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i wanna know abt my future, just for fun..,nothing serious..

so..can anyone here tel me what is gonna happen in my life in next few months with the help of clivoyance / third eye..

love,light n blessings ur wayy..

supergirrl :)))

asked 14 May '13, 04:39

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Barry Allen ♦♦


which one of them? the one you die young, or the one you grow old, or perhaps the other ones too?

(14 May '13, 05:04) CalonLan

every choice you make rearranges your possible future

(15 May '13, 20:54) fred

^ Including the choice to look into your future, as you then (uncontrollably, unless you are able to completely neutralize all thought about the topic) reflect about the future you were just shown, and as/if you live in this moment and are able to change your direction at will at any moment, you have the ability to (sometimes inadvertently) alter the predicted future, simply by looking at it.

Also possible unless the fortune teller themselves is extremely disciplined, they may influence as well

(16 May '13, 04:54) Snow

supergirl, your first breaths happened under a theatre of stars and planets. as they cycle from closest to farthest away so does their influence on your form. what if a part of you though holds this for some 18million years. do you consciously find who you are and why you chose to be here now. or have the seer explain how the elemental forces can mindlessly plan for you instead. you make your future

(08 Jul '13, 20:42) fred
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Fortune telling is against your free will. I used to be into that but it did take away my free will. What it does from a Law of Attraction perspective is force you into expecting what you are told will happen.

It gives you a mold to fit onto that before was fully your choice. It is better to claim your future, my future will be this way, I claim it, I know it, I attract it, I create it, I achieve it, and I joyously receive it.

In other words don't follow a path someone else tells you. Be a trail blazer make your own path. :-)


answered 14 May '13, 11:07

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Wade Casaldi

@wade casaldi- loved it .. :)) thank u :)

(16 May '13, 02:03) supergirl

I do like this answer, though in my experience gazing into the future can or will only affect your free will if you decide to resign yourself to your fortune, accept it as your future, and turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy. (This can happen inadvertently if you put your focus on wanting the outcome you do not desire [behind you] to not occur, rather than your focus on the outcome you do desire to occur. Be prepared enough (particularly of mind) to handle any outcome, but shoot 4 the stars.

(16 May '13, 05:00) Snow

@Snow if you are told someone you know will die, yes, you could consciously brush it off. But subconsciously in the back of your mind could you?

Or might it make you to pine it over until your worry attracts it?

(16 May '13, 05:21) Wade Casaldi

Could I? Yes. Because I've come to terms with the outcomes of death. Non existence? I wont be around to care-> Accepted. Damnation? I believe this goes against every idea of God and Jesus and every other religion out there, but if it happens I believe it'd be unavoidable and so not something to worry about, I accept as I cannot change. Heaven? Yea I think I can accept paradise. Reincarnation? Absolutely, I firmly believe I've lived on this planet before, perhaps numerous times. So.. can you? =)

(16 May '13, 06:09) Snow

And on top of already accepting this sort of thing for as long as I can remember, since I was young, I can do you one better. While strolling around I've had people (seemingly) unprovoked say things to me like "You are going to die." I don't believe everyone out there appreciates some friends and acquaintances at times (without my approval or discontent) call me things like Moses or Jesus because of my appearance. I laughed when told this, and when thinking about it later. Joke or serious, even~

(16 May '13, 06:15) Snow

~if they are correct and they were future seeing my impending death and/or doom, then this means the outcome is outside of my control and so there's no reason to worry about it once again.

I also strongly believe our words hold power and weight, and if used negatively for negative intent are likely to backfire and blow up in the faces of those who attempted to use the power of their words to harm or hurt someone without Just cause.

I believe karma intensifies with gravity, power, focus.

(16 May '13, 06:17) Snow

@Snow yes if we could remain detached, it might be useful. Like Scrooge, these are shadows of things that will be if nothing is changed. He changed and changed his future. He could have come back and stayed in bed terrified he was going to die, for which case he would have died, just as the prediction said.

