Hello:) I am getting confused about the issue of inviting money to your bank account and providing a product/service of value to bring that money in your bank account [I have used ‘bank account’ for simplicity].

If $million = product/service, then does it follow that no product/service must = $0?

In other words, is the crux of acquiring $1 million based on exchange, in that you have to have a something that is [potentially] worth $1 million so that it then attracts people/situations to you? If that is the case, what about those who do not have a service? Perhaps for some reason [that I can't think of at this moment], some people are unable to ever have a service of value. Do they then not attract money, or situations that would lead to money, even tho they are positively thinking about attracting it and offering no resistance? Or, do they somehow only attract far less money than if they had a service to provide? Or maybe do they first have to ask for a service to provide in order to start the process off that leads them ultimately to the $1 million?

As an aside, how then is this applied to something else, like health for example? Is it a case of you wish no ill on anyone, therefore you receive no ill health yourself [= exchange].

Doesn’t that then come back to the working hard ethic thing, with a positive attitude whilst offering no resistance in order to attract peeps and situations that are conducive to the possibility of earning the $1 million. [my brain is exploding!].

It’s just I am reading so much about imagining, offering no resistance and getting the $1 million [the 1 million being used as an example only] and very little by comparison in this information discusses the importance, or unimportance, of providing a service of value.

I am not criticizing the information I am learning, I just want to be able to understand it better. It just seems so contrary to the ethos of “ask and it is given”. Most likely I have missed the point again! Thank you to anyone who read this and managed to get to this point of the question:)

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Once, at an Abraham-Hicks seminar, Abraham was asked by an audience member, "I want to make a million dollars, but I don't want to work for it." To which Abraham replied, "Well, you're offering a desire, but then you are immediately offering a contradictory thought. Wouldn't it be better if you asked the question, 'How can I make a million dollars, in a way that's compatible with who I am?'"

Working hard is overrated. Having a clear, focused mind is much more effective. But I think you still have to work, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Work speeds up the manifestation process and creates fulfillment, if you are doing that work in joyful alignment with who you are.

Money is a measure of energy, a transfer of value. To obtain it, you have to provide value to other people. But that value can come in many forms. Sometimes you just have to be a nice person, and people will give you money. This is especially true of people in the service industry (waitresses for example), who make part of their income via tips.

But being a nice person is particularly valuable in business, where your ability to get people to trust you is immeasureably important. This doesn't mean putting on a fake smile; it means radiating genuine love, happiness and caring, and doing things in a way that respects that trust. You do this by first being a happy person yourself, and you do that by being grateful for the things and people in your life that you already have.

So how do you get the million dollars? Well, first of all, if you are a working adult, you will probably earn a million dollars of income in your lifetime. I am assuming that you actually want a million dollars in the bank, or a million dollars in net worth. But do you just want to be worth a million dollars, or do you want what the million dollars will give you? A million dollars is not exciting in and of itself (say a million dollars enough times and even the words start to sound mundane); it's what you can do with a million dollars that jazzes most people. It's the choices and the freedom that the million dollars can give you.

Do you want to buy a boat? There are ways to have a boat besides earning a million dollars. If you are like me, and the open sea makes you feel like nothing else (it's the closest thing I can think of to being in space), you can have that experience in a number of different ways without owning a boat.

Yes, you have to provide value for other people to earn a million dollars. But it can't just be about the million dollars. It also has to be about what the million dollars will bring you, and about the value you provide to other people, and about enjoying the journey. Your journey will be much smoother if you can provide a product or service that excites you. If it excites you, it will excite other people, and they will give you money for it.

Your journey will be much more fulfilling if you are exercising your talents. What are you good at? Become exceptionally good at it, and people will eventually give you a million dollars for it.

The way you activate the seeds of
your creation is by making
choices about the results you
want to create.

When you make a choice,
you mobilize vast human energies
and resources
which otherwise go untapped.

All too often people fail
to focus their choices upon results
and therefore their choices are

If you limit your choices
only to what seems
possible or reasonable
you disconnect yourself from what
you truly want,
and all that is left
is a compromise.

-- Frijtof Capra


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“Money is a measure of energy, a transfer of value” – lovely, easily understandable way to put it, thank you:)

(09 Jan '10, 12:40) DivineHammer

Bashar says the secret to selling anything is to sell yourself. And have such high passion and energy about something that people will want that energy part of 'you', whether that be in the form of a book or a movie, it doesn't matter, because 'your' energy is still in there, and that's what people are really after.

(16 Aug '12, 22:20) Nikulas

A few thoughts popped up in my mind on this subject so I'll break this down in unrelated topics of answers.

Are you worth one dollar? If a million people paid you just one dollar for a service you have a million dollars. So this is an example to show a million does not have to come from ONE source one way it could come from very many sources in very many ways a little here a little there all adding up.

With this said a way to increase the capital gain is to invest at compound interest, this is interest that increases with the money, ordinarily lets say I have $500 in the bank and I gain 10% interest so now I have $550 but the next time I gain another 10% interest I get another $50 because the interest money is sort of kept separate from the principle money. But now if it were compound interest after the first $550 the next interest would be on the whole $550 so the next amount you go up would not be $600 but $605 that does not seem like a lot at first but it starts adding up month after month. I am doing this 10% stuff in my head so forgive me if I am off, I'll correct it later.

The interesting thing about manifesting, have ever noticed for money they say provide a product or service but for a boat, car or house they say nothing about that? I just find that a strange side note on worthiness feelings.


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If at age 25 you begin saving $100 each month in a retirement account making 12% per year, you will have a million dollars at age 65. Alas, most people wait too long. If you wait until you are 45 to begin saving, you need almost $1200 per month to get the same million at 65. http://www.bloomberg.com/invest/calculators/retire.html

(08 Jan '10, 21:14) Vesuvius

Wow and I'm 43 now! I am one of those wait too long people!!! Ahhhh! Oh well there are other ways as I pointed out but this is very good information Vesuvius!

(08 Jan '10, 21:24) Wade Casaldi

Obtaining $1 Million is based only on state of consciousness / vibration. If you accept that you have $1 Million (: truly, you have it ALL and $1 Million is a paltry sum compared to your Infinite wealth :) then you do. "Exchange" is actually an illusion. We are only ever dreaming an experience that corresponds to the state of consciousness. If a state of consciousness corresponds to great "material" wealth then it is irrelevant whether exchange is involved or not, what is relevant is that that state of abundance must produce its corresponding reflection in circumstance.


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What are you willing to give in return to get a million dollar in your bank account?

There is a saying: you have to give to get. What are you willing to give to get what you want?

It is going to cost you something to get that million dollar, so you will have to deciede what you are willing to give. Is it a service that you can provide, and get paid for,do you have a special talent whereby you can sell your service, are you self employed, if so how can you improve your business sales to make a million dollar, or do you have a job, and can you ask for a promotion in your position, and can you get a second job to increase your earnings etc.

Base upon my experience, you have to be doing something to get back something in return. The law-of-Attraction will bring it to you when you are ready, may be it will come to you in a very different way, than you would least expect, but it will happen. You can count on the Universe to manifest for you.


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