I ask this in relation to the Law of Attracton because most people are concerned with the length of time it takes to manifest a desire. But does time matter to the Universe? And if we live with faith knowing that the Universe will deliver at some point then it really does not matter when our desires manifest. Also is it the physical manifestation that we most desire or the feelings that are associated with those such as Peace, Happiness, Harmony, etc. If its the latter then we never have to wait for the phsical manifestation because we will always be where we want to be. Just trying to rationalize this process and would like to hear your views.

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See my answer...But I agree in principle with what you have stated in your question.

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I fully agree with you that time does not matter to the Universe at all and funnily enough when we're not noticing how long something takes to manifest, it seems to show up a lot quicker - I guess because we're not worrying about it.

Physical or material things will only satisfy us for a short period in time before we want something else. I think you have it right when you say that it's actually the feelings we're chasing and the physical things will never bring any complete sense of satisfaction for long before we're looking for the next thing to fulfil us.

The more time we spend bringing forth these feelings from within, the less we look for the material things and there again things seem to flow to us more easily.

This is not to say that there is anything wrong with manifesting things or enjoying them, but we have to be careful not to get attached to these things because that's when problems arise.


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Time is an invention of man. It doesn't matter to the Universe/Spirit. You can only manifest when you are present in the moment, because that is the only place you can find God.


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Time is the image of eternity in motion. To the Universe an eon or an eye blink is the same. The only thing that ensures that your desire is realized is that what you want it is from the depths of your soul, then rest and let the Universe do its job.


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Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once. Space is what prevents everything from happening to me.

-- Attributed to John Archibald Wheeler

In the book, Tertium Organum, the author imagines a two-dimensional world, with two-dimensional creatures. This world is called FlatLand. If you are an inhabitant of Flatland, you are a line on a sheet. I am a similar line on a sheet, and if I look in your direction, I can see you in the distance as a line. You similarly see me as a line; so far so good.

Beyond the plane that is Flatland (outside of it), lies the three-dimensional world of Spaceland. In it, live creatures such as spheres and cubes.

One day, one of the spheres from SpaceLand intersects Flatland and passes through it.

alt text

As inhabitants of FlatLand, what would we see? We would see a new line in FlatLand suddenly appear out of nowhere, grow larger, reach a maximum size, then gradually grow smaller and disappear again.

What magic is this?

The Flatlanders have no way of knowing that it is a sphere that is causing this phenomenon, because they cannot see anything outside of the plane on which they live. In fact, they can't even imagine what a sphere looks like; they are two-dimensional creatures, after all. The sheet is their entire universe; they can't possibly imagine that there might be anything outside of it.

The inhabitants of SpaceLand see something different. They see a certain aspect of their spherical friend interact with FlatLand, forming a varying size circle.

alt text

So what does all this have to do with time? Well, time is the mysterious fourth-dimensional component that intersects our three-dimensional world. We perceive time because, in this physical life, our world is an aspect of four-dimensional movement of space-time through a three-dimensional world. But in the four-dimensional world beyond this physical, there is no movement of time as we perceive it, and time is not a separate thing.

In Illusions, the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, Richard Bach had this to say about time, in the context of a lifetime of experiences:

“You can hold a reel of film in your hands,” he said, “and it’s all finished and complete - beginning, middle, end are all there that same second, the same millionths of a second. The film exists beyond the time that it records, and if you know what the movie is, you know generally what’s going to happen before you walk into the theater: there’s going to be battles and excitement, winners and losers, romance, disaster; you know that’s all going to be there. But in order to get caught up and swept away in it, in order to enjoy it to its most, you have to put it in a projector and let it go through the lens minute by minute... any illusion requires space and time to be experienced. So you pay your nickel and you get your ticket and you settle down and forget what’s going on outside the theater and the movie begins for you.”

Notice that, if you replace the words, "Movie" and "Film" with the word, "Life" or "Lifetime", the paragraph still makes sense.


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