(09 Jul '13, 10:27) Wade Casaldi
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Here's a fun game that can be quite accurate;

0-fool 1-magician 2-high priestess 3-empress 4-emperor 5-heirophant 6-lovers 7-chariot 8-justice 9-hermit 10-wheel of fortune 11-strength 12-hanged man 13-death 14-temperance 15-devil 16-tower 17-star 18-moon 19-sun 20-judgment 21-world

from the list just choose the card that you most like and the card that you most dislike ... let me know your choices and i'll explain ... it's all based on the law of attraction.

These 22 major arcana tarot cards are based on the blueprint of the universe with it's 10 dimensions and 22 subjective pathways; you choose using your emotions(vibrations) thus revealing your inner self, your dominant inner vibrations, each card acting as a specific doorway into your emotional structure. Each card is a symbol in contact with what it represents. The 6-lovers in "positive" is associated with desire, relationships, physical attraction, love and commitment, heart rules the head, these are the good positive vibrations that spur you on. The 12-hanged man in "negative" is associated with materialism, inflated ego, lack of will, easily influenced, these are negative vibrations that tend to hold you back and prevent yourself from succeeding.

According to the law of attraction i attract into my life according to the vibrations i send out ... in choosing "lovers" in positive and "hanged man" in negative it's obvious that your future will be that you'll attract into your life all those situations associated with these two cards. This is of course a very basic view. What is really interesting is that this "game" gives deeper insight into what is holding you back and opens the way to further enlightenment.

Here are the meanings of all the cards explained in more detail

In short this reveals the kind of situations that you automatically and unconsciously attract into your daily life, a more detailed and personalized reading could give greater precision ... as you see however nothing is predetermined, we always have the possibility to become aware, take control and choose to create the vibrations that will attract into our lives whatever we wish ... in other words we can become conscious creators of our own lives.


answered 14 May '13, 06:02

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ru bis

edited 14 May '13, 13:15

@ru bis- lik- lovers , mst dislike- hanged man..,

(14 May '13, 09:30) supergirl

very interesting @ru bis

@supergirl - this is a link I always have fun with, but I do agree with the last paragraph here - "we always have the choice to create the vibrations that will attract into our lives whatever we wish ... in other words we can become conscious creators of our own lives."

(14 May '13, 12:55) MoonWillow

Just realized I didn't include the link I mentioned above... silly me

(14 May '13, 14:23) MoonWillow
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You can predict your own if you like.

Simply having the intent to gaze into the future is enough to do so, your ability increases as you refine the practice, as do all abilities and strengths and talents in life.

Note the difference between simply 'looking', perceiving the options the future may hold, and 'altering' and/or 'creating', which is letting your looking into the future influence the decisions you make or how you make them.

But wait, how do I look into the future and know for sure seeing it wont change my behavior in just the slightest way, enough to alter my path and consequently change the future? Easier said than done for some, especially if their personal feelings are powerfully invested in the outcome of the situation or scenario or time period they're attempting to only 'look' at without disturbing.

As mentioned in one of my comments, if you were to put your focus on trying (never try, only do the best you can in the moment you do. always do, except when you don't. ^_^) to avoid the outcome you desire less, you're doubling your battle if you hope to get the other outcome. First you're putting your focus on the outcome you desire less, this will automatically feed energy into the secondary outcome. But I'm telling the Verse I DON'T want the second outcome, so wont this help it NOT happen? No, no it wont because no is a no no word. You aren't actually telling the Verse two things: 1: "I'm visualizing this event, which means I'm creating it more and more as I continue to visualize it in more detail. 2: "I'm feeling negative emotions whilst visualizing this event, which means I am feeding negative energy into the creation of this event."

