I tend to be a person that has a lusting for ideas and concepts and likes to understand ideas intellectually.

Even inspirations I receive in very good states of mind, that beckon me to take some sort of physical action, I can rarely bring myself to apply the inspirations that I have been given.

I was listening to a Bashar conference and have heard him speak many a times of action. His way of communicating it is that inspiration/visualisation/intention is fully incomplete and insufficient if there is no action backing it up.

He likens the formulae of action as grounding a circuit of electricity, whereas the thought/idea is the element of electricity, action is the part that grounds it and makes the entire circuit properly complete.

I have always been hesitant and shy of taking action in my life, period. I am very good with routine things and I am ok when life forces me to make and create changes, but when it comes to taking action as a by product of an inspiration I get scared, hesitant, or apathetic and cannot be bothered.

How can I become a long term action taker in my life so I can complete my circuits of inspiration?

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@Nikulas - When you say action, are you talking about something big like moving to a new country or small like doing research?

(13 Jan '18, 03:50) SteveL
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The brute force approach is "Just Do It" :) ...it's an emotionally painful way to live but that's what many choose.

There is, however, a more elegant approach.

The elegant way is to understand that...

All human behavior is driven by moving towards pleasure and moving away from pain

Bashar calls this "The Motivational Mechanism". You'll see this idea referred to in other knowledge sources as the Pain/Pleasure Principle.

So if you are resisting doing something you want/need to do, it can only be because you've associated more (relative) pain with doing it than not doing it.

When you change/neutralize the association so that there is more (relative) pain associated with not doing the thing than doing it, you'll automatically do the thing.

Simple as that :)

To figure out what (relative) pain you've attached to the thing you are trying to do, just ask yourself Bashar's Questions then apply your favorite "clearing method" to deal with whatever you find.

These ideas form the basis of Manifesting Experiment 4


answered 13 Jan '18, 04:39

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@Stingray „The brute force approach is "Just Do It" :) ...it's an emotionally painful way to live but that's what many choose." But isn't action sometimes the path of least resistance? And even prefered?

(13 Jan '18, 05:32) Marin

For example, someone wants to have a PhD in quantum physics. But the idea of studying and researching as a path to his PhD isn't very appealing to him. He just wants a PhD. Can he LOA the PhD? Can he just wake up one morning with the academic title of PhD without lifting a finger?

(13 Jan '18, 05:34) Marin

Let's observe knowledge in general. It seems that studying and researching is the only path. I spoke with a channeled source some time ago and he said that LOAing knowledge is possible but the path of least resistance would be studying. Because trying to go around studying - and brute force action in this case - would be going against the „general agreements made when incarnating on earth"

(13 Jan '18, 05:35) Marin

So it seems that brute force action is sometimes even prefered, maybe even necessary.

(13 Jan '18, 05:36) Marin

@Marin - "But isn't action sometimes the path of least resistance?" - Sure. Your comments suggest you've only read the first line of the answer :)

(13 Jan '18, 07:09) Stingray

But what do you think why is that so? Because of the nature of our "agreement based" reality or because of specific beliefs of individuals? Or something else?

(13 Jan '18, 07:31) Marin

@Marin - We live in a physical reality - an illusion conjured up by our physical senses - so it follows that whatever is physical is more likely to get our attention. Its only natural to feel drawn towards physical actions in a physical reality...those are the pieces with which you are using to play the game :)

The problems are only when people insist on doing bad-feeling actions because now there's contradicted vibration - and that's not going to lead anywhere good.

(13 Jan '18, 16:03) Stingray

@Stingray great answer!

(13 Jan '18, 17:13) myself

@Stingray, I just tried your Manifesting 4 Experiment last night. I am still working on attracting two former relationships, and I've not been able to let go of the pain of their absence, despite having very different experiences in other situations. There is always like a...rigidness, or place holder, for the absence of these two people.

(13 Jan '18, 22:15) JMA

So I did Manifesting 4 the moment I read about it last night (I had never known of it before). And I was AMAZED at the painful emotions I was still carrying despite thinking I had made so much progress. And today was a very different day. I felt happier not just on a mental level but on a phyiscal level...there was that rigidness gone. Thank you!! I made progress in an area that has baffled me. I am going to do the Manifesting Ex again this evening. And each evening, until I'm clear of it all!

(13 Jan '18, 22:17) JMA

It's like an empty space that existed got filled in and now I can't tell there was ever empty space there.

(13 Jan '18, 22:21) JMA

Thanks Stingray.

(14 Jan '18, 19:21) Nikulas

@myself - Thanks

@Nikulas - You're welcome

(15 Jan '18, 02:58) Stingray

@JMA - "And I was AMAZED at the painful emotions I was still carrying despite thinking I had made so much progress" - Yes, it's interesting how we all seem to have our "blind spots" whereby, through years of practiced emotional self-numbing, we've managed to acclimate to negative emotion to the point where it becomes invisible to us.

We've turned off that loud annoying fire alarm but the house is still burning down :)

(15 Jan '18, 03:04) Stingray

Hi @Stingray, I've been doing the M4Ex at least once each day. What's really interesting is that really, really deep, beliefs that are so ingrained as to be absolutely logical and without refute...they are being refuted. I'm actually somewhat annoyed (and probably should do a FB on that, ha!) because I want to manifest my friends back, but instead, I am being taken down into territory that doesn't even seem related.

