Hi everyone,

I am in the network Marketing business - and a new student of Abraham and the Master key system.

One of the actions that is required in network marketing is calling people and inviting them to meetings. Over the past few months I developed a kind of anxiety of that and find myself doing everything to avoid it, although I know this fear is stupid.

Every time I think about those calls I go down the emotional scale and out of the vortex. So I stopped doing it and focused for the past week on being in the vortex (and in this week some vibrational indicators did show up). Well yesterday my company started this new coaching program, which is of course very motivational and action-oriented, and I didn't want to join it, so the other people in the company came to me and inquired why I didn't want to join the program.

Anyway from my conversation with them a claim that sounds true came out - if I focus on getting into the vortex and stop taking action, aren't I avoiding it and it shows up too in my vibration? I mean, if I have fear of inviting people, then that's my vibration and I can't succeed!

So anyway (sorry for the length of this post), I was wondering what to do... I want to feel confident and passionate about taking action in this case, but Esther said to not be specific and only to do everything that feels good - and this certainly doesn't.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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if I focus on getting into the vortex and stop taking action, aren't I avoiding it and it shows up too in my vibration? I mean, if I have fear of inviting people, then that's my vibration and I can't succeed!

As I understand it, you are effectively saying that going into the Vortex is a kind of "avoidance behavior" because as soon as you reactivate your vibration about making these calls, you will find yourself thrown out of the Vortex again (because you are no longer a vibrational match to the rest of the good-feeling stuff in there) and you are back to Square One.

If that's what you are saying then I agree with you.

There is a basic principle here:

"Your vibration on any subject always remains where you last left it"

There now seems to be three situations to think about regarding this principle.

  1. Situation 1 - You already feel good about the subject

    Here this principle is your best friend because you are already vibrating in an allowing place on the subject. So you don't have to do anything else to carry on vibrating there eternally.

  2. Situation 2 - You don't feel good about the subject but you never reactivate the subject in your life again

    Here the principle becomes irrelevant. If you never reactivate the subject again in your life to the extent that it generates a conscious negative emotion within you then it has no part to play in your life.

    The side principle to this is that you actually don't need to waste your life dredging up the past and cleaning it up if you no longer have any conscious connection to it i.e. forgotten memories that are truly forgotten ("released") can be happily ignored.

    The tricky thing though is that sometimes people habituate to reactivating a subject and feeling bad about it to such an extent that they grow used to that feeling and forget that they are constantly reactivating the subject (See chronic resistance). So they think negative manifestations "come out of nowhere" - but that's never really the case.

  3. Situation 3 - You don't feel good about the subject and it keeps being reactivated in your life

    This is the situation that I observe a lot of people get stuck in.

    In effect, you can't escape from the bad-feelings (and subsequent matching manifestations) about the subject because your life circumstances keep forcing your attention back onto the problem subject.

    And the more it gets reactivated, the more the unwelcome physical manifestations pile up and grab your attention and make you feel even worse. It's kind of a downward spiral as things gradually get worse and worse in your life.

    So what's the way out of this one?

    Well, there's two options though, in reality, there's usually only one.

    The first option is to take physical action to reorganize your life so that the situation doesn't recur to reactivate the negative emotions. i.e. you can attempt to put yourself into Situation 2 above.

    For example, you could quit your job.

    This usually doesn't work though because you still have the same vibration about your job (and may reactivate it if you get another) and you might have many bad-feeling physical manifestations in your life already that have crept into other parts of your life. So the bad feelings get reactivated now from subjects that are different from the starting subject but are similar in their emotional matches.

    The second option is to clean up your vibration about the subject so it no longer throws you out of the Vortex when you reactivate it. In my experience, this is the best approach.

    There are many ways of doing vibrational clean-ups.

    My favorite approach for mass vibrational cleanups is a process I call The Focus Blocks Method - Manifesting Experiment 2.

    But I've found that sometimes a "bad feeling" vibration can drag someone down in their life to such an extent that the feeling lies at the heart of almost everything they experience. In that case, a more high-powered "industrial strength" clean-up approach might be more useful. There's one I've put together, which you might like to take a look at, called The Resistance Release Method - Manifesting Experiment 4

Hope all that helps in some way :)


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Fantastic. you helped me a lot. Thanks.

(12 Aug '11, 16:52) Benjamin

You're welcome, CBH777

(13 Aug '11, 09:20) Stingray

You know what? I wonder if you may be a bit clinically depressed.

One of the signs of this is an inability to do things that we used to do with ease. This question rang a bell with me, for I slowly became the same way as you- a gradual growing fear of doing tasks I used to do with ease. This would also explain your growing anxiety, and your need for a system to cope with what you used to do with ease.

I'd certainly consider this. It does not sound too bad yet, so your family doctor should be consulted before you get any more anxious about this suddenly growing problem.

Just a thought. I wish you much luck. I leave the Master Key System parts to the experts, who will surely post.

But I did want to point this out to you. Depression is very sneaky. Think about it for a bit...How and when did all of this begin? Google "signs of Depression", and take the test.

Good luck, Jai


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where and for what reason do you fear? is the compagnie doing something wrong? is the product a scam? or are you afraid to botter people with something they do not need? or is the problem in you? find the truth and it will help you to pin point the problem. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

There is nothing wrong with the product or the company... my fear is because of what over people think about MLM, I am a big fan of the industry and my company.

(12 Aug '11, 16:51) Benjamin

why do you care about what people think. it is their problem not yours. many people judged me in this life and they where all wrong. their problem not mine. except that i would not help or get with those people no more because i know how they are. you help them and they judge you and talk in your back. so why should i help people like that? that will try to do harm to me.

(13 Aug '11, 07:11) white tiger

Is your intuition telling you that there is a problem with the opportunity you are pursuing?

Ultimately, Multi-Level Marketing is about selling. As such, you have to be absolutely confident in your product; otherwise, you probably won't make it work. If the product is a great product that makes the world a better place, then you should feel good about selling it. Often, that's not the case with Multi-Level products; there are dubious claims about them, the product itself is over-priced because you have to pay so many "levels," and there are often suitable alternatives to the product in the traditional marketplace.

Anyone getting involved in multi-level companies should read this first.

See also
Is it true that you will never fail at anything as long as you ‘don’t quit’?
How to be successful in my sales occupation?


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"Is your intuition telling you something is wrong, that there is a problem with the opportunity you are pursuing?" You know, Ves, this thought occurred to me as well. We Westerners are so trained out of our intuition that we seldom notice until everything is going to he**! I think you have perhaps brought up a very important point! It certainly fits better than my stupid idea about depression ;o)!! Good job! I wish I had listened better to MY intuition about this problem LOL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(08 Aug '11, 20:59) Jaianniah

I don't know what you are selling, but you need to ask yourself if you really can stand behind what you sell. If you don't love it, that will eat you up. I am not a sales person, but EFT can help with getting over limiting beliefs, fears, etc... But before you do any work on the fear and anxiety, you need to make sure you love the product. If not, stop trying and find something you love. If you do love it, then do the EFT to eliminate the fears and anxiety.


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Fairy Princess

if realized that part of ones purpose in life here is to grow,
it seems contrary to growth to forfeit decision making;
for consciously choosing on what you stand, after
sorting out both your desires and intuitive impulses, you decide.
is it actually better to remain stagnant,
or is it a wall of emotionally comfort awaiting more light


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