I apologize in advance for being so vague. But, long story short for me being in and out of the vortex I am like two different people nearly. I have made it my goal recently to stay in as much as possible and not talk myself out of it.

While I am in the vortex, I feel extremely powerful, all knowing, free, fearless, in control, happy, I am present, confident, I am emotionally and spiritually tuned in and aware of the nonphysical, I have ALL the answers concerning my life, other people in my life as well and how they coincide with my life, despite what fear driven people or the outside world may be telling me.

Outside of the vortex, I obviously feel the complete opposite, and what I percieve to be fear based negativity from other people seems like it's the actual truth, then I start to doubt, worry, etc. This may come from a lack of trust, I don't know. But when you are needing answers about a situation and get yourself into the vortex, should you trust what your higher self, god, source, your gut, etc. is telling you?

Or the outside world that is so dominated by fear? In other words do you believe that the insights, clarity, answers, conclusions, etc that you come to when you are in the vortex are the actual truth about situations in your life? (Please do not throw abraham hicks quotes at me talking about everyone having their own truth and perspective, I get that concept and is NOT even remotely what this is about. This is personal)

For example, when someone close to you lies, denies and recants based on deep seeded fear, should you believe that person (although it compromises everything YOU believe) or trust what your gut, intuition and most importantly source is telling you deep down? *Not my actual situation, just an example.

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In other words do you believe that the insights, clarity, answers, conclusions, etc that you come to when you are in the vortex are the actual truth about situations in your life?

Yes, always, always, always :)

But when you are genuinely Vortex-aligned, you don't feel like you have any problems so as soon as you've decided to peek outside of the Vortex back to what you believe your problems are and it makes you feel bad, you are now outside of the Vortex again :)

I know of no way to find things "wrong" with your outside world and still remain aligned with the Vortex. The Vortex is an Abraham analogy representing your alignment with Source and Source never sees anything wrong with your physical life experience...all experience is valid to Source.

If you find ways to remain predominantly Vortex-aligned - even if that involves clearing up some limiting belief obstacles to that alignment - then issues you have in your life must clear themselves up enough vibrationally to match your feeling of Vortex alignment.


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Thank you, that was really helpful. Maybe I haven't been if I'm still perceiving problems. Then again, when I feel like I am connected to source it's not that I percieve everything to be perfect, it's more to me having answers and not being worried or fearful about those "issues", because I know I can master them and create better. Maybe it's different for everyone. I'll study more on it. Anyways, thank you sooo much, I appreciate it.

(06 Sep '13, 15:20) lex

@lex - You're welcome. What I find helpful to remember is whatever kicks you out of the Vortex is a direct indication from your Inner Being that that particular issue is something it would be valuable for you to clean up next.

It's an inner inspiration because it came as a vibrational match when you were in the Vortex...even though it ended up kicking you out of the Vortex.

This is why I take notes throughout the day of what kicks me out: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/5901

(06 Sep '13, 15:46) Stingray

Yea it's mostly just contradictory thoughts that do so. Gotcha, clean up my insecurities vibrationally. Thanks again!

(07 Sep '13, 12:18) lex
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