This morning, we had our dog euthanized, or "put to sleep".

Jake came to us from a rescue group, a casualty of the foreclosure crisis. His family had tied him to a back door and moved away, leaving no address or anyone to care for him when they'd been forced to move.

He was quite elderly, nearly blind, deaf and had arthritis. Still, he deserved dignity and love. So for the last several months we gave this gentle, giant a caring and safe home. We have other pets as well and he fit right into the family.

Despite some pretty good check-ups at the veterinarian, I began to feel a few days ago that something was wrong. I would see him and think, "He won't be with us long. He has suffered long enough." This would enter my mind over and over. Yesterday when I would touch him the words, "I am tired of living now." would come to me.

Last night, he fell on the steps and was limping badly this morning, so of course we took him to the vets. She did an examination, and to make a long story short, he had developed diabetes, and large lung tumors over the past few weeks. He was feeling pain and not going to get better considering his age. She recommended we end his suffering since he had so many serious things wrong and failing at once.

This was difficult and we will miss him so much.

But I ask all of you: Did I really get telepathic communication from my dog? If not, how did I know his time was short? Did I see his suffering and somehow "kid" myself into thinking he was all right? Was it perhaps a strong empathy? What happened here? Opinions please!

asked 20 Feb '10, 02:06

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LeeAnn 1

Not only did you pick up on him communicating with you, he will most likely continue to remain as your companion but in spirit. Don't be afraid of this. He will remain the same in spirit as he was your physical companion. He will continue to protect you the best he can. Eventually when you are ready for your own graduation to the other side, you will be pleasantly surprised to re-unite with him again.

(20 Feb '10, 04:21) The Traveller

Isn't it comforting to feel that his spirit will stay with you.

(20 Feb '10, 13:49) Michaela

Thank you Traveler and Michaela for the comforting comments.

(20 Feb '10, 14:40) LeeAnn 1
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First of all, I am very sorry for your loss. You sound like a wonderful person with a wonderful family, and I think I can answer your question with a definitive, "Yes."

Pet lovers are unique. Pets are an expense and can be a lot of trouble and mess, but I cannot imagine my life without any pets. I just cannot. LeeAnn, I have six cats and a Labrador dog. At one time, we had eleven cats, two dogs, a pair of guinea pigs, and a rat! That was back in the days when I had kids at home, and the kids loved animals, too.

I work with, and am close to, my "pride " of miniature tigers. They have distinctive personalities, and "talk" to me with voice and especially with actions.

Two of my cats are blind from birth. The only concession I have had to make with their blindness is a step stool up to the island in the kitchen where the cat feeder is located.

I mention the blind kitties because I sensed from the very beginning that they wanted to live, they wanted a chance. They are now eleven, and Dottie is dying. She is telling me by staying very close to me, asking for a lot of affection. She eats very little. There seems to be no suffering, but she is telling me she is getting ready to move on. She has also become very attached to my sweaters and jackets.

Now, how do I know?

I know because I have had many, many cats, and I can tell. And she is telling me as best as she can. She is a little afraid. I sense it. I sense her weariness. It is just something you develop as an owner of animals. It may not be telepathy, but something is working on my subconscious. Is it telepathy? Perhaps. What is more likely is that it is an acute awareness between us, born of years of experience with animals. People who do not have animals do not develop this a awareness. You sensed it, and you read Jake correctly. It is that simple.

You went with the flow, LeeAnn, and that is very good. You let Jake decide. Animals pass on very gently and easily. They do not fear death, because they don't know about it, exactly. But that ease of passage is part of nature. Check out a few CDs of wolves. They are amazing and very bright. This will help you to understand your dogs in a whole new way. When they are ready to die, they disappear from the pack. They "know".

Jake knew. And so did you. I think he was sent to you to teach you that you are able to do this with animals.

I hope this helps.

Many, many blessings on you!



answered 20 Feb '10, 04:49

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And I bet that Jake will be close to the front of the line when it's time to Greet You. Pets are a Blessing. Love and Light LeeAnn.

(20 Feb '10, 06:14) Roy

Thank you, Jaianniah for all that you wrote. I had not thought about the angle of the bond being so strong that we just sense things through experience with animals. Indeed, I have been around animals all of my life and maybe because of that have an empathy some wouldn't have developed. It sounds like you have this as well. I held Jake for his transition so he would feel my touch and not be afraid. I hope your kitty has just as peaceful a transition and that you'll be comforted with your memories afterwards. (but hopefully you have some more time together!)

(20 Feb '10, 14:48) LeeAnn 1

I hope you're right Roy. The bond and love we have with our animals seems something that should go on past this life and never be destroyed. Thank for that nice image! – LeeAnn 4 mins ago [delete this comment]

(20 Feb '10, 14:48) LeeAnn 1

You are quite welcome. I have thought many times of writing a book about just this very subject. Animals are much, much brighter than we can imagine. I have a friend who has a love bird. She says, "Pieces of eight!" as an exclamation of disgust. When my friend's boyfriend gets drunk and he comes near the bird, she screams, "Pieces of Eight! Pieces of eight!" Quite hilarious. Anyway, I will say a prayer that your grief will ease. Jake is happily playing in Heaven. That's another thing I truly believe. Animals have souls. Blessings again, Jai

(20 Feb '10, 15:01) Jaianniah

I think they have souls too, and you know, a book like that would be really welcomed and helpful!

(20 Feb '10, 22:26) LeeAnn 1
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I don't think I can really give you a definitive answer here - I really don't know too much about telepathy. I have two dogs and can only imagine how hard it was for you to put him to sleep. I personally think , without a doubt, that you picked up on his energy and knew he was suffering. Obviously you are a very empathetic person and I think you know in your heart that you did the humane thing.I'm sure you'll miss him but I am glad for you that you do have other pets. I'm sure there is a part of you relieved to know that he is no longer suffering.


answered 20 Feb '10, 03:18

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Thank you so much for your kind words, Michaela.

(20 Feb '10, 03:21) LeeAnn 1

agreed with micheala. you were able so sense his/her energy and were able to read it based on the feeling that it had created. energy is the reality, feeling is the guide.

(20 Feb '10, 07:20) Mebb

That is true Mebb and thank you.

(20 Feb '10, 14:49) LeeAnn 1
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well LeeAnn was it in you or did it come from him? only you know that. when i am positive and someone say to me i was happy to see you and i hope you come back soon. and i hear in my mind: i don't like you don't come back then i know that it did not come from me and it is what the person in front of me really thinks. then i will not come back the person might wounder why or if i have know from someone she told. but she will never know that i could ear what she thinks inside of her. so experience and enjoy.


answered 28 Aug '11, 08:28

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white tiger

edited 13 Sep '11, 01:19

I understand what you mean and I agree. I thought he was all right for a little while longer, but I did know he was suffering with age, so perhaps the message came from me....perhaps from him. I am not sure. It's OK either way.

(28 Aug '11, 17:28) LeeAnn 1

yes it is ok either way both of you agree. but what i am saying is that when it is not from you it most be from someone else you ear them like if they speak to you directly from inside of is sharing even more deeply then the common day to day life.nothing is hiden.experience and enjoy.

(28 Aug '11, 18:08) white tiger

Here is a video i've just come across ... i'm sure you'll find it most interesting


answered 08 Nov '11, 16:21

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blubird two

Thank you, Blubird, I loved this video and story!

(08 Nov '11, 20:20) LeeAnn 1
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