I feel i have a lot of varied knowledge but do not know the reason why ?

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I think we all want that definate answer. We don't like feeling around in the dark

(22 Jun '11, 05:59) evelyn
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Your destiny is to be you and you are the reason why. Be the person you know you are and you will lead yourself.

Have Fun :)

Love and Light


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During the past two years I’ve listened to a lot of Bashar’s teachings because the info he imparts really resonates with me. He says that each person is a soul which incarnates into any particular life in any particular time in any particular reality to explore certain life themes. Each soul desires to explore these themes in order to experience and learn from them.

When I was in my 20’s, I began noticing certain cycles or themes which cropped up again and again in my life. And I noticed the mediocrity all around me and saw people buying into the status quo, climbing the company ladder for 40 years and then croaking within 5 years of retiring. It all seemed utterly meaningless to me. In fact that’s the reason I left the UK, as I thought: there must be more to life than just repeating these cycles over and over and then dying.

What is my destiny?

On the one hand, we all came here to explore a certain theme and so you could say that that’s our destiny. On the other hand this is the transformational life, thus if we allow our self to believe it, eventually we’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we create our own reality. And as such, if we choose to, we can move beyond any theme and into any other probable theme we so desire to; it’s really up to us to decide what we now prefer and then that will be our destiny.

"If you exist with the desire for creating peace, harmony, joy and ecstasy in your lives, then know you are not created with that desire without also having been created with the ability to attract that into your lives. Your awareness of that idea, in and of itself, is sufficient to bring it to you...You are not ever given a desire without also being given the ability to accomplish that desire!" Bashar


I feel i have a lot of varied knowledge but do not know the reason why ?

You feel that you have a lot of knowledge because fundamentally at a deep level, we’re all part of the collective consciousness which knows all there is to know. In order to experience any theme in any reality at any time it was necessary for you to agree to forget in order to be able to explore your theme. It’s worth bearing in mind that because the present moment is all there is, everything is happening now in the same moment, so really, each theme is a different perspective or point of view of this one moment.

The more you quiet your mind, the more downloads or blocks of data you will allow yourself to remember. The data has always been there for anyone who tunes in to receive it This is transformation, this is evolution and it is the direction in which our collective consciousness is heading... Step Up 8-)


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Wow ! Awesome answer ... really appreciate your advise Eddie thank you for taking the time to explain in such great depth with is also easy for me to understand for this I am truly grateful.

(24 Jun '11, 23:09) Arti Joshi 1

@Eddie- you look waaay younger than how old you actually are dude. That's incredible. And good answer man!

(13 Jul '12, 04:25) Nikulas

You guys are truly welcome. Ah, but that photo was taken 6 months ago, I look much older now ;-)

(13 Jul '12, 07:28) Eddie
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I believe the thing you left out of your question is you have a lot of knowledge that you never studied, is that correct?

You may be a tuner like I am, you can tune into how to do something and you know it then. It is similar to in the movie the Matrix when someone needed information they downloaded it into their brains.

Use this God given gift to further God's Kingdom, the story about the talents comes to mind. Use your talents God has given you and you will be rewarded well, but hide away those talents and you can lose them.


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Wade Casaldi

Thank you Wade yes you are right I do attract a lot of varied knowledge for example I am well read in most major religions and can understand peoples cultural differences and understanding of their own religions within their own communities but I couldn't understand why I have gained such a lot of spiritual and other things because in my day to day life I don't use it ...

Ah I just realized ... I have now attracted an invitation to this site by Simon so I can help people through this medium and myself in lifes progress.

Also the being in tune you mentioned is exactly how this happens with me

(24 Jun '11, 23:19) Arti Joshi 1

Yes we see eye to eye here, I could have wrote this reply myself. Yes you will find when you read questions here that there are answers coming through you that even moments ago you did not know. It amazes me at times myself and what is really mind blowing is reading back old stuff I had wrote that I know didn't come from me because I read it and say "Whoa that is heavy! I wrote that?"

(25 Jun '11, 01:31) Wade Casaldi

it may be that all life(forms) has its' destiny,
as one who has progressed to that as one of mankind you are on a search for truth,
and as you continue your search you discover more and more knowledge,
the manifestation of self-consciousness


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