hi everyone!

i was wondering, why do we come in to this world without the knowledge about the law of attraction or any kind of spiritual knowledge about spirits, guides, meditations etc.

we learn all this things only by chance /coincidence /bad event that leads us to that/ other... and only in an older age.

we dont really know it like we know that the sun is about to shine tommorow morning.
and the fact is that most people living around us/me/you dont know about these stuff, and it doesn't occur to them that such a things like the LOA even exists, and their lives are pretty fine by their perspective.

we are told that we dont really "learn" but that we "remember" and that we always knew, so my question is why only us? why not everyone? i mean , what is all the milions of people who dont know about the LOA purpuse in this life ? just to stay in a low vibration? or just to serve me - to see where i am vibrationally - it seem illogical to me. a more logical thing would be that i would be able to talk with everyone around me about this stuff and that it wouldn't be weird or that i wouldn't have to say nothing about it at all because it is just so obviouse - but! apparently, it isn't.

so i was thinking - is it possible that all this knowledge that i/we have is maybe useless? or unhelpful? or just all wrong from the root.

some clearity would be helpful :) thank you!

asked 09 Dec '18, 16:04

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Why do we come into this world not "knowing"?

You do know...you always know.

You carry all of your "Knowing" with you from lifetime to lifetime within the container of your Higher/Inner Self.

That's why when you align with that Bigger/Broader Part of You, that "Knowing" is remembered by the conscious side of You.

The reason your conscious self forgets in each incarnation is for the joy of the fresh new perspective from which to launch fresh new desires. Try eating the same meal each day for weeks on end and you'll internalize the concept of something fresh and new :)

same meal every day

The system of feeling-good guidance works perfectly every single time whether you are consciously aware it exists or not

To live a happy life, you don't need to know anything except that good things happen when you feel good...and we naturally gravitate towards feeling good anyway, so even that's handled perfectly.

It's only human beings with their weird societal conditioning of each other that somehow manage to come up with absurd notions like being guided by feeling good is somehow a bad thing - and therefore emotional guidance should be ignored or suppressed.

Look at the joy expressed in every newborn baby or young child...they are still young enough to remember how the system works.

It takes a few years of hard effort by distorted human-made systems and philosophies to program it out of them :)


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thanks for your answer @Stingray :)

(12 Dec '18, 12:54) myself

a beginning, a midpoint,
an end, a cycle of 3rd
density existence, with
earth's veil of forgetfulness


answered 13 Dec '18, 05:13

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thank you @fred

(17 Dec '18, 06:25) myself
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