(18 Jan '18, 00:56) JMA

I did three M4Ex on my friends (well that situation), and each one took a different slant or route or perspective than the one before, until now, I can't do anymore on them. Now it's other issues that are coming up...that are much more general or arcing, like "getting what I want" " who determines what I want" "is negative stronger than positive".

(18 Jan '18, 00:59) JMA

Like today, it came to me on some level, I must believe that negative is stronger. Because when I want something that requires another person, if they don't want it, I don't get it. And the only time I get it, is if the other person wants it. So essentially, the ONLY WAY I can get what I want, is to always want what the other person wants.

(18 Jan '18, 01:02) JMA

Later tonight I have to M4Ex that particular item. But it feels so true I'm hating to explore it. :)

(18 Jan '18, 01:04) JMA

@JMA - "Now it's other issues that are coming up" - Good that it's helping you. One thing to be wary of is the temptation to do a "Whole Life Clean-Up". That's a game you'll never win because Law of Attraction will always find more and more for you to clean up : How do I neutralize deep seated recurrent resistant/negative issues?

(23 Jan '18, 04:55) Stingray
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Hi Nikulas,

I have had the same question and I have once run into an article that stated that this is related to masculine and feminine energy that is in everything.

The feminine energy is related to inspiration and receptivity, the masculine energy to acting on the inspiration

The key, according to this article, seemed to be that the more you give unconditionally the more the masculine energy increases, the more you receive gracefully (without guilt ) the more the feminine energy increases. This two energies should be balanced ideally and making sure we both give (related to the masculine energy ) and receive (related to feminine energy) unconditionally on a daily basis does this trick.

I actually can tell that in the periods of my life when I was more engaged in unconditionally give/help other people sincerely and without expecting anything in return, I was also acting with confidence and power more, according to the article this means that my masculine energy was higher.

Maybe you can also try to give and receive unconditionally on a daily basis for a while and see if anything changes regarding this. (The giving can be also compliments and receiving can also be "Thank you" but both should be unconditionally)

I also run into this audio, the seventh part of it explains this thoroughly : Divine Magic: The Seven Sacred Secrets of Manifestation (Hay House Classics)

I hope this helps you too.


answered 13 Jan '18, 02:59

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White Elf


I have massive morale issues with the whole "give unconditionally concept." For starters, it really isn't conditional...In my experience, if I approach life from that mindset then paradoxically I am trying to produce some sort of outcome through the modality of unconditional giving. It is giving with a big secretive agenda.

And 2, where does unconditional giving spill over into being a chore? Or a people pleasing philosophy?

"Giving" is a complex subject and shouldn't be so cheaply concluded.

(09 Feb '18, 07:43) Nikulas

I think that you are referring to giving as a "duty to give" that usually someone disconnected from source energy would require. This is usually not useful for the other person or you. But when you are connected to source energy and give because you feel like giving that should become a joy. But that should also mean that the masculine and feminine energy are probably balanced due to the connection to the source energy and someone would give and receive gracefully without knowing it.

(20 Jun '18, 08:40) White Elf

Giving more when you feel inspired to give, should be helpful for you I think

(20 Jun '18, 09:17) White Elf
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In every moment we choose who we are, what we want to be, and what energies we would like to experience. we define ourselves in a conscious way or not.

we can live in a limited environment or have experiences and so develope habbits that does not belong to us without even knowing...but our heart always knows and feel the uncomfort.

you started with: "I tend to be a person that has a lusting for ideas and concepts and likes to understand ideas intellectually". and thus you define yourself. you choose to be that! every single moment you think that this is who you are then - this is who you are!! A person who likes it intellectually.

it all starts with a deep cutting choice. and with the understanding of what we truly want. but not just understand it , also know it , BE!! it because you know it. live it because you know it (not because you have to!! , but because you're sure 100% that this is who you are now).

you are brainwashing yourself every milisecond that you are not an action person, so why would the results whould be otherwise? just brainwash yourself with somthing else! you already know how to do it!! it's just that you did it with something you didnt want. but it helped you to figure out what you want.


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Did you write this or is this standard new age rhetoric? It all sounds cliché.

To write authentically is a dangerous thing to do. There is my favourite quote from the Gita, "Way better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live a life of perfection that is an imitation of someone else."

(09 Feb '18, 07:40) Nikulas

why would i spend my time imitate someone else when i have myself? if you dont find any logic in that just dont read it :) have a great day!

(09 Feb '18, 07:44) myself

Seems like a good mantra:

"I act now. l act now. l act now. Henceforth, I will repeat these words again and again, each hour, each day, every day, until the words become a habit as my breathing and the actions which follow become as instinctive as the blinking of my eyelids. With these words I can condition my mind to perform every act necessary for my success. With these words I can condition my mind to meet every challenge." - Og Mandino

But for balance, Abe talks about the positives of procrastination: https://trans4mind.com/counterpoint/index-success-abundance/shafer20.shtml


answered 11 Feb '18, 20:37

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Great mantra I wonder who Og Mandino is.

(12 Feb '18, 23:26) Nikulas


In his words it is actually "I will act now" but I think it makes more sense to phrase in the present tense.

(14 Feb '18, 00:57) Delphine
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