This is a very specific question about manifesting a car that I currently do NOT have. I was trying to do it with Focus Blocks but I couldn't find any statement at all that made me feel better. Am I supposed to try and appreciate my current car-less state? A lot of previous examples were about manifesting a new car, meaning we try to appreciate the current car we have. But what if I have no car at all?

Any tips?


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Pat W

Your new car (or method of transportation) was created in the moment you wanted it, so it's now all about allowing that already-created manifestation to enter your reality...all the creation work that needed to be done has already been done.

So all you need to do is allow your vibrational level regarding the subject of that car to match the vibrational level of that virtual car.

It's a bit like making an elevator rise to the level of the building floor at which someone is waiting for you. The elevator and the floor level must match up otherwise the elevator doors are not going to open and you are not going to meet up.

alt text

The difference between the level of the elevator and the level of the floor you wish to reach represents the vibrational difference between where you are and where you want to be.

Once the alignment has been made, the elevator doors automatically open and you can step out into your new reality.

Now here is the key...

You have two ways to cause that elevator to align with the right floor of the building.

  1. You can use what you want (the new car) as an excuse to feel good (raise the elevator) until you are at the right floor.

  2. You can use anything else as an excuse to feel good (raise the elevator) until you are at the right floor.

It's worth taking the time to really grasp this is hugely important!

You don't have to think about what you want to get what you want

Indeed, if you suddenly found yourself wanting something that you had never thought about before and then you deliberately never thought about it again, it would manifest quickly and easily because there would be no habits of thought already in existence to oppose it.

This is why it seems easy to manifest things you are not bothered about, and hard to manifest things you really want. You've just already built up more resistance about those things you really want by thinking about them alot from a place of not having them yet.

Just getting yourself into the Vortex using the (Advanced) Focus Blocks Method (Focus Blocks --> Positive Aspects --> Rampage of Appreciation) is all the vibrational work you need to do.

While it would be a good idea to use a Focus Block about a new car to get yourself to a neutral feeling about the car (so you are not habitually resisting it), you don't then have to do any positive aspects about the new car...using anything else instead will have the same effect. The car will then come at the most appropriate time.

If you really want to try to force the car to come quicker, you can start listing positive aspects of transportation, cars in general etc (anything roughly in that subject area) but the danger here is that you could start drifting into doing the process to get the manifestation instead of for the fun of it.

Forcing manifestations to happen is a pretty delicate business in my experience - you have to monitor your emotional responses very carefully - but it can be done...but I wouldn't recommend trying it if you are just starting out.


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Thanks Stingray. I have been firing up new focus blocks, which are about what's bothering me, so the not-having-a-car thing came up, and I got stuck. So in fact, you're saying, I can just keep working on all my other focus blocks and not have to force some statements regarding this car thing, and as long as I'm starting to feel pretty good, I'm in a state of allowing (for all of my desires in general)?

(24 Nov '10, 15:39) Pat W

You got it, Pat :)

(24 Nov '10, 15:41) Stingray

@Stingray- Very insightful answer (ha, that's original).

May I ask, how did you discover if it was possible to 'force things' into manifestation? Was it just observation through years (maybe decades, IDK) of playing around with reality creation concepts?

...And, even when you 'force' things to manifest, do you do it with a background mentality of doing it for the fun of it/ to see if it's possible?

(03 May '13, 08:50) Nikulas

@Nikulas - I think these "discoveries" tend to come about because of two (perhaps unhealthy) personality traits I've always had. Firstly, I'm suspicious of everything that anyone tells me so I'm always trying and testing even (or especially) if people say you shouldn't :) And secondly I'm always pushing the "limits" in my life, as I perceive them, which tends to get me into "messes" on a regular basis when I push beyond my beliefs. I learn far more from "failure" than success.

(04 May '13, 07:47) Stingray

@Nikulas - So regarding "forcing manifestations", most of those ideas came about from needing things to work because of messes I had got myself into, and then looking back afterwards to see the pattern. Abraham also implied I was on the right track with a "trial and error" approach when I spoke to them in person: . I haven't yet mastered the art of genuinely "forcing with fun" but it's probably only a matter of time and practice :)

(04 May '13, 07:50) Stingray
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The concept of the focus block seems to hinge on the premis that we cant believe/accept a jump in belief thats TOO big. The system seems to step up the level by progression to finally accept the ultimate outcome.

The system adhered to by the early new age folk such as Trine,Troward and Holmes seemed to hinge on telling the sub conscious mind something was true and just leaving it to accept this.The premise here being that subjective mind would believe what it was told eventually.

I know ive massively simpified the above.

My view is to affirm and tell my mind something between the two. I always affirm that my car,woman,boat etc in being drawn to me and that were being drawn together.My mind knows that at present ive not got these things in the physical but my mind IS readily able to accept that there on there way and at the present time being drawn nearer and nearer.

If the focus block is 1 for not having and 10 for driving off in the Ferrari then i often cant climb any higher than say 8. So i get as far as i can. I seem to be able to believe that things are on their way and am comfortable with this.

I also would stress that im also sure that they will indeed manifest BUT perhaps not lightning fast.

This has worked for me and continues to do so. Slow but sure.Im open to the concept of quicker manifestations but for me its worked slowly.



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Monty Riviera

Thanks Graham. It's always good to know one more person for whom this works. :)

(24 Nov '10, 15:39) Pat W
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