I got a inspiration to research channeling- and i followed it of course!

I started by looking on youtube and of course, this forum- and in one of the questions tagged 'channeling', Stingray recommended to read a book by Sanaya Roman called Opening to Channel- How to Connect with your Guide. So naturally, i read the book.

In the book, the author describes what is a 'channeled' state as follows:

"...The times when inspiration flows effortlessly are similair to the channeled state. Most of you have had brief experiences of a channeling-like space, such as talking to a friend in need, feeling wisdom flow through you and saying things you had not originally intended to say. The moments you feel deep love for a friend, awe for a beautiful sunrise, appreciation for the beauty of a flower, or the reverence of deep prayer all contain elements of this state of consciousness. When a very clear internal voice tells you things that come from a higher level than your normal thoughts, when you are teaching others and suddenly feel inspired, when you feel an impulse to say unexpected and wise things or touch in unusual and healing ways, you may be experiencing elements of how a channeled state feels. The channeling state creates subtle changes in your perception of reality. Channeling usually causes a change in your breathing and sensations in your upper body..."

So after reading this i was like..wait, i thought that was what being in the vortex was. I did not know i was channeling something- i thought i was in the vortex and that it was ME being in my natural state of bliss how i was supposed to feel like here on earth...joyful exited and blissful. I thought it was me reaching that point of ease and flow and tingeling in my hands was me being in the vortex- being and feeling as i intended to feel when i decided to come into this body. But now i see that it wasnt me- it was a channeled state? i dont get it..what is the vortex then? could someone please explain? was i in the vortex or was i channeling bashar here

what is in the vortex then?

asked 29 Sep '18, 09:07

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It's all about intention really.

With the "Channeling" state, which Abraham refers to as blending, you hold an intention to receive information while you are in the good-feeling state. (You can actually "channel" without feeling good - as you can with manifesting in general - but you really don't want to play that game if you want a happy life)

With Vortex alignment, you are holding an intention to become one of the frequency matches (a co-operative component) that make up the Vortex, thereby matching up to everything else that's in your Vortex ( i.e. making your elevator rise to the floor containing the stuff you want ).

With Meditation, as another example, you are holding an intention to be free of conscious thought so you just enjoy (and practice) the free-flowing of Universal Energy through you.

To someone watching you as an outside observer, you may seem to be engaging in the same activity each time but, internally, you are holding very different intentions for each one.


answered 30 Sep '18, 04:42

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i think i understand BUT quick follow-up: when i am in the vortex a lot of the time- if not always- i receive information AS WELL concerning matters i have been thinking about during non-vortex time- now for me i see this as a part of being in the vortex- when im in the vortex all solutions come to me- i never have an intention to receive it any information as i have always thought this was something that was part of the vortex-alignment NOT that i was channeling

(30 Sep '18, 11:56) Januaryfeelings

@Januaryfeelings - One of the by-products of being in the Vortex state is that you start receiving a stream of impulses and inspirations - that happens completely naturally and automatically, but not generally under your control...they come when they come.

The Channeling state is a more precise state of information "reception"...you can do it on-demand, you could say. Also, when people think of channeling, they generally think of consciousnesses other than your own, but it doesn't have to be

(30 Sep '18, 14:45) Stingray

ah i see! so if for example i have something specific i want to receive information over- instead of it randomly (if ever) popping up to me during vortex alignment- i can now try channeling and receive the information i want right away (of course during vortex alignment as well so i know that the information given will match my high frequency)

(30 Sep '18, 19:05) Januaryfeelings

many thanks to you- as always you make me understand things:)

(30 Sep '18, 19:08) Januaryfeelings

yes and if i would try to channel i would like to keep it between me and my higher self- dont think i am ready for any other entities- not that they have asked but still

(30 Sep '18, 19:13) Januaryfeelings

@Januaryfeelings - "i can now try channeling and receive the information i want right away" - Well, that's the theory...the practice may take a little longer to master :) One enormously valuable tip to bear in mind with this sort of deliberate reception of information is to ask your questions at a different time to when you want to receive your answer i.e. use your Channeling state as a receiving state only...not as a question-asking state: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/10864#11156

(02 Oct '18, 13:00) Stingray

would you say that a 'receiving' state is one where you do not think of the question at all right? like an allowing state- you just do whatever you do and let the answer simply come to you- but again- then whats the difference between that and the vortex? where again- answers come when they come not under my control- so how is channeling the answer differently than me just generally being out of the vortex- asking for something and then when i am in the vortex the answer randomly comes

(02 Oct '18, 16:20) Januaryfeelings

you said the channeling state is one of on-demand almost- but then again you also said that one should ask questions at a different time as to when you want to receive answers...how do those things work together?

