Instead of finding out all of the limiting beliefs I hold, I would better do a hard reset. The same as you can do with your phone or computer.

technology usually tries to imitate the creator's work, google for example uses the way the mind automatize and searches to find better ways

I am not sure if losing memory (due to an traumatic incident for example) would clear the core beliefs

It would be great if we would all have a hidden reset button somewhere and we would just need to discover it and press it when needed.

If you can do it with your phone, there should be an easy way to reset your core beliefs.

I can imagine that death does that...but in case we do live multiple lifes, the mind is replaced not reset

I have seen a Bowen therapist that would press some points after a child fell down and the child stopped crying immediate and even forgot the experience. (The Bowen therapist told me that by pressing that point the short term memory is cleared and the child no longer remembers that he\she fell down)

What would be the simplest methods to reset the mind ?

Did anyone find a reset button for the subconscious?

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Hi @ White Elf most negatives get stuck in the lower energy centers, it's possible to squeeze them out using perineal and stomach muscles coupled with breathing technique and mental imagery followed by meditation. There's detailed information in the book "Becoming supernatural" by Dr.Joe Dispenza chapter 5 pages 139 to 142 (free pdf download available). To get a hard reset I suggest you work on the pineal gland though you might get more than you bargained for :)

(31 May '19, 03:26) jaz
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hi, that is a really good queastion. there is a way.

it's not so easy, it depends on your will power or more precise on your intention (the way you want to set your self).

if you go on a deep meditation (better early in the morning) , relax compeletly and say the affitmation: "my present moment is not influenced by my past". while doing that your past memories will float. also what you want now will float, and you will see how they are not related to one another.

it should take no more than 10 minutes. but you should remind your self this affirmation every single time during the rest of the day a contrary belief comes. good luck!


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each reincarnation gives
opportunity to
adjust our un/subconscious, taking knowledge and reason

(06 Mar '19, 15:22) fred

I know for a fact this does happen for real and quite abruptly as well. This has happened to me a few times, not for the positive by my wanting but it is like a big switch gets flipped. A switch that changes who you are completely.

These times that I switched, these were times that something happened bad to me that affected me very emotionally. Times that sent me into a depression but when I was in those times I lost all interest in what I used to be interested in and found a completely new interest.

I was very spiritually awake and when something changed me I lost all interest in thoughts as those, I became a Atari 2600 video game hacker and changed a lot of games to be different games.

I came back eventually to my spiritual side and again something knocked me down and I became very involved in politics on Facebook.

Now I'm feeling like I'm coming back to my spiritual self again.

Now since that does work that powerful to completely change me in an instant, this should work the other way as well.

When I watched the movie Saved By The Light I saw Danion Brinkley have a near death experience that changed him exactly in that way. It instantly changed his whole being. So that is evidence it can be done in a way of awakening.

Now the key is finding just what transforms in the brain to make this change.

I'm reminded of years ago, I was trying to learn a guitar piece of music. I kept goofing it up, each time I'd say how hard it is and be upset I messed it up again! But I started noticing something, it wasn't getting easier the more I tried but harder! When I realized this, I said I'm making this harder by believing it is harder. What if I change my belief? I tried again and again but this time each time that I flubbed it up I said to myself, "oops I'm surprised I messed that up, this it's so easy." The more I said "this is easy", the more easy it became until laughing and playing it I said, "it really is easy!!!"


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