The Verse not only hears your words, but feels your emotions. Ultimately, yes, you can use negative words to manifest the alternative outcome, however I discourage this practice and even go so far as to tell a little lie like "The Verse doesn't understand no!" (Or any other negative word). It does, but for the average person their feeling of discomfort while pondering the less desired outcome will far outweigh their force of intent and will. By the time one is able to rise above this phenomenon they will have no need to listen to my ramblings. ;)

Well, if you are working very hard to create an event and you're also filling it with negative energy, which could come back to you if not interrupted, redirected, or reshaped (likely during the event you're spending so much of your thought time creating) what should one do instead? To be able to look into the future without 'disrupting' it or leaving a footprint, you must tread softly! When traveling into the future (while visualizing / imagining / observing, here in the now) in order to minimize your impact, and thusly minimize your likelihood of activating the 'butterfly effect' and keeping yourself from actually reaching your desired outcome, there are a few things you can do.

You can minimize the amount of energy you put out, minimizing the amount of energy you will inadvertently put into the foreseen event, minimizing the ripples caused by the butterfly effect which you hope do not turn into waves which swoop you off course. You can also try as much as you can to detach yourself from the outcome of the situation. Though I imagine it takes monks of a high caliber to fully detach themselves, it can be easier facilitated by inexperienced users like myself to instead of taking the sociopath approach and simply feel nothing, take the [insert appropriate word here. Can't think of one. Other? Courageous? Resilient? Enduring? Take your pick] alternative choice and tell yourself, know, believe, and feel in your heart in the event of either outcome you will still continue going on living. You can say in the case of the secondary or tertiary outcomes you will simply grin and bear it. You can say you'll even enjoy it if you are one of those 100% happy all the time people. You can say you're strong and you will make it through, being better for the experience (always put a positive spin at the end, even if the first part of your affirmation implies you might not enjoy it to the fullest in the purest sense). You can say it will be a learning experience, and while you might wear less than the largest smile enduring it you will be able to remember the challenge fondly. Basically, you say you are prepared to accept any outcomes, and so you need not put any thought into the alternate outcomes because you know what you would do in that situation.

So if to see we want to simply look without touching, what if we want to do a bit more than seeing? Observe any outcomes you can perceive as calmly and neutrally as you can, accepting your heart and soul would beat on in any of them [I personally add be it in this life or the next, as I believe acceptance (for myself and what I desire to create and experience which may be different than the reader) of "What is the worst that could happen?" is important [(--> Death, which is only a new beginning, be it in Heaven, Utopia, or for me personally more likely a new life of freedom and free will somewhere for me to experience)] is very valuable here, at least for me personally. Just don't allow fear of death to encourage you focus on a less desired outcome, focus instead on life and experiencing the outcomes you enjoy].

As you observe them simply look at first, then once all of the outcomes which come to you naturally (no need to force extra or superfluous outcomes, simply go with the handful of most probable and likely outcomes which flow to you), again go through and begin accepting once again all of the outcomes in no particular order, then focus on the outcome you desire most and begin to accept it more. Think of why you accept it. Imagine all of the details of the situation you can / desire to define and make more clear. Experience how these details make you feel, note the subtle joys, the moments of elation, the shaking head frowning smile as you chuckle at something goofy. Every emotion you would experience, appreciating the less than positive ones and putting a more positive afterspin on them, embracing and loving the positive emotions and treasuring the experience they give you.

Woo. Apparently I'm in a writing mood this evening. Not so sure anyone will end up reading this far, but if you made it with me to this point I appreciate the time and interest. I hope something I wrote proves useful to you, it is definitely something I'll be referring to during those times I forget to keep my attention on the positive, while taking plenty of opportunities to stop and smell the roses along the way. ^_^y Experience and enjoy. Love and light. =)


answered 16 May '13, 05:56

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yes @Snow you're certainly in a writing mood, as for myself i'm rarely in a reading mood, i read or rather whisked over the text, didn't read all the details but i like the feel of it, +1 to show my appreciation

(16 May '13, 06:16) ru bis

@snow-thank u fr the wonderful answer..,i read it thoughly ,every sentence..:))

(05 Jul '13, 04:48) supergirl

In the space of variations there is every possible outcome. Its up to you which "track" you jump on. If your ever browsing thru any metaphysical literature look out for "Transurfing" by Vadim Zeland. Its fascinating .


answered 09 Jul '13, 03:32

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Monty Riviera

@monty- thank u :))

(09 Jul '13, 05:35) supergirl
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