(02 Oct '18, 16:22) Januaryfeelings

@Januaryfeelings - "then whats the difference between that and the vortex?" - The difference is the intention. Before you begin the receiving for "Channeling", you hold an intention like, say, "I want to hear from my broader perspective".

(03 Oct '18, 14:15) Stingray

@Januaryfeelings - "how do those things work together?" - So here is a method you might like to try...

1) The day before (or a few days before) your channeling session, make a list of all the questions you would like answers for. They can be questions about anything.

2) When you are ready to receive, get yourself into a Vortex aligned state. Now either think to yourself (or say to yourself): "I want to hear from my broader perspective" or whatever words work for you.

(03 Oct '18, 14:18) Stingray


3) As you say these words, hold your fingers on a computer keyboard with a word processing document open. (If you are not a touch typist, this might not be suitable)

4) Now just wait until you feel like typing something. For me, I like to have my eyes closed. Now just type whatever comes into your mind. Don't try to judge it. You might be convinced you are typing nonsense but just go with the flow.

(03 Oct '18, 14:21) Stingray


5) At certain times, you may feel a surge of energy (perhaps an expanded awareness). In my experience, during those times, you are really "tuned in" to the stream of consciousness flowing through you. You may wish to type something to acknowledge the point at which this "flow" started or stopped. (You could type "Start" or "Stop", for example) This is helpful when reading back your stuff.

6) When you feel the urge to stop (or you can't continue), just stop.

(03 Oct '18, 14:25) Stingray


7) Take a break and come back to the text later. Read it through and, depending on how good a typist you are with your eyes closed, you may need to edit it for spelling/grammar.

8) Read through what you've written and see if it makes any sense. If not, just save it somewhere. It may make sense at some time in the future.

9) You'll often think you are just making it all up but ignore that feeling and only judge the information afterwards when you read it back.

(03 Oct '18, 14:27) Stingray

officially going to have this experiment upcoming weekend! and omyygoddd it seriously sounds hella exiting cant wait to see what happens!

(03 Oct '18, 19:00) Januaryfeelings

from the more practical side- i type blindly as is so this sounds like something i could do

and lets all be honest here i usually type nonsense anyway so that certainly wont throw me off lol

(03 Oct '18, 19:04) Januaryfeelings
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The vortex and the channeling state are the same.

when you are in the state of allowing you're in the vortex/channeling.

It just depends how much you allow and for how long.

for example - when Ester Hicks channels she is letting go of all her thoughts and allow for a very long time. she isn't get distructed by anything. it isn't that easy (but possible of course).

it is easier to allow in a quiet place when we feel safe and free like in meditation.
or with a close friend "talking to a friend in need" or in nature "appreciation for the beauty of a flower" or anytime when we feel free and safe enough to let go of thoghts and just flow.

the problem is - we get destructed very easily. with practice anyone can allow more and more and for longer time.


answered 29 Sep '18, 15:00

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no im in the vortex daily- its literally the first thing i do when i get up in the morning is making sure i get in there...i usually dont even try to do anything else before im in the vortex but you have answered my question that its the same thing - but why do they have different names then if its the same thing?

(29 Sep '18, 19:54) Januaryfeelings

well, its the same but just different names. when you want to know whats in your vortex/be in it you got to let go of thoughts. thats go for channeling to (like in automatic writing, at some point you write without really thinking - you just flow with it or in a daydream - you don't think. ideas just comes)

(30 Sep '18, 06:26) myself

Its like Source and Inner Being. They have different names but they both mean the same thing. I guess some people would be more comfortable with 'Getting into their own Vortex' rather than 'Channeling their spirit Guide'


answered 30 Sep '18, 04:38

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