I have a friend who has an autistic son. We have always known our friend to be quite a highly-strung, easily-stressed and panicky type, so although I was sad when I found out about his and his wife’s daily challenges, I wasn’t surprised.

Today I had an opportunity to tell him about reality creation, law of attraction, guiding one’s thoughts, appreciation, and so on and so forth… i.e. things I have learned. I also showed him how to use Faster EFT, which gave him immediate relief (first time I used it on someone else) – so he is now very keen to find out more, and I have promised to pass him more information.

One thing however caused me some internal confusion. Although he didn’t ask this question, but I was asking myself: What can he realistically expect if he starts practising LOA? This is not like having an incompatible partner or spouse that you can leave because your vibrations have now improved. You cannot just leave your children – well you can, but that doesn’t solve the problem. Can he cure his son’s autism using LOA? What if the son doesn’t want to be cured? Remember, the son also chose this situation before birth. What can they do to co-create a mutually workable solution?

The situation is similar to one of my relatives who has paranoid schizophrenia (in a country where there is no state support for this kind of things). The parents feel they are stuck and trapped by their life, with no way out. They are just waiting for their lives to be over. I have tried to counsel them in the past, but in their situation, statements like “feel better and your situation will change” sound like bad jokes.

What can these people do? And how far can their situations actually change? Can the people with autism and schizophrenia be cured by their parent’s good wishes and if they can then what about their own free wills?

Have you known anyone who actually had a similar situation and changed it permanently? Thanks.

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By seeing false as false. Can you imagine that two different people would perceive the same circumstance differently? Burden or bliss, how can this be? The circumstance has no inherent meaning. It is empty. Parents harvest the experience in accordance to what they choose to be - the image they get is always true to who they choose to be (project). Consciousness is reflective. The circumstance can be their bliss if they see the reflection of their own mental judgment. And there is no "space" for change if you (they) do not see their self-imposed limitation. They can choose to be-come (can you see the interplay of those two words - be and come? You get exactly what You are at every moment, as long as what can "come" is not what is "being",..) literally someone else to create different "reality" reflecting different definitions of what is real for them "now". By the way, have they tried to investigate and follow the GAPS diet? Might be one of the actions that can bring about the change they "might" prefer to be-come. http://www.gapsdiet.com/. p.


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The dynamic that exists between these parents and their autistic child is for them to work out. They may or may not choose to seek assistance from others who have spent years researching and educating themselves on these matters. "We" are not in any position to offer these parents any effective means of dealing with the challenges they face, because we are not trained in these matter.

As you continue to explore the nature of reality, Law of Attraction and the various techniques employed (EFT, Z point, etc, etc) you may become inspired to share what you have learned. This is a normal response for any awakening soul. We want to teach all that we have learned. These good intentions however will often have quite negative consequences for those who are neither ready nor prepared for what is being offered.

You are learning these things because it is your time to learn. I know this because you are asking questions. The things you are learning are for "you" to learn. This is a part of your soul progression and you are dealing with the challenges that come with learning. The people around you, friends, family, associates and even those casual acquaintances are all experiencing circumstances that provide them with there own set of challenges. You can one day do far more good by staying focused on your own spiritual evolution and allow the rest to follow in their own good time. At that time it is they who will be asking the questions and you who will be ready to answer.


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