictable.. but is it really that predictable yet for you? People who are successful creators truly enjoy life to the fullest. I'm not one of them yet but I have seen them in action. The true fun is in the process and not the end result. It is just like competing in sports, if someone told you you would be first right from the start, what joy is there in it compared to if you struggled hard and beat everybody to get that first position?

And you're wrong if you think that things and life are truly predictable with the LOA.. because the LOA can actually bring the things you want in the most unexpected and astonishing ways you can ever think of, sometimes out of what a normal person would imagine possible. E.g. the classic story of receiving cheques in the mail? The end result of getting the thing is the same, but the process sometimes really surprises you and you sometimes think back to yourself how was that even possible?

Eventually, as you struggle to become a successful creator, you will start to slowly lose interest in this spirituality stuff and go back to your daily routine and work as per before. You will start to feel instead "Oh great, it's just another day and we are all gonna die anyway, so why not just take it easy on ourselves and stop being so harsh on ourselves?" and everything will be back to normal, until the time comes when you start to take an interest in spirituality stuff again.


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@kakaboo Friend, what I am saying is there seems to be absolutely no reason to continue performing a great majority of jobs/careers/activities while at the same time believing in LOA. Scientist who believes in LOA who is trying to find a cure for cancer is like a thirsty man looking for water, refusing to drink a bottle of water beside him. Totally absurd. I personally would feel like a fool. In fact I actually do

(31 Jul '18, 14:01) Marin

@Marin Hi friend, It's not absurd at all. E.g. read this answer: There are a lot of people who do jobs/careers/activities just because they enjoy it and not because they want anything from it.

(31 Jul '18, 19:06) kakaboo

As for the scientist looking for a cure for cancer, look at it from a diff perspective - if it was so easy, why haven't anyone really done it? Why don't you try doing it? Let's say you want a red sports car and you know you will surely get it. but is getting it the fun part, or doing the "work" (be it manifesting work or normal work like saving up) the fun part? It is the process of doing the "work" that makes getting the red sports car fun, not the red sports car itself.

(31 Jul '18, 19:07) kakaboo
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