Because of the Internet, many of my daily activities have changed over the years.

For example, I can just "Google" the news, or the weather, and never even turn on my television or radio, I can post my artwork, or check out what my family is doing with just a click of my mouse... or even less if I am using my iPad. In theory, I can live my life almost completely without interacting with other people. It's kind of scary. But I fear that our social skills, and our family relationships, will suffer in the long run.

It's really nice that I can get the equivalent of a college education online... But what price do I pay for that convenience? I never made a single friend while I "attended" my online college. But when I went to ground school, I made friends and had many a lively lunch in addition to sitting in my classrooms. I know people today who have very little human interaction because of the Internet, and they are not the better for it. Quite honestly, I would love, love, love to meet everyone here on IQ!! Wouldn't you? When @Stingray had his webinar, I found out too late to participate, but listened with joy to the voices of my acquaintances here on IQ. It's nice that we can share here, but we "hide" behind pseudonyms (if we choose) and never even see a photo of who we are sharing with.

It made me wonder how well we humans will get along in the future.... And how the Internet will affect us in other ways as well.



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Haiku I wrote some years ago:

spirit to spirit we meet on computer screen... inner senses bloom

I agree in-person connections are important. To me they are less so than they may be to others, partly because I'm hearing impaired, and an introvert/loner. I can socialize in groups online. I don't enjoy myself as much at non-virtual gatherings, I just miss too much and as I'm sure you can imagine, it can be frustrating.

I do believe that cyber-connections can help to develop our inner senses, to the point where we "see" and feel a person in a different way than offline.

There are few in my personal world who share my interest in metaphysics, health, art, literature. I can easily find people to converse with on these topics online.

However, there are Meetups in most cities where we can meet people with common interests. I know I need to explore that option further. But the Internet is definitely the path of least resistance for me and I think the same is true of many today.

Will this have a negative effect on society? A positive one? I think it depends on the individual. Per Bashar, nothing has a built-in meaning. It's our call.


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@Delphine- I agree with all you wrote. I never thought about hearing-impaired people and the advantages of communication via the Internet. You raised an excellent point! I agree that relationships online are different than in person. Wade and I developed a whole frienship for years before we met in person. It sure is different in person! Thank you for your excellent answer!♡♡♡

(01 Jan '19, 01:35) Jaianniah

I think that the internet to some extent could be as a global brain.

In the way that this can be a global brain it would be an evolutionary step for humanity. When the first cave man picked up a stick and used it maybe to kill his next meal, it was an evolution in humanity. I believe the internet is as well an evolution in humanity. With this we have more knowledge, understanding and awareness of everything on earth. Anything that is known can instantly be known from this internet so because of this humanity makes big leap in intelligence.

That is the good side....

Also we need to consider there is a lot of misleading information on the internet that can be harmful to us and our understanding. As well there is so much for everyone that people can get caught in a niche that matches and agrees with one's opinions thus only reinforcing one's beliefs whether correct or incorrect. Example: I could probably believe the bogie man is after me, then do a internet search and find plenty to confirm that belief! Never mind I could also find plenty to counter that belief as false.

I believe to expand in wisdom we'd have to consider what we find supporting and condemning what we search, then be a judge and weigh out what we find. That is difficult when it is so easy to find something that agrees and be satisfied being correct.

But to expand it is not only advantageous to be correct, but as well, be corrected.

I think of the old movie The Lawnmower Man and how the lead character became so intelligent he uploaded his consciousness to the internet. Maybe there will be a day where we no longer need bodies and are just expressions of consciousness. We already are but also physical expressions of consciousness.

Whether this is good or bad, it seems we are heading in this direction.


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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi- Thank you for your answer! A global brain, indeed... with all the faults and foibles of our physical brains, which are instruments of perception, and sometimes do not see true reality as it is. Children going to school will have to learn more and more about discernment, and also learn to research and weigh various versions of reality. The Internet also can create more separation between people. Maybe this will be good, because there will so very many people! Your Jai♡

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a living library at ones
fingertips accessible
to those with password, open
sesame, how is used


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